Foreign Celebrity Encounters

Britbuffguy said:

Rudest: Julia Roberts. I was a huge fan and that night after she snubbed me, I literally threw away every VHS movie I owned of hers and avoid her movies as much as I can.

Well, if Julia Roberts is snobbish, it’s not surprising. She’s overrated as hell and HELL, she cannot even come closer to Angelina Jolie’s fame, and there are accounts saying that both Angelina and Jennifer Aniston are nicer and more approachable.

Thanks for sharing, Britbuffuguy-san! I used to like Julia during her Notting Hill days until she became over-rated for many reasons. Still, Angelina and Jen are better.

Meanwhile, TheZoof said:

Nicest – Keanu Reeves. I was walking downtown Toronto at about 9pm on a Sunday evening. I was with my gf at the time and we were just relaxing after a nice meal.

We stopped to take a look at a view of the lake, and I noticed a guy doing the same thing. He was all by himself, scruffy, and with a little smile on his face.

I recognized him right away though(c’mon)… but said nothing.

He then said ‘Nice view’, and I responded back with agreement. We then had about a 5 minute conversation on the weather, and how nice it was to just stand there and relax. We talked about other things going on as well. It was really nice.

He said it was a pleasure talking to me, and said he hoped to bump into me again.

My gf at the time didn’t say a word. She goes ‘Why did you talk with that creepy guy?’. LOL… I told her ‘That was Keanu Reeves’. She then hit me and said why didn’t you ask for his autograph. I said, that conversation was a lot more memorable.

Yes, Keanu Reeves is very down-to-earth despite his Hollywood status. That’s what I liked about him.

And one more thing: Keanu is not gay, okay? He’s a loner, and prefers to live a simple life, that’s why he’s well-loved.

My take

Sometimes, being a celebrity will humble someone. They think that their status should be taken advantage of instead of making it as an excuse to manifest a diva attitude. See why I prefer celebrities who are not even U.S. American by nationality?

I also think that the British and Canadian people are warmer than U.S. American people, although I have met and encountered some U.S. American people who are very polite and friendly people.

Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and all celebrities who are not even American or let’s say, who do not follow the norm (every nationality) are classier than the overrated ones. Even Americans have their own form of “crab mentality” where they bash celebrities if they think they’re overrated or talentless, but these comments are too shallow to get started with, except for a few ones who are professional bashers (I kid, lol!).

However, what I liked about Hollywood stars compared to most Pinoy celebrities is that, they make sure that they do their best not to do a serious faux pas, even though they’re liberated. They do their best to please their fans and non-fans as they have their celebrity status, unlike most Pinoy stars who easily do things that are not accepted by society once they get famous.

Well, I think Pinoy celebrities should learn a thing or two from American celebrities who are best known for their great attitude rather than their celebrity status. Look why Angelina Jolie is still respected by many despite receiving hate from netizens–like what I said, you could still respect someone even though you despise them (like Hitler, or van Gogh, haha! Or PGMA/CGMA!). If you think that Hitler is 100% evil, I don’t think he really IS evil. Most people never saw his good side yet, and despite the fact that Germans prefer not to talk about Hitler’s regime, they still have a side wherein they still respect him despite his atrocious leadership (but still, forgive, but never forget). See, guys? People despise Hitler–with respect. Granted, he’s a racist, and his policies are judgmental, but the way he transformed Germany was totally unique–look at the facilities (e.g., sports stadium) that were actually built by the Nazi regime. They still stand, even up to present-day Germany, and well-utilized.

As much as I don’t like making Hitler as an example (well, I don’t think he’s really evil, it’s only that history judged him that way), I think he’s the best example when it comes to people being despised with respect. Marcos was another example of being a tyrant–but still respected. See why I post good things about Marcos despite his regime? Sure, he may have been as tyrannical as Hitler (whoops, bad comparison, I know! But still…), and his regime alienated and killed a lot of people, but his legacies as the president/dictator made the Philippines the richest country during his time. No wonder, Roxyisferox really admired Marcos via her blog posts.

Celebrity Status: For better or for worse?

Showing both Julia and Keanu is a good example of compare-and-contrast between the two celebrities. Of course, Julia Roberts is over-hyped for her big mouth and plain looks while Keanu is well-liked because of his celebrity status and of course, his greatness. Keanu Reeves is well-liked not because he’s a nice guy, but he is well-liked because he lives the simple life, and does not manifest a diva attitude. I thought he’s also snobbish because he lacks PR skills, yet he proved many people wrong. He proved that he could be a great person by living the simple life–and guess where his salary goes. While many celebrities are going ga-ga on fabulous houses, Keanu chose to live in a condo/apartment unit and that’s it. No wonder, he is speculated for being gay because he does not have a wife or girlfriend, but he is forever alone (lol).

You want to read more about him? Click HERE!

No wonder, Keanu still has a great reputation despite many “gay” speculations thrown at him!

On the other hand, Julia Roberts is well-liked, until she became over-hyped.

Not good, not good!

And the mere fact that she dissed Angelina Jolie is not a good thing to do. Good thing Angelina snubbed it rather! LOL!

Yes, there are many who despise Angelina Jolie, but nevertheless, she is still greatly respected for her humanitarian work. Angelina is like Keanu–a loner, but that does not mean she has only a very few friends. Usually, people like Angelina are perceived as weird just because she does things that are out of the norm.

Well, she was abandoned by her own father, Jon Voight, but she reconciled with him after so many years. See how forgiving Angelina is?

Julia Roberts is well-liked, yes, but where is her career? Remember, people with a bad rep will be a has-been, and it’s not surprising that Anne Hathaway will be less popular than Natalie Portman sooner or later for acting so fake and being rude before the Les Miz thing!

Those who are actually the most rude are no longer given a career. However, there are some who prefer not to be popular anymore due to the hype given to them. Remember guys, it’s a matter about over-hyping celebrities. See why I now prefer Megan Fox over Kim K? For some reason, I liked Megan Fox before the Transformers incident. Also, Transformers won’t be that awesome, if not for her. In other words, she’s ingrateful–but she explained that she cannot even stand Michael Bay’s way of directing.

But after she gave birth, she (Megan) toned down her arrogance (and her sexually-objectified self). Good for her, unlike Kim K, who recently had a big head just because paps follow her and Kanye.

I give props to Megan for toning down herself.

Well, this is not all. I will give you some more celebrity encounters with any foreign celebrity!