My Terrible Dream

So, my dream is about the Assuming Hypocrite. Don’t ask me who that person is. Like what I said, I don’t name-drop, ok?

Allow me to shit down my thoughts and read it.

I know, it’s weird, but that person showed some clues about me. BV naman talaga, oo. Parang tinatamaan pa ako, and worse, I’d say that I really feel insulted… tapos panaginip lang naman pala. Kairita lang.

Well, back to reality

Alright, the assuming hypocrite is about… err, someone who doesn’t preach the teaching this dude would deliver to the audience. I personally think that it’s really very much degrading if you find something more superior than what you teach, unless you’re making it easier. But in this case kasi, this dude’s sort of making the lessons hard (y’know that!? Nosebleed!?). Tell me how much would you want us to earn, pero hindi talaga kaya, eh. Why force them to make their noses bleed (whether literally or figuratively)?

‘Yung isa kong kakilala naman kasi, honestly that dude’s more approachable pa nga kesa sa binabanggit ko dito, eh. Yes, and they’re somehow related with one another, well… more than related. It was quite a shock since the one that I’m mentioning right here is somehow hindi tipong makakausap mo, but the other one naman kasi, mas okay pa siya. I really don’t know why, pero wala pa akong naririnig na comparison between the two.