I don’t like your FUQMAN. Does that make me an ELITIST!?

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Seriously, the latest I have received was… from my OYA, who was butthurt-defensive when I said, “Bobotante ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao sa senado.”

That being said, I am not an elitist. However, some might call me an ELITIST for calling Pacman voters, “BOBOTANTE.”

Hello! I am not even like Georgina Wilson, who called Erap voters, “f*cking idiots.”

At least, Erap had training–but still, I don’t like Erap as well.

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Are you really good in practicing these “so-called” family values?


While the Barrettos create their issue out of their vented interest, I would understand the situation of the Aguilars.

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Your hypocrisy is pissing me the hell off!

You try to impress someone in a bad way, you make them feel BAD about themselves — CRAP.

That is super-duper-extra-mega BULLSH*T to everyone of you who is reading this post.

Nakaka-rindi na talaga, at isa pa, being liberated is not a fucking excuse for someone to be ultra-frank PLUS, telling the truth na parang you’ll make someone feel bad about themselves, pero sila pala ang mababa ang standards.

Nakaka-MINDFUCK ‘yun diba?

At isa pa, akala niyo ba matutuwa pa ako sa mga pinanggagawa niyo sa akin, kahit dati pa!?

HELL NO! FUCK NO! PUKI, HINDI! Nakaka-rindi na talaga. At isa pa, mas nakaka-irita pa kayo kesa sa mga nakaka-away ko/umaaway sa akin. I thought you were my support system, pero bakit pino-point out ninyo ang tunay kong pisikal na kapangitan at ini-insist niyo pa na ganito talaga ako at ganyan!?

(Allow me to cuss, ok?)

PUTANG INA! Ganito ba ako ka-chaka para sa inyo!? Do you think matutuwa ako sa kaka-prangka niyo sa akin na akala niyo, ang tataas ng standards ninyo!? Well, LOOK AT YOUR IDOLS! Ang mga ini-idolo niyo naman, HAMBOG, MAHADERA, MUKHANG YAYA, AT MARAMING ISYU! ‘Yung mga idol niyong ‘yan, karamihan sa kanila’y ini-idolo lang ng mga MANG-MANG, INDIO at mga JEJEMON. Gets niyo ‘yun!?

I guess one of my couz’s (pop’s side — and I have to tell you that most of them are morally-laiden and have HIGHER standards) RIGHT. I should not lash out like, “big nose” to one of my couz’s who is super duper yabang dati kaya ko nasabi ‘yun as a joke (he’s a HE). That couz (that’s a SHE) of mine was right. I should have believed her at the first place.

Well, I guess it’s all about individual differences, ika nga. I guess, I could simply mingle with people with higher standards than lower standards, however, if you just have to adjust to someone’s attitude, it’s all about compromise.

Being too frank and sometimes verbal-clogging (pambabara) is very rude. Bastos ‘yan, however, the hypocritical nature of the typical Filipino would rather praise Anne Hathaway’s alleged diva attitude rather than sympathizing on Ricky Lo’s mistakes.

How dare these people think that being a know-it-all or someone like Anne Hathaway should receive an apology from us Pinoys!? Kiking ina, butt-hurt lang kayo because you simply wanted to watch that Les Miserables film, and get positive feedback. Buti na lang si Lea Salonga, she said that those questions were legitimate. See? That’s how I idolize her in some sort of way. Anne would have learned something from her, at least.

Bantay lang ah, hindi na talaga ako natutuwa sa pagiging ipokrita ng mga hard-to-please kuno.

Seriously, kung mahal niyo ang isang tao, you’d rather sacrifice yourself by not being too honest with yourselves. That’s the problem with most liberated/conservative kuno people. They’re hypocrites. They think that whatever they do, is correct. Pero hindi, eh. Puro na lang diva-divahan ang inaatupag. Parang ako na lang ang napag-iiwanan. Kaya whenever they’re like, “franked” out by some people out there, they feel bad about themselves (to Bashing 101, I know yer outspoken, but please don’t take this against me. Idol pa naman kita, ‘yun nga, give yourself a break, ok?).

Like what Jesus and Confucius profess in their teachings:

Do unto others as you want others to do unto you; do not do unto others as you do not want others to do to you.

