I don’t like your FUQMAN. Does that make me an ELITIST!?

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Seriously, the latest I have received was… from my OYA, who was butthurt-defensive when I said, “Bobotante ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao sa senado.”

That being said, I am not an elitist. However, some might call me an ELITIST for calling Pacman voters, “BOBOTANTE.”

Hello! I am not even like Georgina Wilson, who called Erap voters, “f*cking idiots.”

At least, Erap had training–but still, I don’t like Erap as well.

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#Prangkahan: It’s time for the Filipino to STEP UP from their simple-minded comfort zones

Masato Sakai as the cynical and eccentric Atty. Kensuke Komikado

No one notices the most deserving person to go viral in cyberspace. Why is that so? Apparently, people explained that he won’t be as “good enough” as those attractive people whose looks became viral all over the internet.

Well, lemme tell you the truth: I live in the Philippines, and of course, natürlich, most of my friends on Facebook are Filipinos. Duh!

However, I still find it weird why in the world are Filipinos still not open-minded towards East Asian looks, to think naging patok nga ang Meteor Garden, tsaka sikat na sikat pa nga ang Hallyu craze sa Pinas.

Ironically, despite Filipino society’s narrow-mindedness towards East Asian looks, it promotes skin whitening and hair straightening. Also, they believe that you look automatically good, if only your skin texture saved it from making you “plain Jane,” and another fact? Being slender means, sexy.

…but another weird fact is this: Filipinos tend to be obsessed with Western looks. If you’re half-Filipino, and you look more Western than Asian, you’re automatically hailed as “divine.”

Even though the looks is just, “meh.”

Western looks, no offense, are too mainstream

You see them everywhere. Models. Endorsers. TV personalities. Celebrities. A lot more. Most of the time, if the endorser is WHITE, people tend to buy the product—as compared to an Asian endorser. It’s a great thing that TIME Magazine is addressing the issue of “white dominance” in the modelling industry. One comenntator said, “We have beautiful Chinese, Indians, and Malays. Why not use them? Why use someone with Western features, to endorse a product?”

Ironically, the Caucasian race, for most people, is the global beauty standard.

Hence, making it mainstream for many snobs, like me of course!

SOME TRUTH: Filipinos are simple-minded people

…and I hate it.

Honestly speaking, I am a snob (a complete snob, yes) to my own culture. No shitting, ngunit sobrang taas ng tingin ng mga Pinoy sa mga dayuhan, lalo na kapag Kanluranin ang hitzu. Apparently, I have grown tired of that sh*t. In fact, I hate it when Filipinos will only mingle with white people.

One of my aunt’s friends asked, “Why are there only a few white people in L.A.?”

…and she was expecting more white people in Los Angeles. Well sorry, America during the Obama regime was friendlier towards diversity. Here, many Filipinos are only fixated to white people, Christianity, and so-called “false conservatism,” which means that divorce should remain illegal, that the LGBT spreads venereal diseases, that boys will always be boys, and the victim is at fault when she gets raped… and other sorts of crap.

This kind of “prudeness” made Maria Ozawa curious about birth control in the Philippines. She thought, “So you guys don’t abort, right? Well, uhmmm… I actually had an abortion.”

Infairness, the Japanese and the Koreans are far more open-minded, as much as grey areas are concerned. It means that, they’re open to divorce and abortion, albeit not being open-minded towards the LGBT community.

Simple-minded, to the point that average-looking people could pass for “attractive,” if they only have aristocratic skin texture

Well, now you know why Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and Kitchie Nadal are attractive by Filipino standards? Apparently, their skin texture improved their “meh” looks. Kung ilagay pa siguro sila sa Korea, definitely hindi sila papasa. In Japan, they’ll be considered, “shibui.”

I know someone who is only pretty because of her skin texture. However, her looks are not aristocratic–actually, mukha lang siyang julalay ng mga pangalawang pinsan ko (well, my second cousins have more aristocratic features, albeit having a “loud” personality)–paumanhin naman sana kung mapanglait naman ang wika ko, ngunit sa totoo lang talaga, having nice facial features always beats a “meh” looks, who only becomes attractive because of the skin texture.

In fact, I saw a lot of Filipino-Chinese people being in the so-called “shibui” category.

…and it’s also weird that Melai Cantiveros is “attractive” to the typical Pinoy, to think that her looks aren’t aristocratic at all (puh-leeze! Siya kaya ang natitipuhan kadalasan ng mga puting foreynjer! Don’t me!).

Nakakatawa, actually. I dunno why, but I also find Song Hye-kyo’s looks quite plain–I find Sandara Park better-looking. Well, I have nothing against Jessie Han’s looks–it’s only that many find her attractive because she never went under the knife.

Also, heto pa ang nakaka-tawa: A lot of Filipinos who are not into K-Pop or Hallyu fandom would criticize Korean looks as “minikui” when not surgeried. Like, huh? I don’t think so, actually–in fact, typical Korean looks cannot be classified as “mukhang bayawak,” “hipon,” or “mukhang paa,” if without surgery. In fact, South Korean society tends to be superficial–hence, the inevitable “craze” on plastic surgery.

Like, really? Western looks is superior!?

Hell, no! In fact, Westerners nowadays are starting to embrace diversity–don’t you know that there’s a posing problem when portraying Asians in the Western world? Asian women tend to be objectified–portrayed as subservient, etc.

This makes me cringe, seriously. The never-ending debate when it comes to racial diversity still lingers up to this very day.

