Dainty Women are Stupid Hypocrites

Dainty woman – A female who has a mentality/mindset/line of thinking that is often described as meek, demure, unobtrusive (mahinhin), delicate and is often described as Mary Sue/Maria Clara in character.

Hell, the concept of Yamato Nadeshiko doesn’t really fall under the dainty category is because, YN’s are known for their wisdom. Usually, they’re prim and proper women who have the grace and elegance that doesn’t really need to seem delicate. To be honest, the correct term should be “damsel in distress.”

Statement: Dainty Women are Stupid Hypocrites

The reason why I am saying this is because–it is a FACT. No scientific explanation needed.

So to speak, here are my statements:

“Dainty women are more likely to be hypocritical.”

No wonder, I do not like Sunshine Cruz. Granted, she’s talented, but I don’t like her personality.

Daintiness is more like, you speak out your mind tapos you have poor and cheap taste pala, that’s why I agree the fact that dainty women have higher chances to become hypocrites. Hindi gaya ng mga domineering alpha females, they really practice what they really preach. Kung baga, dainty women are well-liked by elitist women and egocentric jerks and elitist men is because they tend to be prim and mahinhin in a very pretentious fashion.

I also find most of them pretentious–so to speak, they criticize Castillian-looking women with Malay-looking daughters… but don’t they realize that their taste is similar to whom they’re criticizing? Gretchen Barretto is one prime example. She tends to criticize Claudine’s adopted daughter Sabina pero siya? Alam na!

The reason why I prefer the likes of G Toengi, Marlene Aguilar and Cheska Garcia is because they’re alpha females, over the likes of Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz and Gretchen Barretto. Daintiness isn’t about being mahinhin, there are some strong and feisty women who also tend to have a dainty mindset. Good thing the former three are very consistent–thus, they get what they deserve.

No wonder, elitists in GirlTalk prefer the latter three because they’re not as “bitchesa” as the former three, if the former three naman are better in improving their genes. In short, elitist women don’t like any competition.

This makes me believe that dainty women are stupid hypocrites–they value their ego/pride over their future. Buti na lang, I myself am not dainty–someone who also pretends to be virginal.

To add, dainty women go ga-ga over elitistic men and egocentric jerks is because they believe that they’re good leaders. To be honest, NO. You’d rather be submissive to someone who is the opposite of an egocentric jerk. If I were let’s say, blessed with Castillian features, I would take advantage of it to marry off a rich Spaniard, Philippine-born, or a non-traditional Chinese guy (pure, half, three-quarters or one-quarter, doesn’t really matter at all–basta hindi traditional because I find most of them elitist and matapobre at the same time!). Sorry for sounding racist, but kung sino pa nga ang hindi halos pure Pinoy, sila pa ang mas family-oriented and more suitable for a woman who’s more practical in looking for a lifetime partner. If you find my comments kinda off and unbecoming, may pinaghuhugutan lahat iyan.

Yeah, another example of someone who qualifies as alpha female: Steph Ayson. She may seem straightforward and not someone to mess with, yet she was submissive to AJ Perez. See? Alpha females tend to be submissive to someone who isn’t egocentric–someone who is a MAN WITH BALLS. She took advantage of her looks (though she said she’s not Chinese, to be honest she is part-Chinese–her father looks like one!) to choose someone who is a respectable man.

That is why I chose to be alpha female over being a dainty damsel in distress. Many egocentric jerks like to control women–but not in my watch. Rather marry someone like Richard Yap over Cesar Montano. Seriously.

If you’re going to ask me, it’s like being an apologist to the wrong people. Here’s my other statement:

Elitist and dainty women tend to slut-shame women who were involved in a sex video scandal, but they tend to be apologists of man-stealers, cheaters and homewreckers.

You have no right to say, “I hate Kris Aquino” if you’re an apologist of Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes. The latter two are equally homewrecker like Kristulo. If you feel like questioning me, then you are nuts. I also hated Mischa Barton and Julia Roberts because they do not actually practice what they preach (HAHA, I suspect these two big-mouthed bitches are homewreckers as well LMFAO! That’s why poor Mischa–she isn’t as popular as Blake Lively or Leighton Meester, or Katie Holmes).

Dainty Women are like Egocentric Men – They only care about their pride/ego

No wonder, I prefer G Toengi, Marlene Aguilar and Cheska Garcia over Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz and Gretchen Barretto. Yep, elitist women tend to detest the former three but they’re sympathetic apologists to the latter three (hey, no disrespect to the latter three but yeah…). Well, elitist women, like dainty women, are apologists to the wrong people.

