Birthplace Discrepancies in Japanese Wikipedia

Okay, so to speak…

Masato Sakai was born in Miyazaki, Japan (it is located in Kyushu island), but according to Japanese Wikipedia, he was born in Kobe.

Ryoko Hirosue was born in Kōchi City (Shikoku island), but according to Japanese Wikipedia, she was born in Yokohama.

Rosa Kato was born (according to most sources) in Naples, Italy, yet again, according to Japanese Wikipedia, she was born in Yokohama City then grew up in Kagoshima.

This is in the same situation as Namie Amuro. According to her agency, she is 1/4 Italian, but in reality, this has NEVER been confirmed at all. As a matter of fact, Japanese talent agencies are really good in hiding the most confidential information of many celebrities. I bet, Becky might have been born in Igirisu rather than in Nihon (Kanagawa, in particular).

Hmm… somehow, this makes me think that Japanese celebrities are really keen in securing their privacy very well. Not even a single information about them could be leaked, as compared to American celebrities.

Well, there’s one case of an American celebrity born somewhere outside America. We all know that most American celebrities are an OPEN BOOK, as compared to their Japanese counterparts. The late Marcheline Bertrand is said to be born in Paris, France, but she was actually born in Illinois (according to Wikipedia).

We all know that Natalie Portman was really born in Jerusalem. We also know that Martin Lawrence was born in Germany. We all know that Rovilson Fernandez was born in Sasebo, Nagaski and we all know that Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii.

However, why are information regarding Japanese celebrities disputed? For instance, Ryo Nishikido. He was born in Osaka according to most sources, but according to Japanese Wikipedia, he was born in Hyogo Prefecture.

What do you think, guys? TASUKETE KUDASAI!

PS: I really sense that people could hide the truth through money alone. Remember, if you watch Joker: Unforgiving Investigators (Joker: Yurusarezaru Sousakan), you’ll see how information here is white-washed. Even the secrets of the Cojuangco-Aquino family (not related to the drama) cannot also be revealed since even other branches have white-washed the truth about them.

Happy Birthday, Sakai Masato!



Otanjoubi Omedetou gozaimasu, Sakai Masato-sama!

I cannot believe he is… YONJU-sai! In other words, he’s 40 years old! Cannot believe that his wrinkles showed us a sign that he’s old… but looks effortlessly young.

Bad thing I do not have any other Japanese-language TV channel besides NHK. Therefore, I cannot watch Legal High Season 2, unless torrents are provided. I have heard in Maji De website that the second season wasn’t as awesome as the first season. Oh well, we’ll just see after I watch the second season. I just love to see it because of Sakai Masato (oh well, though originally I watched it because of Gacky).

Without him, I won’t be enthusiasted to watch any Japanese film that stars HIMSELF there–together with the people he has worked with (Kitaoji Kinya, Kagawa Teruyuki), but sadly, I didn’t like Hanzawa Naoki. I simply prefer the good old Komikado Kensuke (hahahaha… no wonder, you cannot see any Hanzawa Naoki memes because you’ll just think like, “Oh, this is not Sakai Masato, Sakai Masato is Komikado Kensuke for us!”

With regards to his err… well, you know, I wish him all the best! No matter what happens, he’s still the good old Komikado Kensuke to me!

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Posted these things on in order for people to know why the memes sometimes become serious!

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Komi Says Memes will officially reveal ALL its secrets on October 14, 2013 (save the date please!). This is the only time that Sakai Masato fans will prepare for a special presentation via Instagram and YouTube (joke!)! Anyways, this is the only time the FANS will gather together to create their own memes through their favorite photo-editing apps and share it via Facebook! Yes, they will use Komikado’s photographs or video screenies and caption it with funny quotes since this is not a contest–it IS actually spreading the word about Komikado’s greatness as a TV drama character together with the following:

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So I guess people love the Kómi memes I made via Tinned Cam, and I guess I should spread the word myself. (:

YES, I will be on a hiatus (on blogging here at MSPanythinginrandom; rather I will post my thoughts via TinnedCam + Komi screenies in my iPhone) since I find myself more productive when I post photos with CAPTIONS, thus either making a meme or a descriptive post that bringa humor on the Internet.

TBH, I really liked creating memes rather than posting thoughts like, rants. Ever since I no longer use Photoshop (ASDFGHJKL it’s really a finicky app!), I started to lean towards mobile apps that could edit photos for free, and guess what? It’s even more handy than suffering from not being able to access Photoshop for a long time. Awwww… for me, it’s like the Stone Age era. Oh well, better luck next time to me!

Anyways, I will go back to photography once I have my REAL vacay. I have some serious problems to settle as of the moment. (bad mood)

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Oo na TAGÁLOG ‘yung mga dyoks dito, para siyempre mapanood na rin ng mga Pinoy J-drama fans ang Legal High, and also Sakai Masato’s Pinoy fans (like me opkors!). Also to Sakai Masato’s Japinoy fans in Japan, dapat nilang panoorin ang Legal High (via hmmm…) so that they will really be motivated to make Sakai an internet sensation! Choz! xD