Filipinos are fixated to what is given to them

…in fact, this is true. Well, I could say this myself: Filipinos are AFRAID to experiment on things. In fact, I myself have this experience: Until now, I still cannot even mix watercolor paints with bizarre combinations. Hmmm… maybe it’s because I’m afraid that the outcome will be crappy as f*ck. LOL, no kidding there. In fact, the more dominant person usually gets the attention–and everyone would obey him.

Para lang masabi na “hindi ma-arte,” tsaka “walang ere,” well, lemme tell you this–SETTLE FOR MORE, but never force yourself to be TOP OF THE LINE. When I mean TOP OF THE LINE, it means, EXPERT LEVEL. It takes TIME and perseverance to be the top of the line… so if I were you, settle for something you deserve.

Filipinos are not yet open-minded towards the unknown

They’re only accepting towards what is actually familiar to them. Someone even said, even though Filipinos brag that they travel a lot, they’re still IGNORANT. Look at Filipino politicians–they studied abroad, but they’re not yet open-minded and tolerant. Well, I agree. My relatives in the United States are actually GUILTY of that. Once maka-tungtong lang sa Taté, instead of adopting the third-cultured mindset, nagiging arogante’t lumalaki ang ulo, and guess what, you won’t believe what I’m going to tell you: Their standards become lower, their taste are becoming poor and cheap, and lastly, they settle for less.

In other words, many ethnic Filipinos still cannot get the FUCK out of their comfort zones! Given, their passports are already POWERFUL.

In fact, my relatives are “feeling white.” They think and act like white people, and guess what? When they visit the Philippines, they belittle Asian culture. Now, that’s disgusting!

In addition, Filipinos are only fixated to America, the West, and the English language. Like, WHAT THE FUCK!? They make fun usually of different accents and of course, sometimes they mock different languages. HELL, this is UNACCEPTABLE in ALL ASPECTS!

Basta para sa kanila, sosyal ang Amerika, and not only that, for them, Hollywood is the most superior entertainment powerhouse in the world.

Have they ever forget Bollywood, the one that they’re also mocking?

In fact, Aamir Khan is stepping up from the game–he ensures that Bollywood movies are of high standards.

To answer the question, “What do you think about the entertainment industry in the Philippines?

From QueenBeast:

Whay can I say? Lack of fresh and original material, always formulaic, always cater to some stupid portion of the target market, does not focus on artistic value, and it seriously do not focus on the raw, genuine talent. Well, I am talking about the mainstream movie and music industry, and most of the works are not made with international standards while South Korea, India or even Thailand is able to do it.

I agree–in many aspects. I dunno, but I believe in these things:

a.) Filipinos are fixated to something they’re actually accustomed at.
b.) Like any other Asian cultures, Filipinos resist change. I agree.
c.) Filipino entertainment industry focuses on good looks without substance,

Also this:

xxx It is just that i think what happened to Koko was going overboard, while we Filipinos had the nerve to make ching-chong-ching-chong sound when they hear a group of Chinese/Koreans/Japanese people speaking their language, we all had the guts to make racial jokes on people of African race and the latest? Racial jokes on Mayweather (I hate Mayweather as well; even Angel Locsin got slammed on her Twitter for her alleged racial joke on Mayweather). Kung makapag-SUPOT at makapag-BAKLA ang mga Pinoy (especially MEN) sa mga Intsik/Hapon/Koreano, ang lutong, parang ikagaganda ng pagkalalaki nila ang pangsusupot at pangbabakla sa mga Intsik/Hapon/Koreano. Parang ang gwapo nila eh, ano?

Yeah, that’s what I hate about Filipino males… they think that East Asians are inferior, kesyo maputi’t wala sa kultura ang pagpapa-tuli, LALAITIN na nila kaagad!?

Don’t me with that! Magagalit si Senyor Komikado diyan!

#KomiSays: Kaya nagpo-promote ako ng harshtag na, #EastAsianMasterRace, para maging EMPOWERED naman ang mga singkit nating mga kapatid sa ibayong dagat! Feeling kasi ng mga Pilipino, ka-antas naman nila ang mga puti sa Amerika, which is hindi naman totoo. Sa totoo lang, mababa parin ang tingin sa mga Silangang Asyano, lalo na kapag third-world pa nga ang bansa nila (no kidding, ngunit kadalasan, sa mga THIRD-WORLD countries mo pa makikita ang high concentration ng mga magaganda’t gwapo–at least, sa Hilagang-Silangang Asya [日本語:東北アジア]).

Sa totoo lang talaga, kadalasan sa mga Pinoy na may lahing Kanluranin, mga arogante sila! Take for example: Andi Eigenmann, Jessy Mendiola, and Coleen Garcia. To be honest, kung arogante ang mga Latino, nature na nila iyun. However, sa mga di-Latino naman, ang asta naman, feeling superior, eh hindi naman sila pansinin sa ibayong Kanluranin… in fact, I admire Westerners, and Filipinos of Western descent who have a more Asian attitude.

If the Filipino bloodline will only be diluted with something, I prefer East Asian–not only East Asians are humble, they’re also honest about their flaws. Kaya tingnan niyo, mas respetado parin ang mga kapatid nating mga Silangang Asyano–usually kapag Westerner looks na Filipino, medyo mixed parin ang mga reactions.