That is the golden rule that most hypocrites do not really know. If you think they do not know the most important rule in life:

Demureness in an extreme form of naivete is next to stupidity, and therefore stupidity leads to pestilence.

That is my own motto that I live in from this day on. Increasing your standards does not make you UN-approachable, in fact, it makes you a better person.

Pero sa totoo lang, mas kinakampihan nila madalas ang taong hindi ko naman gusto, or ‘yung mas magkakamali pa sa akin. ‘Di ba, that is SO HYPOCRITICAL. They should know that me, myself, being so harsh to them must be a lesson to them. Nakakarindi na talaga ang pagiging prangka nila na mostly wala sa lugar o nagpapa-impress lang in a not-so-good way.

I seriously dislike people who think that they’re right and others are wrong. Parang kung sino pa ang hindi nila kayang sawayin, ‘yun pa ang tingin nila’y tama.

That is so fucking mind-fucking. Kaya minsan, ayokong makipag-halubilo sa mga manipulador at mga nagmamarunong diyan. S’yempre, masakit lang naman sa bangs ang mga pambabara nila, hindi ba? Madalas, ang pambabara nila ay kabastusan na’t hindi na nakakatuwa. Siguro feeling nila tama sila, pero nakaka-irita na eh. As much as I hate being an iPod repeating one song, I feel that I should correct the wrong right now. It’s never too late, however, I should tell most people that they should shut the EFF up because they’re in Asia, in the Philippines, where people are mostly conscious with their image. As a matter of fact, we are simply like any other Asian country that is more morally-conscious and often lashes back at people who constantly makes total mischief in the society. Kung ‘yun ay naging IDOL mo pa, rather re-think about your set of beliefs or revise it instead, because it does not make you a genuine Asian. Rather, it makes you Westernized (no, I’m not demoting Westernization in the Philippines, I just like to maintain the traditional culture of not being too frank because that is very liberal, very Western for a backwards country) and too liberated — and the choice of words tengene! I would say that we are in the Philippines, so being frank here is not yet widely acceptable. Tanggapin niyo na kasi, wala tayo sa America. If you tolerate frankness rather than a girl doing a first move towards a guy, then you’re saying that you tolerate guys being spoiled, senyorito pero doing the first move as “better”? Sorry kung magulo ah, but we do not tolerate guys being too “spoiled,” “senyorito” and being treated like a prince kasi if it should be a patriarchal (read: patriarchal) country, they should be the ones who are rather pressured, NOT women. ‘Yan ang problema sa Asian culture, eh.

To Filipino families, please pressure your sons, instead of spoiling them more than your daughters. As in, parang you’re making boys more kawawa when they get old, eh, then you’re making women more empowered!? Putang ina! So hypocritical! PWE!

Also, if I were to be asked, I would much more tolerate girls doing the first move, because that is a sign of empowerment. It does not mean that empowered ang babae, liberated na kaagad. I’d say that Asian society should change because if you still treat men like princes, what would they do in the near future? Nothing!? Kesa naman sa ito-tolerate niyo ang pagiging prangka ng ibang Pinoy na nakakasakit naman. Buti pa nga ang mga foreigners kapag prangka sila, at least hindi nakakasakit ng damdamin. Ganun dapat. At least sila, nilulugar kung kailan nila ibubuhos ang kanilang mga emosyon. Sa atin lang talaga ang prangka na wala sa lugar.

wandergirlC of GIRLTalk said:

Hirap sa mga lalaking nakikilala ko, even in my family if I’m honest, men are spoiled in our culture.  Senorito masyado.  Hindi ganon most European guys I know. Parang sa Asia lang ganon.

Not really in Asia. Feeling ko kasi kapag Japanese guy, they would respect your privacy and will not talk negative against you most of the time. From what I have read, Japanese people value privacy and they do not insult one another. Kaya I favor the Japanese way of expressing their feelings rather than being directly honest. Being directly honest is a sign of rudeness to them.

When it comes to quotations, ganito:

I’d rather tell the naked truth and make someone cry, rather than to tell the best-dressed like and make someone smile.

It does not apply in our culture, I have to tell you. Okay, I’d rather be called a bitch rather than to be called a goddess, just in case you do not know, like for instance, if that comes from a random person who sounds pathetic, I’d rather laugh at him/her rather than to get insulted. However, it won’t happen since I’m too conservative and too sensitive for those kind of criticisms.

