On Anderson Cooper’s reporting

I believe you, Mr. Cooper. Great to hear that from you.

It’s a great thing that you actually sent a message to Korina Sanchez–which is actually something that Arnito KlaviKords should learn. I bet, Atty. Freddie Villamor would love to be interviewed by you.

What journalism should really be

Guys, sometimes, foreign news outlets tend to be unbiased. See why I looked down on Korina Sanchez for dissing AC’s statements? Granted, CNN is said to be “for profit,” but journalists like Anderson Cooper and Christianne Amanpour are well-respected. In other words, ka-level nila sina Jessica Soho at Mike Enriquez–in terms of credibility.

Define journalism. It should be unbiased, direct-to-the-point, and lastly informative. It should not be rather, manipulated by personal biases. Who thinks that Korina’s strategic move is right? Carlos Celdran, may I call yo’ attention, please!

Sad to say, but ABS-CBN still sucks at the news department. Puro white-washing tsaka suck-ish din ang research team nila. In other words, the research team does not have camaraderie and teamwork at all–rather, there is crab mentality ongoing (reminds me of my own block section, to be brutally frank. They chose the wrong leader who did not set a good example, that reflects how dysfunctional my own block is–therefore, kung sino pa ang may dubious na personality, sila pa ang ina-angat. Very Pinoy typical rabid netizen society, indeed).

I hate to say this, but ABS-CBN does not teach people the RIGHT values. They will usually shove things that are not true, and as a matter of fact, ABS-CBN trains their people to become jologs, bordering in the jeje level.

After all, TV reception-wise, sophistication, news department and err… credibility? GMA wins, hands down. Face it, Kapamilya-tards! I am Kapamilya in some way, but I do not like the news department. I actually do not like how ABS-CBN trains their employees and TV personalities. Walang strict discipline. In other words, pagtatakpan at ipagtatanggol mo pa ang may kwestyonable ang ugali, hindi ba? Besides, TV Patrol’s revamp is actually a TOTAL FAIL because they brought again Kabayan and Korina Sanchez in the spotlight. I missed Kabayan’s show MGB, and he should rather be there–not in TV Patrol.

I guess, I have said enough. Mas marami pa ngang gustong mag-trabaho sa GMA kesa sa ABS-CBN since the former is even more accommodating when it comes to err… well… never mind. Mas good vibes naman ang GMA 7 kesa sa ABS-CBN.

No wonder, there are still loyal Kapuso people who are against DOS because… just because.


Again, I applaud Mr. Cooper for his work as a journalist. More power to you!

No one celebrates February 25, aka PPI, EDSA UNO

I also don’t believe that Pres. Cory Aquino is the mother of democracy. Siya ba ‘yung naging pioneer to create that sort of idea? Well, NO. It’s the Greeks who thought about that.

So, everyone was thinking if Ninoy is really a hero. For me, he’s only outspoken. Now why’s he on the 500 peso bill?

I have nothing against the Cojuanco-Aquino couple. Actually, I don’t feel PNoy as the President of the Philippines.

Now what is significant about the People Power One? Well, I have realized that there’s no democracy apparent. It’s oligarchy. I repeat: Oligarchy.

Tita Cory can’t be at-par with democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Why, nakulong ba ang mga Aquino simply because of rebelling against Marcos’ regime? Napatay lang si Ninoy, but… well, I really can’t judge.

I think if there’s no one stopping Marcos, I think we’d be a very rich country. Or at least, a HIGH middle income one.

I think oligarchy (combined with imperialism!) is the most dangerous form of government. At least, for the majority of the masa.

Numero onse: Much unluckier than dreizehn

So, I read this article regarding Whitney Houston’s death in the Vigilant Citizen. Now I know why 1936 is the year of the Grim Reaper.

I opened my calculator app in my Mac and divided 1936 by 11, and the result turned out to be a perfect quotient – 176.

Creepy, isn’t it? September 11 is the day when the twin towers died because of terrorism. March 11 is the day when Japan was attacked by a terrible, massive earthquake, then a tsunami. 2011 may be a lucky and unlucky day to most of us; it is the day when AJ Perez died of a car accident. Worse, Tyrone Perez (not related to AJ) died at the later part of 2011.

Now I was wondering why people born in 1936 die earlier before or after the year 2000. Here’s why: Michael Jordan’s father, who was born in 1936, was murdered. My paternal grandfather, who was also born in 1936, was slain just before he turned 50. Lastly, Jim Henson, who was born in 1936, died of pneumonia, almost three years just before Audrey Hepburn died of cancer in 1993.

Hypothesis: The number 11 is unluckier than the number 13

I do not believe in 13 as an unlucky number, although my real unlucky Friday the 13th happened — dentist, injection thing and I haven’t practiced a guitar piece just yet. I also didn’t believe in the June 6, 2006 (666 devil’s number) as an evil day. Truth is, it was a very boring yet creative day for me. I was joking around, pretending to be afraid that there will be evil in the 6th of June of 2006. HAHA.

Thirteen for the Japanese isn’t an unlucky number. It seemed weird when I saw the elevator in one of Osaka’s finest hotels.

“Woah,” I wondered.

I think, for the Japanese, 11 would be an unlucky number due to the earthquake. Oh, well.

The Number 11: Its connection between Lady GaGa and Whitney Houston

The creepiest part is when Lady GaGa’s song “Born This Way” was released on February 11, 2011 (it should be taken note that February is a bizarre month because it lacks days, which is another superstitious joke). One year after, Whitney died on the same day, 2012. Hmm… is Lady GaGa a killer or something? Well, don’t ever think that she’s a murderer. It’s just that the illuminati cults are getting much more rigidly more dangerous than just mixing oligarchy with imperialism at the same time in the Philippine setting (this phenomenon is equals the lethal dosage of drugs prescribed by doctors, in a socio-political sense).

Off-topic: Lethal prescription

Aside from Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse (btw, she over-detoxified in a fatal manner, which is another theoretical cause of death), stars such as Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith and not to mention Michael Jackson suffered the lethal dosage of prescribed drugs. No wonder, the way they combined these drugs took their lives unexpectedly. This may or may not be related to the Illuminati phenomenon, but this somehow is relevant to the occult of the Illuminati.

(…number 11, ctd.)

Oh, btw February 11, 2010 is the day when Alexander McQueen took his own life. Hmm… combining the “bizarre” day together with the 11th day should’ve been unluckier than Friday the 13th itself, but February 11, 1936… probably this is the day of the grim reaper. Definitely.

The worst thing about 1936/11 = 176, 176, when divided by 11 equates 16. Alright, take a look at the units digit number — 6. If 666 is the devil’s number, this is definitely a sign of bad luck. Friday is the 6th day, I guess, and this explains everything. Friday the 13th. 13,666. It’s just bizarre. After all, bad luck is everywhere. We can’t deny that. Sometimes, luck becomes an omen, then an omen becomes the grim reaper. Yes, that guy in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, but Grim is represented as a sorcerer with magic powers, rather than stealing the lives of people.

Credits from roxyisferox from the ideas. xoxo