Sadly, wide-reading isn’t really innate in the Filipino culture

QueenBeast’s reaction tho:

I understand that the students presented here DOES NOT represent the entire Philippine population but I am wondering what school are they from? As a matter of fact, some of them even replied this: WHITE AMERICAN MALES = GWAPO.

I did not finish the video because their responses make me cringe. Have these kids studied geography and culture of each country? I guess they simply merely memorized history books without further understanding.

While it is true that Chinese are stereotyped to be thrifty, but is this all that they know about China and Chinese? #AngTangaNaman!

Sometimes I wonder if they utilize internet properly, particularly Google, or they only know Facebook. I understand whatever the contraints they might have, but I simply could not stand how limited their knowledge is. For example:


Some answered America, or Australia or worse, Europe.

American film po ba ang Harry Potter? How long you guys have been living under the rock?!?!?!?!

I was in my late teens when Harry Potter was shown in the Philippines, and during that time, Google was not as multi-functional, I do not even HP books and that we do not have computer and internet at home, dial-up pa lang ang internet noon, kaya lang, that time, I already knew that HP is not American nor Australian.


United Kingdom is the next biggest entertainment producer next to USA. Also, only very few Australian/New Zealand films were shown in the Philippines in 1990s/2000s. Wala pang halos Japan or Korean wave nun around 2002 backwards. Kung hindi American or Hongkong films ang nasa foreign movie bucket ng Pinoy, movies ng United Kingdom, and distinguishable naman ang difference ng American and UK accent right?

As for hearing from friends… well, what kind of friends? Sometimes, it is not always great to rely from your fellow Filipino friends. Whether in real-life or cyberspace, it would be better if you interact with foreigners or immerse yourself in their culture.

I won’t care if most people will be angry to me for my arrogance. I am not bragging to be intelligent, but if I am on that video, my response will be faaaaaar different from them. Now that is how I get my facts straight!

Now that’s foreign knowledge 101 for you guys!

#KomiSays: ‘Teh, they come from the prestigious College of St. Benilde. HWAW! I KENNAT!

I cannot even believe that ang perception parin nila sa mga Intsik eh, “KURIPOT.” To tell you the truth, the Chinese are NOT even kuripot, if they know you well. It still depends on whom they interact with–generally, mas generous pa ang non-traditional conservative na Fil-Chi kesa sa pure traditional Chinese.

Given na magiging Chinese school na nga ang DLSU-M tsaka DLS-CSB, ha! I KENNAT (pa moar)!

But to be honest, someone told me that if you want to know the “stereotypes” of the Chinese based on ethnolinguistic group they belong, well, here:

Mandarin – academic-centered
Min nan – negosyante-centered
Cantonese – most Westernized of all ethnolinguistic groups

Well, may konting katotohanan ang mga stereotypes na iyan. First and foremost, Mandarin speakers tend to excel academically like the rest of the East Asians, but the Min nan speakers tend to focus on entrepreneurship. I agree. It is evident not only in the Sinosphere, but also in Chinese-speaking communities in Southeast Asia. Look at the Thai-Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, the Filipino-Chinese, and the Indonesian Chinese–most of them would be the top-of-the-line businessmen–or in other words, the VIP. Kaya mga kuripot kadalasan ang mga Intsik ay dahil rooted na sa kultura nila ang value of money. In fact, the Filipino-Chinese are better off as entrepreneurs of their own–it is evident that most of our influencers online are Filipino-Chinese.

So, this sums up Bobbi Tiglao’s point on why mas marami pang Chinese kesa sa native na Pinoy ang ruling class–and in addition, the Filipino-Chinese would usually associate themselves with China, more than the Philippines. Itanong niyo lang iyan kay Manong F. Sionil Jose.

Well, with the rest of QueenBeast’s rant, pasintabi lang ha, ngunit MURA lang naman po ang WORLD MAP. May Google Maps naman, why not maximize its features? At least, EASY ACCESS na lang ang location ng bawat bansa–and you’ll know each country’s geopolitical history pa nga, eh!

Ganyan ba ka-DEFEATIST ang mga Pinoy!?

Itanong lang natin si mareng MSP.

Sadly, the Philippine education system has FAILED us… or WE (might) have failed them

In fact, there are no qualified teachers who would help us understand WORLD HISTORY. Oha, kaya pala maraming mga elitistang nangangapa parin sa KASAYSAYAN, kung hindi lang LOGIC ang weakness nila. To be honest, if you HATE the Marcoses simply because of MARTIAL LAW, to be honest, you won’t understand until you READ UP the entire COLD WAR. In fact, the Cold War is one of the most important key events in world history. If you don’t want to believe me, then READ any world encyclopedia or any HARD-BOUND book that is about world history. That’s what I did it. Not only that, I also immersed myself in the Russian culture–because during that time, I was interested in learning their military system, and of course, the Soviet era.

The popular kids in high school + the elitists are… shallow and superficial.

Yeah, sobrang shallow and superficial to the point that they only familiarize themselves with local and WESTERN entertainment. Kaya tingin ko, pagdating nila sa Japan, marami silang na-miss out–they failed to watch ANIME.

Side Note: Anime is actually a primer towards the Japanese culture. However, lemme tell you this: Not everything you see in anime could happen in real life.

To be honest, before you travel to EAST ASIA, better watch anime or J-Drama if you’re going to Japan–and if you’re visiting South Korea, better familiarize yourself with the classics: Dae Jang Geum, Jumong, and Hwang Jin-i. That way, you’ll get a more cultural feel of what Korea is about.