Kaya nga eh, NOT ALL TRUTHS ARE GOOD TO TELL. That’s the golden rule. It’s not crap, it’s just how you deal with it. Kaya naman, I really like the frankness of most foreign people rather than the frankness of most Pinoys. Very pseudo-liberated to the fact na nakakasakit na. Oh ‘di ba, kung i-lash out din sila, matutuwa nga ba!? Not a chance.

Now that’s the end of the story. Period. Walang comma.

Very insensitive, indeed!

Fair enough, I was very disgusted on what Majarot really did to her supposed BFF!

‘Yan rin ang ginawa ng homewrecker laban sa’kin. Do you want me to spill the beans!? Of course, why not?

So, if the homewrecker is really a good friend to me, why should she make sipsip to the guy I’m crushing on while he is (or was) holding grudges against me!? What kind of friend is she, right?

That is an act of betrayal, and that should be taken as an insult. Siguro kung inagawan rin si homewrecker, she might not handle herself very well.

Side note: Now I know, kinarma na rin ako when I attempted to be a homewrecker (in a metonomycal sense). Siguro that was my fate — however, that should not matter at all; in fact, bakit rin pumatol ang crush ko sa kanya (I know they’re really deny-to-death when it comes to me, parang si HW talaga ang may binabalak na masama!).

It’s really wrong to steal one’s person or to make patol with one’s ex. Okay, marami na ring girls ang nang-away sa akin because of their guys (marami raw oh!) but their minds are too shallow (hello warfreak, ganito ka ring mag-isip ‘di ba!?). Isipin niyo naman, going on the side of your friend’s ex is like, “Tang ina, akala ko naman mag-bffs tayo. Eh ngayon, bastusan!?”

Ever since, I have cut relationships with the homewrecker. Hindi naman siya magandang kasama araw-araw, eh. She’s obviously self-centered, narcissistic, know-it-all and otherwise, the “sectioner”‘s flavor of the year. AMPOTAH NAMAN OH! Baka mapatay ko lang ang sectioner na ‘yun, tang ina!

The case of Majarot is worse than expected

Like you said this is a girl or a woman’s perspective of the who situation…. so much different from a gay or binabae’s take.
This only shows what kind of a girl Maja is. Parang nasaktan si Kim not because of Gerald this time but because nanghihinayang siya sa friendship na binuo niya with Maja. Tama si Kim, kinain lang ni Maja yung mga sinabi niya (abt. Gerald). Me too, I never liked Maja. Parang kahit sino lang pwede nyang patulan, parang si Bea.

I don’t think Bea is a playgirl herself. I believe she knows how to handle her personal life very well, unlike Majarot, pa-deny-deny na nga, nako, ma-showbiz pa ang peg ng lola mo!

I’ve never liked maja eversince. She’s fair as an actress, a good dancer. Pero may something sa kanya na reason kung bakit di ko sya magustuhan. And yes, i had the feeling even the first day na bbf na sila ni kim na she was not sincere. Especially when they guested @ kristv. Wherein sbi ni maja, friend nya c kim hindi porket kim chiu sya. Bkit naman nya naisip sabihin un? And then i doubted, bka un talaga intention nya, i-friend c kim kc sikat!

Ganyan rin ang thoughts ko as a person, and I still do not get it why some people idolize her. Granted, she’s really talented, but remember, she was discovered dahil Salvador siya. She was looking for Ross Rival, her real father. Also, please take note that hindi maganda ang reputasyon ng Salvador acting clan — their reputation is closer to the Revilla acting clan, na puro issue dito, issue doon. Reputation-wise, the Salvadors and Revillas are really known for being two of the most controversial acting clans in the showbiz industry in the Philippines. I’m not joking.

How cheap! Kaya tama si Senyora…

Being a man-stealer, flirt, hitad, pakakak, is waaaay cheaper than that of Kris Aquino’s.

Mas nakakainis kapag si Maja Salvador ay nalaos (well, nakakatuwa kaya ‘yun!).

Salamat sa Candy Mag at hindi pa talaga nila siguro na-feature si Maja sa mga print materials nila, buti naman!

S’yempre naman, Candy Mag mostly have role models featured in their publications. Mga type ni Maja should be on Playboy para swak!

