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Just an honest opinion about Fashion Pulis. What can you say about him as a popular blogger?

PS: I won’t state any opinion on him this time. I have said enough about him when it comes to his remarks on Richard Yap.

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Open Forum: Long Discussion on Education

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This is how I reacted on the said photo above:

No elitist or matapobre people realize that it does not depend upon the school’s tuition fees whether or not a school’s quality education is HIGH. As a matter of fact, mahal rin ang tuition ng high school alma mater ko (SMCQC), but it’s even more affordable compared to MC. However, it’s sad to say that my high school alma mater cannot even surpass the rigid standards of DLSU or even other schools that are popular (lesser or no population of jeje people). Sometimes, a school is popular not because of its EXHORBITANT tuition fees or its quality education, but it’s because of the way they train their students to observe proper behavior, which my high school failed to do so (what is the use of these ueber-strict rules, eh ito-tolerate pa ang bullying? Being kiss-ass to teachers is one form of power-tripping). Ang pinaka-pasaway na batch pa ang nai-i-spoil nila, and the upper batches noticed the ugali of the students (the younger batches) in my alma mater are not very impressive (maraming bastos, walang breeding). It just shows how reputation-conscious my high school is while they cannot even address the real problems of some pasaway students.

Another thing, hindi basehan ang pagiging Katoliko ng isang paaralan pagdating sa moral values. Sometimes, non-sectarian schools are much stricter, but they even managed to groom their students BETTER than Catholic, sectarian schools. Ever heard of the controversies surrounding UST? Even one of my friends did not like UST because of its structured and institutionalized system (not like DLSU, it’s quite structured, but it gives more freedom to students–thus, the expensive tuition fee, provided that it focuses more on technology).

I have to admit that hindi rin perpekto ang DLSU, and its enrollment system sucked like hell (ask my other fellow Lasallians about that!). One time, I was sanctioned for nor returning the book, but that was a technical error of the library staff (nag-panic ako that time! LOL!). At saka, lastly, rather than renovating the “aged” parts of the school, rather, they make it even more decorated, which eventually deteriorated the old-school vibe of the school.

Ang advantage lang ng SMCQC (my HS alma mater) sa DLSU is that, mas maganda naman ang quality ng camaraderie at teamwork ng isang class section, kumpara naman sa isang block section. At least, there’s no evident discrimination compared when I was in a homogeneous block section in DLSU (well, there are two types of block section: Homogeneous and heterogeneous. A homogeneous block section ensures that ALL students have the same degree program, same major; a heterogeneous block section, meanwhile, is composed of students with different degree programs)–and it is more evident that a heterogeneous block section is easier to get along with, as compared to a homogeneous block section–if you come from the College of Liberal Arts. Mas ok pang kasama ang taga-COB, SOE, COS, COE at saka CCS. Iilan lang sa mga taga-CLA ang ok kasama (most of these people are shiftees from other colleges).

Roxyisferox said:

Yan din ang mindset ng mom ko. The only different is, anything that is NEW to her, kesehodang exceptional ng facilities and even having international partners, the school will be all MEH! to her.

Since ENDERUN College is really new to her, I am sure she will just smirk at it. I guess, I don’t think she remembers hearing about UA&P. Either UP, Ateneo, UST, Miriam College ang gusto niyang i-glorify. Minsan niyang i-glorify ang DLSU kasi walang LaSallista sa Provident. Tawa nga ako sa reaction niya na nung sinabi ko sa kanya na #3 ang Aquinas University sa Bicol out of top100 or 200. Para ngang hindi siya maniniwala. She even believes that Bicol University is bulok, pero kung titingnan mo ang ranking, never pa nakatuntuong sa top 100 or 200 ang Divine Word College Legaspi City, her alma mater, considering na Catholic School ‘yun.

I replied:

Kapag paaralang pampubliko, bulok na kaagad!? Remember, I even lambasted SMCQC and even compared it to MC pa. However, MC’s college department is usually a target of criticism. Super-strict tsaka for-profit ang college department nila, samantalang ang high school nila ay mas reputable. ‘Yun lang, MC does not balance major and minor subjects at the same time.

As for state U’s, I actually salute them more for their never-ending excellence. CLSU has created food products out of carabao milk, and UPLB has been specializing in VetMed aaaaaaaaand Agriculture at the same time. Kung ano pa ang public school, sila pa ang nag-sstrive not only for excellence but also how they will execute what they have learned. PNU has been the center of excellence for pedagogy.

If the public school system is “bulok,” then how come they’ve managed to outsmart their private school counterparts? Public elementary and high schools in the provinces are more recommendable than their private counterparts. And does not she (your momma) realize that UP and ADMU prioritize people from public schools and/or the provinces? Also, if both schools realize you’re a promdi from a public school, aba big time ka na! Kaya usually, if you’re a city person coming from a private school (lalo na siguro kapag malakas ang segregation at discrimination sa sistema nila), you need to strive hard just to be accepted, or else waley rin.

Actually, My profs from PUP are really good! Tsaka I think that the system there is better than UP (the school trying to fit in ADMU and DLSU when it comes to tuition costs). One of the guidance counselors told me that it is a super cheap school, but how come she does her part well? Now I know na maganda ang reputasyon ng PUP kahit papano, as compared to UP.

To add, not all Catholic schools can enter the Top Schools list. The admin needs to swallow a lot of rice grains to be an excellent institution. No wonder, any secular school will ousmart Catholic schools, speaking about excellence.

Roxyisferox said:

Yes! Amen to that! To be an excellent institution is not about cutting out students, kicking out for not meeting the grades, it’s all about proper motivation for students to study better, to invest for better facilities and equipment, and making institution a BETTER PLACE to LEARN, not SOMETHING to FEAR at GOING to.

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