#KomiSays: To be honest, speaking of Chinese culture, hindi mo na kelangang manood ng Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, o ‘di kaya The House of Flying Daggers (well, to be honest I never watched those movies YET)–dahil sa totoo lang naman po, ramdam mo naman ang kulturang Tsino sa Pinas. So, why the need to watch Chinese movies if you could feel the culture itself in your homeland? In fact, malakas ang Chinese influence sa iba’t-ibang bahagi ng Asya–in fact, sometimes we associate everything Chinese with Buddhism–to think that Buddhism originated in South Asia (apparently, Siddharta Gautama would have been a third-cultured person if he lived in the modern-day world).

I would like to tell everyone the state of education in the Philippines: It is fixated to books, and out-of-class learning isn’t actually encouraged. Kaya pala, ang mga nagiging honor student nowadays, mga elitista parin naman.

LEGIT intelligent people do not have to be grade-conscious, actually. Besides, those who are grade-conscious are not as intelligent as you think they are.

In other words, these elitists still cannot even read or be familiar with a SIMPLE, and CHEAP WORLD MAP!

Also, Social Studies subject in Philippine high schools, to be honest, teaches ignorance and bigotry. Kaya pala ako, nagka-grade ng 96 nung first quarter nung second year, eh!

For me, that’s a simple achievement–but that’s because masyadong trivial ang mga lessons that time. Memorization of facts–even though there’s no need to analyze why things are like that, and a lot more. To be honest, this is insane–getting high grades because of pure memorization alone won’t even progress someone’s well-being.

To be honest, if you want to travel and get yourself familiar with cultures, I suggest you read the history books that are provided in your home. Also, LISTEN to the most popular and influential historians. If they have biases, well, it’s all up to you whether or not you’ll believe their narratives.

The elitists keep on dominating and imposing standards… which you MUST resist

Not everything the shittakaburi and the elitists impose to you… are always RIGHT and ACCURATE. In fact, the sad reality of world history is this: “History is written by the victors.”

True enough. That’s why, to be honest, Philippine history sucks. I won’t ever retract those words at all.

Kaya pala hindi mabitay-bitay si Trillanes tsaka pinupuri palang “BAYANI” si Ninoy, kahit sa totoo lang naman, marami siyang nagawang PAHAMAK sa bayan natin.

Anong, “Ninoy is a hero, Cory is a saint”? Huwag ako! I am not saying that the Marcoses are heroes and saints–ang “alitan” kuno ng mga Marcos vs. Aquino, eh nadamay lang din naman ang sambayanang Pilipino, eh. Well, guess what? Ang common ground lang naman kasi ng alitan nila ay heto: ANG WARRING CLAN na Cojuangco (OO NA, puno’t dulo lang naman ng estado ng Pinas ang alitan ng mga Cojuangco).

Why warring clan?

Kung “warring” family ang Barretto, SOWS! Wala pa nga ang alitan nila sa alitan ng mga COJUANGCO, which is still existing up to now. Hanggang ngayon, hindi parin magkakasundo ang partido nila Danding, tsaka ang mga Dilawan.

O ayan ha, ngayon at alam niyo na kung bakit THIRD-WORLD country parin ang Pilipinas, bukod pa sa 60/40 restriction na iyan (which is the “Filipino First Policy,” na elitista lang naman ang nakikinabang).

To be honest with all of you, that’s Modern Philippine History 101 to ALL OF YOU.

But sometimes… the LOYALIST lived with their “LOYALISM”

…and that is prudeness.

Wonder why some parents will forbid their children to watch anime? Oh, I remember when Voltes V was banned because Marcos accepted someone’s suggestion to ban it. That conservatism was the conservatism of PRUDENESS… it means that, this led to our old folks being fixated to what is professed unto them.

Sucks, right?

They laugh at the Japanese culture, kesyo liberated daw–when in fact, Japan won’t be a POWERHOUSE for nothing. Also, infairness to the Japanese, they apologize for the atrocities during the second World War, which the Americans, until now, couldn’t do.

Now, there’s the CONFLICT between the liberal elites versus the prude conservatives–extremes won’t work–and each side tends to be abusive power-trippers at the same time.

So, they’re no different from one another.

Simple-mindedness, shallowness and superficiality in the Philippines: The root cause of crab mentality

There are reasons why the elitists are shallow and superficial people: They’re only fixated to something that’s given to them… they do not get the fuck out of their comfort zones.

However, not everyone who are shallow and superficial people are elitists. Some of ’em are really, not elitists, but they’re simple-minded. I dunno, even their academic performances won’t be convincing to me–esp. when they use their logic.

Call me arrogant for bashing simple-minded people, however, the social gap widens simply because of conflicting interests between the two parties. Oh, latest case in point?

Oh, it’s Prof. Antonio Contreras’s article about the elitists RANTING about the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Notable excerpts:

And when Mocha Uson was asked to promote the Festival as its ambassador, not a few raised their eyebrows. After all, it is hard to decouple Mocha from what the elitists derisively label as the unthinking masses which she commands in social media. Mocha allegedly represents the unsophisticated classes that in past MMFF have enriched the pockets of Regal and Star Cinema. This is the class that laughed at the inanities of Vice Ganda, were mesmerized by the magical world of Vic Sotto in “Enteng Kabisote,” screamed in fear at the predictable horror in the nth installment of the pseudo-immortalized “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” and cried and commiserated with the formulaic drama of movies like ‘Mano Po.”