LIKE… they feel sorry for black sheeps, which I don’t think sounds good. If I have a black sheep son/daughter, I won’t think twice to disown him/her.

Misconceptions about alpha females–they only care about their pride. To be honest, not really so. Alpha’s usually are richer in wisdom than their dainty counterparts. If the elitists in GirlTalk despise the former three for their strong personalities, that’s because they don’t want any form of competition… or they’re self-righteous.

If ma-pride ang mga alphas, usually they’re ready to swallow it.

Dainty Women are attractive towards Elitist and Egocentric Men

If you’re an alpha and you fall for an egocentric or elitist man–think again. He’s not meant for you at the first place. Like what I said, they only care about their pride/ego, that’s why expect their girlfriends to be obedient and extremely subservient towards them. They are afraid of alpha females is because they feel insecure when being overpowered by the alphas. These egocentric jerks and elitist men have an A-type personality that manifests the “macho pride” that promotes sexism and misogyny.

And PLEASE people, those who will tell you that “mataas and pride ng lalaki” or “natural sa mga lalaki ang pagiging palikero” are mostly dainty women or those women who praise and submit to the Macho Culture that is wrongly manifested by egocentric men. To be honest, dainty women + egocentric man combination is actually dangerous–they’re horrible in raising children. Why? Again, their high sense of pride + hypocrisy.

Why I look down on dainty women

Elitist women may accuse me for condemning dainty women while having praise towards alphas, but that’s because I myself have the mindset of an alpha female–yes, she gets along with boys, but she knows her limitations. She’s careful of her actions while doing crazy stuff–which dainty women cannot even do.

And HELLO, they’re even more judgmental kaya compared to the alphas. If alphas know they’re wrong, they’ll do ways to correct it. Hindi kagaya sa mga dainty women, like for instance, mali naman talaga si egocentric jerk, but she’s still accepting it as “normal lang iyan.” For alphas, it’s not even normal.

Condoning the egocentrism of the egocentric guy is pure bullcrap. I shit you not! If you have to step on someone’s pride, there should be sufficient evidence to do so.

Dainty women also LACK the wisdom, speaking of lovelife. Their beauty and intelligence are USELESS because they don’t have wisdom to improve their lives, at the very least. Ni hindi man lang nila kayang sawayin ang mga asawa nilang egocentric, eh! HAHAHA!

Sadly, I really hated my maternal great-grandmother (RIP btw) for being stupid for not marrying the rich Spanish guy and instead, married a poor native (sayang naman, to think she’s beautiful and intelligent plus the fact that her features are really Castillian). Daintiness runs through their veins, but thankfully I don’t have that trait at all. As a matter of fact, speaking of lovelife, I’d rather remain single and being an old maid than to marry someone who’s a poor native tapos egocentric jerk pa’t mataas pa ang pride, tapos ang pangit pa ng kalalabasang lahi. DIBA!?

Some may call me elitist and domineering (as what dainty women would most likely say–accusing the alphas), but being a domineering woman has its perks. Like, come on. Why give in towards the egocentrism of a guy? Being dainty just for the egocentric guy to fall for you is the MOST STUPID THING that a woman will ever do. Alphas could be submissive if they feel that the guy deserves it. That is why I am still chaste up to now. If I were to give up my own virginity, that is for someone who shall deserve my submissiveness.

Now I will tell you this: Do not give up your virginity to someone who’s an arrogant, unfriendly, typical egocentric jerk who is very proud of devirginizing a woman before marriage. Give it to someone who will regret devirginizing a woman before marriage (seriously, no shit).

That is the reason why egocentric jerks hate me so much, they won’t let others step on their pride/ego. Hell, why should I fall for them, they don’t deserve me, anyway. Kung ako pa siguro ang dyowa, hindi ko na babalikan iyan, unless kung kami lang talaga ang nagmamahalan sa isa’t isa.

Alpha Females > Dainty Women

The reason why is because… alam na!

Alpha females HATE egocentric jerks. Just look at G, Marlene and Cheska. They don’t talk about their lovelife or marital/family matters as compared to Donita, Sunshine and Greta. Alpha females may talk about their lovelife, but at least they’re careful of their words. Instead, they tend to avoid that topic and prefer to talk about intellectual stuff.