Dapat lang siya malaos kahit hindi pa siya overrated! Mas masahol pa nga ang pagiging hitad niya kumpara kay Shaina o kay Katrina Halili, eh! Mahiya-hiya naman siya sa balat niya! PWE!

Do you think making patol to your bestie’s ex is MORAL!? EEEEENK! That is an example of insensitivity towards your bestie’s feelings.

Pareho lang sila ni AA na traydor! Heck, AA betrayed her own sister by badmouthing her via text.

Siguro mag-best friends nga sina Gerald at si Rayver. Kung maka-ligaw sa isang hitad, WAGAS! Kaya kawawa rin sila in the end.

Promise Rayver, kahit ano pang deny-to-death SHIT mo jan, you can no longer hide the truth. Break na talaga kayo ng hitad mong kasintahan d’yan. Karma na rin sa’yo, dahil feeling mo naman makakatiis ka sa ugali niya!

…and to Gerald, wala ka talagang kunsensya! Yes, nag-give up ka nga kay Sarah Geronimo, pero sinunod mo naman ang yapak ng bestie mong si Reber! Parehong walang taste! Kakahiya talaga kayo, ewwwwwwwww!

Siguro ligawan niyo si Senyora Santibanez. Tiyak basted kayong dalawa! HAHAHA.

May pagnanasa sina AA at si Majarot sa lalaki, kaya hindi kataka-taka that they could always get away with the consequences. Puro ready-to-fight scenarios lang ang pwede nilang gawin sa totoong buhay. I-sex tape niyo pa ‘yang dalawa, patok na patok ang pelikula nila sa beerhouse (*ehem*).

Nakoooo! Senyora, ‘kaw pa ang dagdag sakit ng ulo dito, ah! HAHAHAH chos!

Senyora: Ikaw Molybdenum Studios, anong CHOS ang pinagsasabi mo!? Extra CHOS!?
MSP: ‘Di mabiro ‘to!
Senyora: Well… jokes mo naman hindi pang-joke joke joke, eh! Mukha mo pa lang JOKE na! Pwe!

LOL! Salamat at nilait niyo ako, kahit ganyan kayo hindi nakaka-insulto!

Senyora: Pero pasalamat ka at hindi ka makati! ‘Yun lang ang ikinaganda mo!

Oo nga naman! Baka mamaya kapag nakaharap ni Senyora si Tita Bisaya, malamang! WORLD WAR THREE ANG LALABAS!

Tita Bisaya: Senyora, ang tunay na maganda, hindi mayabang.
Senyora: Tita, bakit mas kotrabida pa kayo sakin!?
Tita Bisaya: Never mind, feeling ko naman nagkakamali ka.
Senyora: Ay oo nga pala! Salamat at nagsasabi talaga kayo ng totoo!
Tita Bisaya: AKO PA!

Nako, ‘wag sana maging manager ni Majarot si Tita Bisaya. Nakakrindi, nakakairita pa. At isa pa, baka masabi lang ni Bisaya:

Sumasakit na migraine ko sa kakasaway sa isang hitad, pwe!

Nahawa kay Senyora!

Well, abangan ang fanfic na: Senyora TUTUKAN!


After all, we are not narrow-minded!

Viola, Kat said:

Pareho talaga sina AA at Maja. Mang-aagaw pa ng boyfriend, wala pang manners at di fine-face yung issues. Worse thing, they have not cleaned up their act.

OHA, sino pa sa aming mga MCDs ang maga-idolize sa mga haliparot gaya ni AA at ni Ross!? NOBODY nobody but you! Chos!

Well, in Maja’s situation naman kasi, pa-cute din. She does not even know how to handle her personal life. Daig pa nga siya ni Jodi, eh!

However, when I saw tweets saying, “Maja must DIE!” or “Kill Majarot!,” I think that “morbid” thing should be for AA (I kid, I kid, only that it’s bad hahahaha!).

‘Di ba dapat, “Ulul! Tandaan mo, hindi ka pa overrated, malalaos ka rin!”

Blind item RANTZ

However, there are more fishy comments against her… oo nga naman! Ipo-post ko nga dito para malaman niyo talaga ang totoo… ‘yung totoo!