But for the elitists to hold this view simply reeks of arrogance. In doing so, they assault the ordinary Pinoy.

At least, the quality of films in MMFF is simply put, improved. To be honest, I would like to see “Die Beautiful,” simply because makeup guru Paolo “Pochoy” Ballesteros is the main protagonist, and speaking of the mainstream-ish films that didn’t make it? SET THEM ASIDE.

Besides, these elitists are all-knowing (shittakaburi in Japanese, and Besserwisser auf Deutsch), but to be honest, they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

But for the elitists to hold this view simply reeks of arrogance. In doing so, they assault the ordinary Pinoy.

…and before the elitists will call the Class D and E as “BOBOtante,” why not read the excerpt from this piece, “The truth about the elites and elitism“:

…and as a matter of fact, nasa ELITISTA naman talaga ang tunay na BOBOtante (oh guys, I recommend you read Senyor Komikado’s blog–he’ll discuss about the elitists being the real BOBOtantes). Maa-ari ko pang sabihing mga bobotante talaga ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao, but I cannot say the same towards those who voted for BongBong Marcos as their vice-president.

xxx but as the old adage goes, “Nothing beats the word of mouth.”

To be honest, the elitistas are the REAL and LEGIT bobotantes. Ang boboto sa mga Dilawan ay mga tunay na BOBOtante iyan. In fact, mas TUNAY pa nga tsaka hindi puro fashion statements lang sa trabaho ang mga “butt-of-all-jokes” na sina Nancy Binay, Cynthia Villar, Lito Lapid, and of course, the lovable Dick Gordon. I cannot say the same towards Manny Pacquiao since despite his philanthropic work, it still does not make him qualified as a senator. Nakaka-bobo lang iyung “…sisipain na lang ang upuan” sa pagbabalik ng parusang kamatayan, ta’s gagawin pang batas ang “National Bible Day.”

#KomiSays: PUKING INA NAMAN, OH! Kung sino pa nga ang butt of all jokes, sila pa ang no-nonsense pagdating sa trabaho. Imagine, solons Nancy Binay and Cynthia Villar, respectively, abstained and refused to block the Marcos burial. Well, as much as I am not a supporter of theirs, but to be honest, at least they respect the rule of law, to think Binay is unexperienced and incompetent before running for senate, and Villar made a cringe-worthy statement regarding Filipino nurses–which she didn’t even kept track at, was a mishap.

Maraming paring mga elitistang UTO-UTO sa mga pulitikong puro pangako, eh perwisyo din naman sa bayan. Totoo iyun. In fact, those who they accused as “BOBOtante” are often the ones who will eventually vote for BongBong Marcos as the vice-president.

Tanong ng mga elitista, “Ano bang MERON kay BongBong Marcos na wala kay Leni Robredo?”

The answer: BongBong Marcos is pure business, while Robredo is pure fashion statements. I’m sure magagalit na naman ang mga elitista sa’kin, but their shallowness and superficiality only makes me think that they’re supporting NECRO-politics.

Totoo naman, eh. Ayaw daw nila kuno sa necro-politics, but the same people voted for NoyNoy after Cory passed away from colon cancer… and now, they voted for Leni Robredo because they say that, she’s living the late Jesse Robredo’s policy.


Kaya pala, tokshet lang din ang mga elitista sa mga ordinaryong Pinoy. Puro fashion statements ang mga elitista, kaya pala, kung anong pinagsasabi nila kay MSP dati na “KSP,” walang class atsaka breeding,” tsaka lastly, “BALIW.” Don’t they realize that what they stone to MSP, actually reflect themselves?

Naa-apakan kasi ang pride nila, kaya ayan. No one will ever sympathize with them. Kung “Pakyu Marcos” tsaka “UKINAM Marcos” lang pala ang nasa placard nila, bansagan niyo naman ng “PUQUINO” or “FUCKquino.” That way, “Puquino” and “Fuckquino” will be more popular and more convincing than the “Pakyu Marcos” and “Ukinam Marcos.”

Bumabalik naman sa mga elitista ang mga pinagsasabi nila sa mga tipikal na Pinoy. In fact, these elitistas are now being the butt of jokes for not knowing basic survival skills–and they’re often stereotyped for their CUNT language–which is COÑO.

BWAHAHAHAHA! It’s only right to call their so-called “dialect” as, “COÑO.”

Martin Andanar is RIGHT: The anti-Marcos are temperamental BRATS

Hindi lang spoiled brat, mga PALAMUNIN pati. Remember, these elitists PROMOTE crab mentality–due to their shallowness and superficiality.

I remember when my elitist blockmates actually insulted the typical Tondo resident, mocking them with the “skwating” attitude.

Hello, you’re in CWTS–‘tang ina, I still do not know if they GREW THE FUCK UP already, but from what I recall, the “high school brats” that was described upon them stayed true. In fact, one of our professors said, “Huwag nga kayong elitista diyan!” He knew better.

That’s tough love 101, to be exact.

I think, the elitists deserve to be ruled with an iron fist. OHA, para hindi na sila mamimihasa.

…and the bullying to Sandro Marcos with regards to his Rogue One statement? WHAT!? That’s a fake Twitter account.

The elitists want to have a president that is both of the firmness and stringency of Lee Kuan Yew, with the compassion of Justin Trudeau–but they cannot see it in President Duterte.

Crab mentality parin, huh?