Also, alphas are more empowering! They hate egocentric jerks to the core so much that they will still remain alpha, no matter what happens. Honestly speaking, alphas are less judgmental to women who committed PMS or to those women who were involved in a sex video scandal.

In short, they’re apologists to those scandal victims who have a sense of delicadeza.

Dainty women, meanwhile, are apologists to homewreckers. Kung ang lakas-lakas nilang manlalit sa mga kabit(ch) na wala namang intensyong magpaloko sa mga egocentric jerks, they’re apologists to man-stealers, cheaters and homewreckers at the same time. Like elitist women, if they’re apologists and forgiving to Maja and Cristine at the same time, then again, they have no right to be a hater of Kris Aquino.

People, being a homewrecker is MORE SINFUL compared when being involved in a sex video scandal. Actually, I have nothing against PMS being videotaped/recorded naman eh, it’s only that it should not be viewed by people OUTSIDE the four corners of the said couple’s space. Simple as that.

The only thing with these dainty women is that, again, they tend to be more hypocritical than their alpha counterparts. Alphas slut-shame homewreckers, but they usually blame it to the cheating men. No wonder, if Majarot and KubetAA has friends, definitely they won’t have any set of friends who are alpha females. Malamang, these alphas HATE them to the core.

I bet, tsismosa-ako is alpha.

To be honest, dainty women are more likely to be fooled/preyed by egocentric men. In Tagalog, mas madali silang lokohin. You see, these dainty women are contented with someone who is… a low-quality guy. Or someone who is a mama’s boy.

Now I will tell you this: I ditched that guy who courted me two years ago, and I don’t regret every single bit of it. He’s a prime example of an egocentric jerk, someone that dainty women will go ga-ga at. But when I knew his true attitude, I ditched him step-by-step, and he’s asking me to apologize through a mutual friend. LOL, the power of alpha females stepping on an egocentric jerk’s pride! LMFAO!

Also, dainty women are BAD in giving love advice. They’re almost stupid and unwise in everything! In short, mahina talaga ang pickup nila, not like me, I have to admit, mabagal talaga pickup ko, but at least I do something to explode that diaphragm in my brain that doesn’t allow me to think faster. Ugh. So much for having that dainty-minded gene that is a curse!

Reasons why I prefer Alphas over Dainty Women

1.) Alphas are better in improving their genes – They don’t want someone who will make their children look like a hipon, bayawak and mukhang paa. Ayaw nila ng low-quality genes, while dainty women are pretty much notorious for settling for someone who has low-quality or bad genes, so to speak. HAHA! Kaya hindi lahat ng mga puti, mahilig sa mga “low-quality” looks by Filipino standards. They also look into the personality of a woman–mas prefer pa nila talaga ang alpha sa dainty.

2.) Alphas prefer laid-back, prim and proper guys who are more brusko than women – In short, they don’t like wimps. Egocentric jerks have higher tendencies to become wimps if faced with extremely difficult situations. They hate spoiled brats, gusto nila, ‘yung lalaking MAN enough to spoil/pamper them, while at the same time not meddling with their decisions. Aaaand… alphas like men who are GOOD in child-rearing. Dainty women go ga-ga over egocentric men, knowing that the latter are HORRIBLE in child-rearing.

3.) Between Cesar Montano and Richard Yap, alphas choose the latter – Richard Yap broke Chinese tradition by marrying a non-Chinese. In short, he’s a non-traditional Filipino-Chinese guy. Usually, Filipino-Chinese guys who are NON-traditional tend to be MORE excellent in child-rearing than their egocentric Filipino counterparts. No wonder, Lea Salonga married Robert Chien, who happens to be Chinese-Canadian. Sorry girls, but Buboy is a horrible husband, what more sa pagiging tatay niya. Infairness kay Sunshine, she called it quits… but she’s like “Sige na Buboy, oh!” Deym.

4.) If alphas will have the same features like most dainty women, they’ll take advantage of it to win the heart of high-quality men – In short, if I were half-Chinese, half-Spanish with fair skin and straight hair with those envied aristocratic features most Pinays go gaga with, I will take advantage of it together with my intelligence to choose the rich Spaniard who is imperfect but laid-back and is interested towards me over a poor native who is an airhead. Sounds elitist to dainty women? Screw them.