Si malandi at malditang “Thelma.” Laging may nega issues sa girlaloo na ito at sa ugali nya. Before race car driver, I heard she had somethin’ going on with a guy nicknamed “RamboJet”. At balita noon, ay may ginagawa raw silang milagro sa loob ng kotse. Kalerks! I remembered before in talkshows whenever she had interviews, she would announce ahead of time (before the guy), na sila daw ay nanliligaw sa kanya. But when they actually interview the guy naman, they would DENY making ligaw to Thelma! hahahaha. Nakakahiya si Thelma talaga! Look at how she acts and hosts a sunday afternoon show. It is evident in her actions that she’s really malandi talaga! Kitikiti na ewan sa harap ng camera at ang ingay pa. Kainis! She needs to learn to have good etiquette manners when hosting a show. She definitely has a bad reputation & I wouldn’t be surprised if race car drivers family doesn’t approve of her or don’t really like her for thier son.

Kaya pala sila nag-break ni Goody Gelli, eh! Remember the Coco-nut Goody Gelli fight!? Siya ang salarin ng lahat! Mwahahahahaha, hindi kataka-taka, siya pala, nagmumukha na ring inidoro!

Si kakanin ito for sure at yung dancer isa sa sa GFdancers. This girl ay may reputation na pagiging freeloader, flirt at hanger-on at she’s not to be trusted too with your secrets mahilig yan magkakalat ng chismis against other artists sa station nila. she jumps from one group of friends to another para lang makichismis or kumaha ng scoop.Tapos sisiraan at dagdag bawas story sa ibang tao. Kaya ending nagkaaway away. May clique yan dati kaso nagkawatak watak dahil mapaggawa ng kwento. Si halitos girl and maria del barrio nagkagalit dahil sa kanya. siya din daw yun nagkwento kay rubi about the fling of her ex with maria del barrio. Ang nakapagtataka she always comes out clean pero daming sinirang friendship at relationship along the way dahil sa tabil ng bibig at galing nya magmanipulate ng tao. And who could forget yung pagaawayin yun bf nyang car racer at si yammy. This girl is megalomaniac. She gets away with it unfortunately because of her last name.

Good Lord! Kaya naman pala taklesa ang tawag sa haliparot! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!

pilit pinapasikat ng abs-cbn etech, kawawa naman yung ibang mas deserve…sa loob ng abs daming ng nakapansin sa ka artehan nyan.yang mala innocent na face ay may tinatago…she has been trying so hard mapansin.

I actually do not despise her despite those things, however, she’s going on the same level as Kubeta.

I never liked thelma.naiinis ako sa mga kaartehan nya. Sana magingat si bonondo girl dahil ang tipo ni thelma ang hindi mapagkakatiwalaan. Bwisit na bwisit ako sa kanya sa asap dahil ang landi landi. Behind cam ganun din sya..she flirts with someobe else’s bf. Feeling nya lahat ng lalake may gusto or magkakagusto sa kanya.

Ever since, I’ll never be a fan of hers. Well, sayang lang ang admiration ko sa kanya during her first big break. I doubt her personality, but I feel very optimistic about her acting capability. Unfortunately, may nag-attest na hindi siya THAT excellent in acting. Okay siya as a villain, pero BANO naman ‘pag bida!

Okay naman sana si Ross as an actress — very expressive, but she has to regulate the tension. Medyo off rin unlike better actors who do villain better with matching joke pa ah! Nagagawa lang niya ang joker mode niya sa interview! Kaloka!

I dont care if this is Thelma or not, basta I don’t like her. Super jologs niya nakakairita! Kahit ilang workshops ang pagawa ng abs, sablay pa din magsalita! And don’t get me started with how tacky she dresses!!!

Ay, pati rin si Cupcake girl na mukhang yaya! At si KUBETA PA!

I doubt Majarot did BI-ed AA, kasi si AA naman talaga, ever since the beginning, masama na talaga reputasyon niyan! Siguro kung si AA ang naunang mag-BI kay Majarot, hindi kataka-taka ‘yan.