In fact, these elitists are ANTI-FILIPINO. They should go abroad and acquire permanent residency, or even citizenship–to live their comfortable lives as PALAMUNIN parin. Seriously, the ordinary Filipino is sick and tired of their so-called “First-world problems.”

To find out more, better read the piece, “The truth about the elites and elitism.”


I think, you better read the blog posts of Senyor Komikado, regarding elitism. That way, you’ll understand how this made the Filipino mindset stagnant until now… I guess?

#KomiSays: Better step up from the game.

[Correction: Sen. Nancy Binay abstained from voting against the Marcos burial, while Cynthia Villar refused the motion against the burial.]

My thoughts about Lovi Poe’s sexy shoot…

(Originally drafted on July 12, 2013)

Thanks FP for the photo.

I don’t see anything wrong with Lovi Poe’s pose here, but what most people pinpoint is no other than her skin color(!?).

As much as I do find Lovi “dirty-looking,” at least here, she does not look as if she didn’t take a bath. In fact, walang sinabi si Kitchie kay Lovi (big, dark eyebags plus high cheekbones will only make you more like Morticia Addams, and I don’t think big and dark eyebags rin si Lovi). Recent photos show that Lovi could still look clean with the right hairstyle, right clothes and the right makeup. Thing is, her face shape is just ruining everything.

Speaking of Filipino beauty standards, why do they think of Lovi Poe as “dirty-looking”? Granted, she’s not even that good-looking ever since she lost a few pounds, but I was wondering why people think that she looks like as if she’s not taking a bath?

I bet she’s really a low-maintenance person.

If she’s low-maintenance, eh ‘di wala pala siyang sinabi kay Solenn. Solenn may also be low-maintenance, but why does she look clean and let’s say, high maintenance?

Solenn is an epitome of what we call it as God-given. Whether she has makeup or wala, she’s really very beautiful, and she’s really a goddess. However, there are speculations that she’s not pretty in person. Hmmm… but I don’t think she’s ugly, too. For me, Solenn is effortlessly beautiful, and same goes with Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera.

Lovi Poe’s skin color makes her a goddess. Ang shape lang talaga ng face niya, masyadong matulis.

She also explained where she got her dusky complexion:

“I look like my dad,” she agrees. “But I don’t know where I got my morena complexion. Maybe it’s from swimming. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved swimming.”

Hmmm… I saw her mom Rowena Moran’s photograph where she used to be morena as well. I don’t think the mom was fair-skinned before, so yeah. I think she got her dark skin from her mother.

She’s very lucky to be proud of her dark skin, probably because she wants to have an identity of her own. Heck, I am not a fan of hers, but I used to be one when she was only starting her career. She was very pretty, not until she became a high-maintenance freak.

However, I do find her prettier than Kitchie Nadal. No idea why. I think that’s because of her charm and charisma that makes her stand out from the rest of the fair-skinned actresses that we know in Philippine showbiz. Also, hindi ako fan ng napakalaking eyebags, na magmukha kang binugbog. Deep-set rin ang eyes ni Lovi, but at least she does not have this bagong-gising eyebags. When you see them like waking up in the morning, I bet Lovi won’t look sabog.

When she does everything sexy, she does not even objectify herself. Like, come on. Wholesome parin ang peg ni Lovi even though she’s posing sexy for magazine shoots.

Thanks FP for the photo.

Despite lacking boobs and ass, she’s sexy for me. At least kahit papano, when it comes to lovelife, she knows how to handle herself very well, unlike the other overrated celebs who do nothing to flash their bodies in a wrong way.

Dark skin = DIRTY!? I don’t think soooo…

I know some you think that I am very proud of being “brown,” but actually, it’s the opposite. If I didn’t let’s say, had a crush on this popular kid, I would have very proud of being dark, and at the same time I would have been swimming more and more. I tan easily, and that’s one of the things that I really don’t like about myself, actually. However, for Lovi, it’s a blessing towards her. People who tend to be fair-skinned at their infancy to their toddler years easily get darker. Same with Alessandra. I’ve seen Alex’s photos and whoa… she only got her bronze when she came here in the Philippines.

What Alessandra and Lovi had in common aside from their brown skin is that, they refuse to have a boobjob and securing a Nicki Minaj ass (hahaha, why not J-Lo!? After all, J-Lo is very down-to-earth when it comes to her butt. Meanwhile, Beyonce and Kim K spend their time flaunting their ass!). However, if let’s say, they’re skinny, small-chested but has a nice ass, I would go for it. After all, mas fan pa ako ng payat na katawan, small-chested pero malaki ang booty. Toni Gonzaga is one example.

Well, dahil hindi ko masyadong type ang mga mala-European Caucasian na lalaki (hahaha, I only had a few Caucasian celebrity crushes, and it’s only Jesse McCartney, Alex Pettyfer and Daniel Radcliffe that attracted me), I was more into Asian guys. While Asian guys attract me, mas lalo naman kapag halfie ka.

Pero it’s kinda true when Asian guys will be very particular about Filipino beauty standards. Ang mas gentleman pa ang hindi gaanong particular sa beauty standards:

Wala kang ipinagiba sa karamihan ng Chinese dito sa Hong Kong. ayaw sa mga brown or dark skin people dahil sa kanila marumi. Ang bababoy naman. At least si Lovi isa na lang sa very few celebrities na hindi lumalaklak ng Gluta.

