Reflect-reflect naman diyan kapag may time

Akala mo lang, ‘tol? Hahaha… hindi mo ako madadala sa mga hirit mo… xD




Calling me “baliw” WON’T make you less insane because it does not mean that if I rant like hell you will call me insane?

Thank God I’m no longer irritable. So yes! I could be sarcastic to these jeje people… as in JEJEMON talaga.Wala na kayong magawa sa buhay kundi mag-devirginze ng mga pati Formspring ng mga tao.

Oh and please, bullies like you are more JEALOUS of my success. You remained JEJE mainly because you get your success through contributing to crab mentality… and please don’t gemme started with your invalid arguments as pathetic excuses. You see, maraming nagpapakamatay dahil sa pagiging bully niyo! And the mere fact that you’re attempting to bully someone all over and over again does not make you SUPERIOR. Granted, I may have been hypocritical way back then, but at least I did not look down on other people. Hahahahahah… people like you nowadays. I don’t see anything wrong with your rants because I could laugh at your poor dirty status.

Offended with my posts on FB? Ha! You got it right, you call me insane because you get offended with my rants and nitpicks on what society really is.

One more thing: You suck ass!