Hindi ako super-duper-extra-mega hater ni Maja, si Kubeta parin ang most annoying

Nakakalungkot naman isiping sinayang lang ni Maja ang pagiging artista niya. Sabihin nating mahusay siyang artista, but that’s about it. Reputation is questionable. She does not even know how to handle herself professionally, which is the problem. You see, you cannot question her acting ability at all, unless she’d be compared to Alessandra de Rossi (o ayan, big example na si Alessandra). Also, when it comes to professionalism, Alex does know how to handle herself very well that she would really be frank in interviews. Ganyan ang tunay na mahusay, one who knows how to handle their personal life and separate it with showbiz life. Eh si Maja naman, pa-showbiz pa, hindi pa niya tinatago ang personal life niya. Daig pa siya ni Singapore! At least, even though Sarah Geronimo is seen as “plastikada,” “snob sa personal” to others, at least hindi siya kasing deny-to-death katulad ng mga iba diyan! Thanks to her parents, kahit medyo niluwagan nila ang strict rules, at least kapag trabaho, papayag naman sila mag-out-of-town ang dalaga.

I think Majarot and AAnghit should learn again a thing or two from Kate Hudson. At least, Kate isn’t a man-stealer, granted na malandi rin siya (not really intense a la Anna Nicole Smith [RIP] or Pamela Anderson), but since she’s an American, that’s not a problem. Ang hindi lang OK is ‘yung, parang ‘yung tipong hindi na siya nahiya sa junakis niya!

Owen Wilson ALMOST committed suicide and yet Kate blamed herself. Actually, it’s when Kate isn’t as suspicious as Ross or AA, kaya she would be a bit better than the two promiscuous anacondas.

Saan ka pa nakarinig ng isang anak-artistang kahit bano sa acting at hindi naman totally kagandahan at medyo malandi, eh hindi naman mang-aagaw ng syota ng iba? Siyempre naman, very impossiBRU dahil may anak na siya.

Hindi katulad ng mga iba diyan, sila pa ang mga homewrecker, deny-to-death na may tinatago kuno, HAHAHA!

Even Pete Ampoloquio is against her dubiousness nga naman!

Manager ni Maja malas sa letter ‘M’

MALUNGKOT naman ‘yung nabalitaan naming na-high blood pala si Ma-nay Chit Ramos dahil sa kawalan ng breeding at res-peto sa mga nakatatanda ng alaga niyang si Maja Salvador na may ganda at talent, pero barubal pala at ilusyunada.

Imagine, siya (Maja) na nga ang pinuproteksi-yonan sa ka-cheap-an ng pronouncements ng isa pang wah-breeding ding aktor na si John Lloyd Cruz, siya pa ang may ganang magalit.

Anyway, being mother herself, nahi-hurt siyempre si Manay sa barubal na pag-sagut-sagot ng kanyang alaga sa kanyang ina kaya pinagsasabihan niya ito.

Pero lately, hindi na rin daw iginagalang ni Maja pati ang kanyang manager at pabalang na kung magsasagot kaya napraning si Manay Chit at inatake ng high blood.

Tipong nanunumbat na raw kasi sa mga komisyon tienes ang sakang na young actress kaya nabaliw si Ma-nay.

Well, come to think of it, malas sa letrang ‘M’ si Manay Chit.

In the past, she became enormously problematic because of her ward Matt Ranillo.

Some two decades after, she had another heartache because of the bloated ego of Micky Ferriols, who would have become one of the brightest stars of today, had she acquiesced to the lofty plans of her ma-nager then.

Anyway, barely a decade after, here’s another heartache in the person of this bow-legged young actress.

Anyway, ano na ba si Matt Ranillo ngayon?

What about Mickey? Well, her once-burgeoning and flourishing showbiz career is now uneventful and drab.

Ang bad karma… bow!

Kaya kung ayaw da-purakin ng bad karma nitong sakang (hitzura ng Hapon! Ha! Ha! Ha) na starlet na ‘to, mag-behave siya at baka sa kangkungan pulutin ang kanyang papaganda na sanang showbiz career. Ha! Ha! Ha!

At sinong hindi aakalaing “sakang” si Majarot!? Well, tama naman si Ka Pete, eh. Actually, sakangis naman talaga si Majarot. Putot. Unano. Pero chooks lang.

Maja Salvador may bad karma

KUNG ang amiga niyang si Shaina Magdayao ay masunuring anak kaya pinagpala.

Hayan at sa edad na 18 ay meron ng 20-door apartment sa Quezon City, itong nuknukan ng pagkamal-ditang si Maja Salvador ay mukhang madidiskaril ang pagpapaganda na sanang showbiz career dahil mal-dita nga at walang respeto sa kanyang ina.