One reason why I don’t like to date chinito-looking guys is because they prefer someone who is also Chinese-looking. Yes, they think that when you are “exotic” to them, they will think that you come from a plebeian status, you are not “burgeoise” enough (funny but true) and the worst? Kat Viola agreed with one of my posts:

East Asian beauty pala sinusundan natin tapos pinagtatawanan ng ibang shallow people yung mga East Asian stars dahil sa false pride at double standards. Tsk… Tsk…. Shallow people need to dig deeper than the beauty or status of the person.

I think my first crush at school was too shallow, to think that if you’re dark-skinned, curly-haired (I have to say this, he has fans who are dark-skinned and/or not-so straight-haired, but he would rather choose a mestiza or a chinita)–he won’t notice you. Ang mga nakakatuluyan niya ay kung sino pa ang maputi lang. Ironically, crush niya pala si Cass Ponti, so I had this mentality na “Mahilig pala siya sa maitim ah, okay, magpapaitim na lang ako haha!”

I don’t really know why people think that if you look East Asian, then you’re attractive kaagad? Honestly, kung hindi lang sumikat ang F4, malamang we would have been using digi-perm, and shampoo commercials will always remain as a strategy to convince us that “this shampoo is nice!” (Meteor Garden really shoved to us the ideal beauty coming from the Chinese just because of being over-hyped)

Ironically, women with East Asian features really wished to have thinner lips, longer lashes and double eyelids. As much as they’re blessed with good keratin buildup (yes, healthy skin is equal to healthy hair) and faster and stronger metabolism, they’d rather be Western-like.

Actually, I would rather be myself and enhance my features if I’m not in the Philippines. I would be much happier if I live in the US since individualism is really encouraged there, and even though they think that tan is “in,” they don’t really mind about any person’s skin tone. They won’t really view pale-skinned women as “ugly,” but rather they won’t be too attracted.

What’s so fucking wrong about Lovi Poe’s skin color? And her cheekbones!?

Call Lovi Poe UGLY just because she is dugyutin with her skin color and “mukhang bungo” because of her cheekbones, but nevertheless, I do not find her UGLY in some way. Personally, I really do not find her THAT attractive since she’s too skinny for my taste–but I do find her more attractive than any other mestiza with fair skin but with common, ordinary-looking features. Come on, hypocrite FP readers, just because Lovi Poe isn’t WHITE-SKINNED like her mother won’t make you look squeaky clean! Man, I just tend to cringe if people lambast a fair-skinned, Caucasian-looking mother having a dark-skinned, kinky-haired and Malay-looking (or African-looking) son/daughter. Well, you may think that I am being brutally frank right here, since I was like you guys as well–and until now, I still am (TBH, I do prefer G Toengi over Donita Rose mainly because G and I share the same standards–and guess what? Maganda ang combination niya with her husband, as compared to Donita’s, but that does not mean I am against Donita). However, who am I to judge someone who is a WHITE mother with a dark-skinned child? Actually, for the fair-skinned women, having a dark-skinned child is considered a trophy for them (ask Gretchen Barretto and Lucy Torres! They really think that dark men make better children! HAHA!), while a typical Filipina with typical Filipina features (yep, the exotic-looking one like Melai–don’t tell me I am again being tactless! There’s nothing wrong to be frank and honest here!) thinks that having a Caucasian-looking kid (whether it’s a boy or a girl) is a trophy to them. Kaya mapapansin ninyo, baligtad ang mundo. Such for instance, an exotic-looking Filipina woman having a halfie-looking kid. Actually, malakas talaga ang dugo ng tatay, so if you hypocrite guys want to marry someone, better find a white guy (the James Franco type!) or a Japanese guy (again, not being racist, but I really do find Japanese men of pure and mixed blood attractive MINUS the vanity) if you want to IMPROVE your race. Well, between white versus Japanese, I choose the latter–just in case people will tease me again for not improving my race, if I am actually doing it.

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We need more reforms in the education system in the Phils!

Found these answers in japinoy.com forums…

maakusutipen-san said:

IMHO, it is a combination of work ethic, national policies, and general circumstance. Its too long winded and complicated to dissect. We are just living the consequences of our forefathers’ actions.

Their system really leads into memorization but at least everyone gets “free and compulsory” education up until highschool.

I am not sure about what is our case in the Philippines. I know it is “free” but not “compulsory”. That is the sad case. Plus, no offense intended to public schools, some are really sacrificing the quality of education because of so many factors to mention.

At least there I think that education manuals as well as curriculum is strictly monitored by the Ministry of Education.

But in my experience, memorizing basic facts is highly appreciated. It will eventually lead you into critical thinking. Its like having a solid foundation into a making a building.

My only real tangible complain is our curriculum here in the Philippines. In the first few years of college, we still need retake whatever we took in HighSchool and Gradeschool as well. And what is worse, it is all “basic”!!! I mean why do we even have basic algebra again in college?!? Other countries dont have any trace of those subjects when you reach college.

There should be a overhaul in our education system in that aspect. I know its harder for the kids but they will eventually appreciate it.

By their highschool system you will be getting the “hard and complete” introduction courses to more advance fields of Science and Math, like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Trigonometry, Calculus and stuff. Those subj though pain are really gauges on what field you have an affinity for. Here, it is not really a thorough survey of these subjects. You get to repeat it in college once more but taking what you are supposed to had taken back in HS.

That is my take on that issue.

fujiringo-san said:

I agree. The educational system here in RP is a ‘repressive’ one. It never gives room for others to succeed or have a second chance in exceling.