5.) Alphas tend to be less self-righteous and has a more progressive line of thought – Alphas do not tend to sympathize with the wrong people. Granted, nakiki-sakay sila sa opinyon ng karamihan, yet they do their best to keep neutral. Also, alphas tend to be consistent in maintaining their high standards plus their rich and expensive taste in almost every aspect of the world.

6.) Alphas tend to be more sensitive towards others – Unlike dainty women and egocentric jerks, alphas always keep an open mind, appreciating and admiring people with tattoos and piercings… not like those people who act so clean… you know the rest. That is why I would be proud to have a gay son or a tattooed daughter just in case. LOL

7.) Alpha females do not discriminate women who are no longer virgins – Dainty women have a higher tendency to discriminate women who are no longer virgins, but they tend to be apologists of women who most likely to be homewreckers. Hell, I don’t think Majarot and KubetAA are still chaste, since alam niyo nang marami na silang “pinagdaanan.” Hell, alpha females tend to look down towards homewreckers and man-stealers.

What Philippine society thinks

Sadly, Philippine society, despite being a conservative-relaxed culture, still buys the fact that dainty women should be glorified while alphas should be condemned.

LAOS NA PO SI MARIA CLARA, sa totoo lang.

To be honest, Filipino society should stop promoting macho culture like fuck. No wonder, I hate the elitists of FFreethinkers who happens to be palamunin. YUCK! So far, the elitists in FFreethinkers might be sons of corrupt politicians who are engrossed in video games plus the mere fact na baka… magulang nila may connections with the Yellow Zombies kaya UNGGAK-UNGGAK ang kaisipan! PWEH!

To those self-righteous elitists who will be bashing in this blog entry

Hahaha… expect that you will be banned in this website without any hesitation. Remember, ipakita niyo sa akin na mas may class pa kayo kesa sakin!

On Anderson Cooper’s reporting

I believe you, Mr. Cooper. Great to hear that from you.

It’s a great thing that you actually sent a message to Korina Sanchez–which is actually something that Arnito KlaviKords should learn. I bet, Atty. Freddie Villamor would love to be interviewed by you.

What journalism should really be

Guys, sometimes, foreign news outlets tend to be unbiased. See why I looked down on Korina Sanchez for dissing AC’s statements? Granted, CNN is said to be “for profit,” but journalists like Anderson Cooper and Christianne Amanpour are well-respected. In other words, ka-level nila sina Jessica Soho at Mike Enriquez–in terms of credibility.

Define journalism. It should be unbiased, direct-to-the-point, and lastly informative. It should not be rather, manipulated by personal biases. Who thinks that Korina’s strategic move is right? Carlos Celdran, may I call yo’ attention, please!

Sad to say, but ABS-CBN still sucks at the news department. Puro white-washing tsaka suck-ish din ang research team nila. In other words, the research team does not have camaraderie and teamwork at all–rather, there is crab mentality ongoing (reminds me of my own block section, to be brutally frank. They chose the wrong leader who did not set a good example, that reflects how dysfunctional my own block is–therefore, kung sino pa ang may dubious na personality, sila pa ang ina-angat. Very Pinoy typical rabid netizen society, indeed).

I hate to say this, but ABS-CBN does not teach people the RIGHT values. They will usually shove things that are not true, and as a matter of fact, ABS-CBN trains their people to become jologs, bordering in the jeje level.

After all, TV reception-wise, sophistication, news department and err… credibility? GMA wins, hands down. Face it, Kapamilya-tards! I am Kapamilya in some way, but I do not like the news department. I actually do not like how ABS-CBN trains their employees and TV personalities. Walang strict discipline. In other words, pagtatakpan at ipagtatanggol mo pa ang may kwestyonable ang ugali, hindi ba? Besides, TV Patrol’s revamp is actually a TOTAL FAIL because they brought again Kabayan and Korina Sanchez in the spotlight. I missed Kabayan’s show MGB, and he should rather be there–not in TV Patrol.

I guess, I have said enough. Mas marami pa ngang gustong mag-trabaho sa GMA kesa sa ABS-CBN since the former is even more accommodating when it comes to err… well… never mind. Mas good vibes naman ang GMA 7 kesa sa ABS-CBN.

No wonder, there are still loyal Kapuso people who are against DOS because… just because.


Again, I applaud Mr. Cooper for his work as a journalist. More power to you!

Foreign Celebrity Encounters

Britbuffguy said:

Rudest: Julia Roberts. I was a huge fan and that night after she snubbed me, I literally threw away every VHS movie I owned of hers and avoid her movies as much as I can.