Hayan at nag-react na pati ang manager niyang si Manay Chit Ramos dahil balahura nga siya sa kanyang madir, pero sa halip na magpaawat, tinarayan din daw nito ang taong nagpala sa kanya at nagpatutsada pa sa komis-yong kinikita nito gayung malaki ang pagod ni Manay Chit bago siya napuna’t nagkapangalan.

Ang kapal! Over sa kaaapaaallll!

Imagine, isang mada-ling araw na nahuli nga raw si Maja na nakikipagharutan sa career-less niyang boyfriend na si Carlo Aquino (na pinalalabas niyang off-line na raw sila ever … Ha! Ha! Ha!) sa gate ng bahay nila, nagtatarang daw talaga ang mal-edukadang bagets at sinigawan ang ina na mas may pakinabang daw siya sa boyfriend niya kumpara sa sarili niyang ina.

Makatarungan ba ‘yun?

Di ba’t the mere fact na isinilang siya sa mundong ito is more than enough reason for her to be enormously thankful to her mom?

Pero hindi nga e. She’s throwing her weight around in her family for she’s now the one feeding them.

Kasumpa-sumpang pag-uugali, di ba naman?

Ang nakababaliw pa, dahil sa mala-impakta nga raw ang pag-uugali ng batang ito, afraid na sa kanya ang madir kaya quiet na lang ito kapag naghi-hysterical na ang sakang ni-yang anak.

Well, nararapat lang sigurong huwag tangki-likin ng mga tao ang tele-novela o pelikulang ginagawa ng babaeng ito hangga’t hindi siya nagbabago ng pakikitungo sa kanyang ina.

Hindi kaya ang ending ay matulad din siya kay Angelica Panganiban na minalas raw nang todo-todo nu’ng time na mag-on pa sila ng boyfriend nga-yon ni Maja?

Well, it’s highly probable. Ang mga taong barubal sa magulang ay minamalas at nawawalan ng career.

Are you reading this Bea Alonzo? Ha!Ha! Ha!

Period. Walang comma!

Kaya mas gusto ko si Shaina dati because she never failed to set a good example long before her scandal with JLC. Lumabas pa nga ‘yan siya sa Candymag, eh! Never heard of Maja being a Candy girl, siguro dati, but I never encountered her in one of the articles of Candy Magazine (knowing her reputation, Candy magazine is careful enough, like DUH!). You know naman, Candy Magazine is biased when it comes to celebrities. They’re quite welcoming to foreign celebrities but to local!? HA! They even placed Paris Hilton in one of their articles! It shows.

Usually, kapag Candy Girl ang isang artista, you set a good example to the youth. Kaya NEVER naging Candy cutie si AA, eh (knowing her porno-rific status, Candymag might’ve decided to ban her there HAHAHAHAHAHA). AA is for FHM, Maxim or Playboy, but NEVER in Candy Magazine or K-Zone. Dapat wholesome ang artista. Walang iskandalo. Kung Avon pa nga, morality-conscious, what more with Candy Magazine!?

Now I think it’s time for Pantene to improve and impose morality clause to their endorsers. I pity Pantene for having poor taste in selecting their endorsers. Erich, Greta and Angelica P.? Tapos si AA!? Ang matino lang siguro doon si Bianca Gonzales. I do not actually hate Angelica for being mataray, I know where she’s coming from, kaya hindi kataka-taka kung maldita siya even in person.

Eh kailan ba nagkaroon ng wholesome image si Maja!? As far as I know, promiscuous talaga siya, as a matter of fact. Kaya parang never ako nakarining na Candy girl siya, eh. Shame on Candy mag if they do not impose morality standards on their publications. Very shameful if they feature AA, Maja or some promiscuous flirt who would endorse Candy mag as such.

Normal lang kapag wala si Maricar Reyes sa Candy mag. Oh, parang sinasabi niyong okay lang kahit may scandal ang tao! HAHAHAHA.

Morality standards are lowering… BOOOOOOOOO!

Nowadays, there are only a few role models who would promote wholesome-ness and errrrrrr… a good reputation. Ang ina-idolize kasi ng mga iba ngayon, ‘yung mga maraming issues, mga mahadera, hambog, people with A for attitude, need not to mention the rest. Tokwa naman oh!

I really hate it when people are also defending those kind of people. You call that stupidity. Okay, granted that some of them did morbid taboos, at least they know how to apologize for their actions. Forgiven, but NOT tolerable in a certain extent.

