Rants and Commentaries

What can I say about… the following?
Why is morality getting loose nowadays? Here’s your answer
I just want you to know…
Updates, once more, “you opened the door”
The 15th of January 2012 Episode on The Buzz: Thoughts
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The most famous Blue-A bloggers are criticized
Dear AA Klenk, ev’ryone still hates you!
A twelve-year old’s negative sentiment against UST
Felice Fawn’s statement about the difference between the two Testaments of the Bible
Why is life so unfair?
AA Klenk’s #1 On the List: Thoughts…
The similarities between Felice Fawn and AA Klenk
Arrogance will lead you to nothing
Nationalism as an alternative to the solution of the economic problems of the Philippines
At least you did your best, and you’re not desperate
Language is Culture: English vs. Filipino
The know-it-alls: Facts that you should know about them
Why I ended my friendship with my ex-best buddy
College Fair, SY 2011-2012
My very own version of “The Miseducation of the Filipino”
Felice Fawn Cult: Oh, no you don’t!
Don’t ever bring yourself into emotion
EDSA to be renamed as Corazon Aquino St./Ave.? The biggest and the sickest joke, again!
The biggest and the sickest joke ever!
Who was… Felice Fawn?
To continue or to officially “cut” my “relationship” to the guy whom I admire?
Now she’s really on the rocks 🙂
Why Julia Roberts (I mean, Boberts) is overrated
Why is the world so unfair?

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