Well, if Julia Roberts is snobbish, it’s not surprising. She’s overrated as hell and HELL, she cannot even come closer to Angelina Jolie’s fame, and there are accounts saying that both Angelina and Jennifer Aniston are nicer and more approachable.

Thanks for sharing, Britbuffuguy-san! I used to like Julia during her Notting Hill days until she became over-rated for many reasons. Still, Angelina and Jen are better.

Meanwhile, TheZoof said:

Nicest – Keanu Reeves. I was walking downtown Toronto at about 9pm on a Sunday evening. I was with my gf at the time and we were just relaxing after a nice meal.

We stopped to take a look at a view of the lake, and I noticed a guy doing the same thing. He was all by himself, scruffy, and with a little smile on his face.

I recognized him right away though(c’mon)… but said nothing.

He then said ‘Nice view’, and I responded back with agreement. We then had about a 5 minute conversation on the weather, and how nice it was to just stand there and relax. We talked about other things going on as well. It was really nice.

He said it was a pleasure talking to me, and said he hoped to bump into me again.

My gf at the time didn’t say a word. She goes ‘Why did you talk with that creepy guy?’. LOL… I told her ‘That was Keanu Reeves’. She then hit me and said why didn’t you ask for his autograph. I said, that conversation was a lot more memorable.

Yes, Keanu Reeves is very down-to-earth despite his Hollywood status. That’s what I liked about him.

And one more thing: Keanu is not gay, okay? He’s a loner, and prefers to live a simple life, that’s why he’s well-loved.

My take

Sometimes, being a celebrity will humble someone. They think that their status should be taken advantage of instead of making it as an excuse to manifest a diva attitude. See why I prefer celebrities who are not even U.S. American by nationality?

I also think that the British and Canadian people are warmer than U.S. American people, although I have met and encountered some U.S. American people who are very polite and friendly people.

Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and all celebrities who are not even American or let’s say, who do not follow the norm (every nationality) are classier than the overrated ones. Even Americans have their own form of “crab mentality” where they bash celebrities if they think they’re overrated or talentless, but these comments are too shallow to get started with, except for a few ones who are professional bashers (I kid, lol!).

However, what I liked about Hollywood stars compared to most Pinoy celebrities is that, they make sure that they do their best not to do a serious faux pas, even though they’re liberated. They do their best to please their fans and non-fans as they have their celebrity status, unlike most Pinoy stars who easily do things that are not accepted by society once they get famous.

Well, I think Pinoy celebrities should learn a thing or two from American celebrities who are best known for their great attitude rather than their celebrity status. Look why Angelina Jolie is still respected by many despite receiving hate from netizens–like what I said, you could still respect someone even though you despise them (like Hitler, or van Gogh, haha! Or PGMA/CGMA!). If you think that Hitler is 100% evil, I don’t think he really IS evil. Most people never saw his good side yet, and despite the fact that Germans prefer not to talk about Hitler’s regime, they still have a side wherein they still respect him despite his atrocious leadership (but still, forgive, but never forget). See, guys? People despise Hitler–with respect. Granted, he’s a racist, and his policies are judgmental, but the way he transformed Germany was totally unique–look at the facilities (e.g., sports stadium) that were actually built by the Nazi regime. They still stand, even up to present-day Germany, and well-utilized.

As much as I don’t like making Hitler as an example (well, I don’t think he’s really evil, it’s only that history judged him that way), I think he’s the best example when it comes to people being despised with respect. Marcos was another example of being a tyrant–but still respected. See why I post good things about Marcos despite his regime? Sure, he may have been as tyrannical as Hitler (whoops, bad comparison, I know! But still…), and his regime alienated and killed a lot of people, but his legacies as the president/dictator made the Philippines the richest country during his time. No wonder, Roxyisferox really admired Marcos via her blog posts.

Celebrity Status: For better or for worse?

Showing both Julia and Keanu is a good example of compare-and-contrast between the two celebrities. Of course, Julia Roberts is over-hyped for her big mouth and plain looks while Keanu is well-liked because of his celebrity status and of course, his greatness. Keanu Reeves is well-liked not because he’s a nice guy, but he is well-liked because he lives the simple life, and does not manifest a diva attitude. I thought he’s also snobbish because he lacks PR skills, yet he proved many people wrong. He proved that he could be a great person by living the simple life–and guess where his salary goes. While many celebrities are going ga-ga on fabulous houses, Keanu chose to live in a condo/apartment unit and that’s it. No wonder, he is speculated for being gay because he does not have a wife or girlfriend, but he is forever alone (lol).