Kung sino pa talaga ang walang breeding, people would say in a worshipping way, “Nagpapakatotoo lang siya.”


At kailan ba naging honest si Cristine Reyes!? Call her “frank” and “feisty” but I kid you not: Pa-cute rin ang lokang ‘yan, eh! Todo deny to death na parang feeling niya honest siya, eh pa-showbiz din naman. She even accused Sarah for being malandi, if she (AA) does the flirting thing. Oh, ‘yan ang sinungaling. Siya pa ang nagpapasimuno ng away, and worse, ni hindi man lang niya inamin na retokada siya.

I don’t think plastic surgery is for me. I am thankful for my God-given beauty.

…at sino ang niloloko mo aber!?

Ang kapal mo naman, AA! Ilang beses ka na bang nagpaayos ng ilong!? Look at your boobs, it’s not for real! Also your skin color, it’s TOO WHITE… na parang nakiki-Michael Jackson ka na rin. Also your arms, lipo ‘ata ‘yan, eh! Look, malaki parin pata mo, ‘di pantay sa braso mo, gets!?

It should also be taken note that Cristine looked like her sister after the retoke thing. When she was never retoke-fied, kamukha niya si Bakekang. AS IN. Believe it or not, pwede na siyang maging Bakekang, ‘no!

Tandaan mo ‘to: Pasalamat ka at Salvador ka lang! You should learn where you come from!

I also think Maja might have had a nose job. Hindi rin siya maganda dati, ‘no! Maybe enhancement, but not a complete nosejob. Or because of the makeup! Feeling ko hindi naman nosejob ang kay Maja because the Salvadors are actually of foreign ancestry, so that nose must be real.

Eto lang masasabi ko sa kanya: Sana naging ILONG ka na lang!

Well, thank goodness at telegenic ka lang, ineng! Siguro in person parang average-looking ka lang. Well, yeah. Average-looking ka lang talaga. Thanks to the nosey, hindi mo na kailangang maging nosey ranger!

Salamat na lang at Salvador lang siya. Well, wala siyang star quality, eh. Pwede pa kung makikita mo lang siya sa mga school play or department store (ANG BAD, LOL!), pero sa showbiz industry, nadadala lang sa talent ang kanyang kagandahan. Kung walang talent ‘yan, ewan ko na lang.

Kaya nga siya underrated, hindi ba? Hindi pa nga naging overrated, marami na siyang issue. PAANO, hindi naman siya e-engage sa casting couch. Buti naman.

Hindi excuse ang kulang sa charisma, ano! Tanggapin niyo na, wala talaga siyang star quality. Pasalamat na lang at magaling siyang umarte.

Well, she would NOT be that famous, unless she becomes famous like how Mariel Rodriguez became famous. Mariel is pretty (RAW) in person, but some people attested that she’s not that stunning, so therefore, she looks average. Mariel only became a celebrity simply because she could no longer cope up with her studies in DLSU (Hanapin niyo pa ‘yan sa PinoyExchange, Imma tell you!). That’s how simple it is. Also, I think kabit siya ng isa sa mga executives ng DOS, kaya siya overrated.

Cristine, on the other hand, was a nobody in Starstruck. Malay ko ba kung sino siya doon. Salamat na lang at marami siyang issues, dun pa nga siya sumikat, eh! So eversince, I really never liked her. Alam niyo ang mga katulad niya, sasabihin niyang, “Gusto ko talaga maging artista,” pero anong ginagawa!? Gumawa ng issues, like DUH!

Nakakahiya rin ‘yun, lalo na kapag nasa Korea ka (ask Roxyisferox with that fact!).

Mang-agaw ka lang ng lalaki para makilala

Pwet niyo! Mali kaya ‘yun!

Also, do you think you’ll still be venerated as such!? Not at all.

Siguro mag-duty na lang kayo sa beerhouse, doon pa kayo magkaroon ng kita!

Sana naman, hindi kayo maging makitid sa pag-iisip when you talk about celebrities. Mali ang mang-aagaw ng lalaki sa panahon ngayon. Trust me, napagdaanan ko rin ‘yan, and it is really stupid that I attempted to be a homewrecker. Please, people. Don’t think that being a “kabit” or “ahas” is GOOD.

That’s about it.