True Story: I was scammed by COCOLIFE

I just want everyone to know that I was scammed by Cocolife.

No, I can’t call that a scam–I think the tactics were rather scam.



So I drafted a letter of cancellation, then went back to the branch where I was scammed. ABA! Naka-leave pala iyung agent! So, I went back again the other day when I saw the agent who looks creepy as fuck. Wow, he looks as if he was drunk the other day, or has he ever taken drugs?

And then through E-Mail, I have kept in touch with the main branch to get an update regarding my cancellation status. Thank goodness, I got my refund back!

It took a long time before I have to cut my ties with Cocolife. Yes, that’s the ultimate goal I have to achieve.

When I got my refund check, wow, the cashier was actually in a resting bitch face mode! Naka-busangot, in short. I could still sense negative vibes from the branch, and not only that, I saw that creepy-looking guy who was “feeling close” to me. I went in immediately.

This was the only time I have experienced such traumatic event from a mall. I swore to myself, I won’t go there again without anyone beside me.

Truth to be told…

I was only window-shopping for the latest gadgets I could find, and then my only plan was to cross the boundary between Glorietta and Greenbelt, but I was in the WRONG floor level.

Gah. I should have had the nifty drive instead, and moved away.

Moral of the Story

Always have a companion with you, esp. when you’re in not-so-posh malls. Usually, scams often happen in malls that are not 5-star. You cannot encounter those scams in places like BGC, Greenbelt or Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Henares: Don’t have a PC to access the BIR website? ‘Pumunta ka sa Internet cafe.

HAHAHAHA… laklak ka na lang ng Milk Tea na may glutathione na nakahalo. LOL!

SHOTS FIRED by the QueenBeast

Photo courtesy of

From GMA Network:

As the April 15 deadline for income tax filings draws near, the BIR’s Electronic BIR Forms (eBIRForms) system—meant to facilitate the bureau’s transition to a paperless tax system—has been met with heavy criticism.
The agency acceded to pressure by issuing Memorandum Circular No. 18-2015, which deferred the filing of “No Payment” income tax returns to on or before June 15.
However, among other stringent requirements, the eBIRForms program can only be run on a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or higher. Other operating systems, particularly the older Windows XP or rival Mac OS are unsupported.
In a live interview on Unang Balita, BIR Commissioner Kim Henares brushed off compatibility complaints, saying that the majority of computers run Windows anyway.
“Pumunta na lang siguro sila sa Internet cafe. Kasi ang karamihan (ng tao) ay may Windows,” she said.

Seriously Kim, is that…

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Etiquette Lesson: Is it appropriate to ask a couple “Why don’t you have kids yet?”

Never insult a childless couple.

Ingrid Nieto


couples talking 2

Sure, this question can be masked with “concern” but really, their decision to have kids is none of anyone’s business. This is a common embarrassing question in Filipino social gatherings and I have seen how couples at the receiving end of the question squirm uncomfortably. See, the couple may actually want kids but may have some challenges reproducing. It isn’t their fault that they are experiencing that. Why add insult to injury by asking them a sensitive question?

On the other side of the spectrum, the couple may have that mutual decision not to have children. Again, their reasons are none of anyone’s business. Do not take it against them for it is their choice. Before anyone considers asking this question, I think it’s wise to consider:

  • Why must I ask this question? What is my motive?
  • Am I friends with the couple? Do they consider me as someone they can…

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Beauty is Relative–bakit, may kamag-anak ba ang byuti!?

#RealTalk on Kristine Hermosa and Song Hye-Kyo: They’ll lose their star factor if Natalia Poklonskaya, Katya Lischina and Sabina Altynbekova will become celebs instead of being an online sensation.

Da Adbentyurs of Senyor Komi

Like what I said on my Fashbook page:

Si Marian Rivera maganda siya sa Pilipinas, pero sa Spain… napaka-typical lang niya.

Okay, so you mean if Song Hye-Kyo and Kristine Hermosa are in Brazil (or South America/rest of Latin America) or in the Commonwealth of Independent States (e.g., Kazakhstan), they’re typical? Well, it’s possible. Anyways, kung naging artista lang sina Natalia Poklonskaya, Katya Lischina or Sabina Altynbekova (well, if they’re actresses instead of being in their current position/s), Hye-kyo noona and Tintin will be considered typical, and so does Ellen Adarna and Yui Aragaki–if you’re going to ask me. But still, at the end of the day, beauty is relative.

It’s no doubt that Song Hye-Kyo and Kristine Hermosa are the perfect faces in Asia, and it’s no doubt that many Filipinas are dying to look like them. But here’s one question: What if they instead are in the…

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Apologies for not being active in!

Hahahaha… before July starts, lemme tell you that I am finally going to… study again! Yay and boo, I know.

Funny that I am not as active compared when I was only starting to blog… at the year 2011. 2011 is my best and worst year, but AY 2011-2012 was the best ever. Don’t ask me why. (:

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Rihanna & Drake Finally Make Relationship Exclusive — Report

Yes! I vote for DRAKE for RiRi!

Hollywood Life

Rihanna and Drake seem to have finally found love, and this time it’s with each other. Multiple sources close to the couple revealed to that the two are finally exclusive.

Rihanna, 26, has finally found love in a hopeless place with Drake! A new report claims that the Canadian rapper and the island diva have finally made things official.

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