You want to read more about him? Click HERE!

No wonder, Keanu still has a great reputation despite many “gay” speculations thrown at him!

On the other hand, Julia Roberts is well-liked, until she became over-hyped.

Not good, not good!

And the mere fact that she dissed Angelina Jolie is not a good thing to do. Good thing Angelina snubbed it rather! LOL!

Yes, there are many who despise Angelina Jolie, but nevertheless, she is still greatly respected for her humanitarian work. Angelina is like Keanu–a loner, but that does not mean she has only a very few friends. Usually, people like Angelina are perceived as weird just because she does things that are out of the norm.

Well, she was abandoned by her own father, Jon Voight, but she reconciled with him after so many years. See how forgiving Angelina is?

Julia Roberts is well-liked, yes, but where is her career? Remember, people with a bad rep will be a has-been, and it’s not surprising that Anne Hathaway will be less popular than Natalie Portman sooner or later for acting so fake and being rude before the Les Miz thing!

Those who are actually the most rude are no longer given a career. However, there are some who prefer not to be popular anymore due to the hype given to them. Remember guys, it’s a matter about over-hyping celebrities. See why I now prefer Megan Fox over Kim K? For some reason, I liked Megan Fox before the Transformers incident. Also, Transformers won’t be that awesome, if not for her. In other words, she’s ingrateful–but she explained that she cannot even stand Michael Bay’s way of directing.

But after she gave birth, she (Megan) toned down her arrogance (and her sexually-objectified self). Good for her, unlike Kim K, who recently had a big head just because paps follow her and Kanye.

I give props to Megan for toning down herself.

Well, this is not all. I will give you some more celebrity encounters with any foreign celebrity!

A single sex scandal won’t ever make you less of a person…

…unless you’re really malandi and you’re making yourself a walking objectification.

Seriously, I’d rather choose Janelle Manahan and Maricar Reyes (at least piangsisisihan nila ‘yung kabulastugan nila) over Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes (define totoong hitad).

Why call Janelle as malandi and Maricar as a pornstar if in fact, Majarot is really a bridge-burner (compared to Shaina Magdayao, granted bitchesa talaga siya but she isn’t a type of person who will burn bridges with family and friends) and siya talaga ang naghahabol sa lalaki with stepping on someone and Cristine Reyes defines what pornstar really is?

Double-standarding the hypocritical way.

In fact, Majarot and AA… dinaig pa nga nila ang mga nagkaroon ng sex scandal, eh! Pweh!

It should also be taken note that there’s nothing really special about Majarot and AA, speaking of face value and over-all appeal. In fact, mas mukha pa nga silang muchacha kay Maricar at kay Janelle.

Sa totoo lang, naaawa ako kay Maricar during the height of the scandal. Hindi ako naawa kay Katrina Halili mainly because she’s really malandi–but she won’t ever step down to the level of SkAAnkelina in a way that she’ll look like laspag whatsoever. As a matter of fact, kampante ako sa pagiging palaban ni Katrina Halili because she won’t ever be as faux feisty like AA.

Janelle and Maricar never intended to stimulate their promiscuity. It’s only that they left their minds behind to give up their chastity to a guy, but nevertheless, I pity them both. In fact, mas dapat silang kaawaan kay Majarot at AA (una sa lahat, maawa muna sila sa sarili nila!).

And not to mention… face value-wise, Maricar and Janelle gets the prize since they deserve it more… and lastly, they prove their worth more. At least mas marunong pa silang mahiya. Eh si Majarot at AA, ang kapal-kapal ng mukha na maging pa-controversial, gagawa at gagawa pa sila ng paraan para lang mapansin. It seems that they’re really following the footsteps of both Gretchen Barretto and Kris Aquino in such a way that they’ll be on the limelight. Ang pinagkaiba lang ng mga dalawang haliparot kay Greta’t Kristeta’y… mas sosyal lang ang dating nila Kristeta… eh Majarot and AA are cheap, low-class skanks who will only make Zhang Ziyi classier.

Tama si Kat Viola… walang breeding sila Majarot and AA, in other words, mas may breeding pa ang may sex scandal kesa sa kanilang dalawa.