Here, we are asked to memorize too but how long can we store in our minds what we’ve memorized? Teachers only give a short span of attention on a certain something before proceeding to another one. The Japanese students memorize because they know they’ll be needing it when they grow up. Filipino students memorize only because they need to pass the subject.

I came from a public high school and I felt really sorry for the state of our education. Nevermind the old classrooms and chairs, it’s the human resource that must be overhauled. Attitude and motivation are the true keys to success. I never believed in what’s written on my report cards. Those are just merely numbers used by our teachers to judge our performances. We know ourselves and we know where we can really excel.

Sa ibang bansa, kahit mga high school graduates lang or hindi na nakatapos ng pag-aaral, binibigyan ng chance na magtagumpay sa field na gusto nila. Suportado pa sila ng gobyerno nila at ng mga civic groups. Eh dito, may diploma ka na nga, kung hindi ka naman galing sa kilalang school eh mamatahin ka pa. That’s how superficial we are. At kung hindi ka nakatapos ng pag-aaral, hahayaan ka na lang na mabulok.

If the government is planning to add middle school in our system, I’m willing to support it. Napapagiwanan na talaga kasi tayo. In middle school , we can all have those basic, so-called ‘general education’ subjects in college. In high school, there we can master the higher levels of our subjects. And finally in college, we can master our own craft.

I agree with fujiringo-san. The educational system in the Philippines is how Albert Einstein exactly describes it.

Also, I do support the K-12 system. It is really a good way for high school graduates to get a job. Dito lang talaga sa Pilipinas ang superficial at matapobre ang standards, well, compared to other countries.

I know that some of my co-interns during OJT were at least, better than me.

Blame it on limited job creations. That’s usually the excuse of some companies who think that “Ah, ganito. Dapat Big 4 lang, ah?” For me, even though I am graduating from DLSU, when I started my OJT, at least I have applied what I have learned and at the same time I knew to myself that my co-interns who came from non-Big 4 schools have a better direction than mine.

Even my gay buddy said that “Bakit sikat ang Miriam College, St. Paul Pasig, Assumption?” Again, people may insist that it still depends on the student, but ask him and he will disagree. Even DLSU has its own flaws–it does not give ample generosity to most introverts who are willing to be on the Dean’s List, unless masipag lang talaga sila (well, slackers not allowed to be DL unless they’re just lucky). Also, you need the right set of friends in order to maintain your grades. Therefore, in college, the concept of “it’s in the student” applies–to some extent. Crab mentality and nega vibes are also rampant in DLSU since competition is also rampant, and the only way you could get a 3.0 as your GPA is the number of friends you get in order to help you with your homework (not joking about this one). In Japan and in the US, it’s different. You are given more room to excel, and there are reasons why there are Filipinos who study abroad rather than in the Philippines–they’re not as superficial when it comes to track record, credentials and also, if you come from a not-so famous school, you’re going to be interrogated.

Usually, Filipino students who come from abroad are given MORE chances to excel because educational system overseas is much, much better–so they’re lucky, unlike in the Philippines, introverts are not given enough chances to express themselves, even in college. Actually, the only way introverts could excel is to interact with students who have a different degree program or other batches who would accept them (in my own experience, it’s a matter of luck that I got a grade of 3.0 and above if I’m with a group that comes from different degree programs, and at the same time from different colleges–dapat hindi nega vibes rin ang mararanasan mo). What hinders an introvert to excel with or without effort are the dominant population–and those are know-it-alls who often contribute to crab mentality, people with a diva, matapobre and prima donna attitude, well, several factors that would actually hinder them to express themselves–which are often made fun by the dominant group.

S’yempre, crab mentality, hindi ba? If there are good reforms in the educational system of the Philippines, it will lessen the number of know-it-all people who contribute to crab mentality and also, it will also oppress them at the same time. Remember what I said, the ideal society is when know-it-alls will be more oppressed and introverts will be given special treatment. I do not ask for perfection, but I do ask for compatibility–high school should be more focused on academics, and not on good looks. In my own experience, you have to be good-looking in high school since popularity will alleviate all your burdens (follow the beauty standards and you’re okay). However, if you don’t do this, then you’re left behind. Ganyan ka-superficial ang high school if the society of your high school and your family background isn’t compatible with one another.

Until now, it’s still the good looks, face value and assets that dominate the Philippine society–even in the music industry, it’s not spared. Even in the entertainment industry, it’s also rampant, even though Japan also has this kind of standard.

After all, fitting in is about following the beauty standards set by the Filipino society. That’s how you’ll be accepted, whether if it’s false acceptance or not, for as long as you feel like yourself.

However, the truth is: Fuck society!

Making friends with fellow Filipinos abroad: Beneficial or a huge dilemma?

I don’t think it’s a problem, but when it comes to racial discrimination abroad, Pinoys should never complain about it because they could actually speak it out loud that there is still such thing as crab mentality. They will pull your down once more because of jealousy and too much pride. There was just one forumer who shared that a Korean friend (probably) asked about the arrogance of Filipino people.

Seems legit, isn’t it?

I also think that their comments are agreeable when it comes to making friends with foreigners–at least foreigners won’t tolerate know-it-all mentality and attitude at the same time, which Filipino people usually manifest during conversations.

If I were in another country I would still open doors to make friends with Filipino people, but I would be more careful. Again, I’m not making any hasty generalization of Filipino people abroad/OFWs, but if I want a healthier relationship, I’d rather be picky.

This video shows the dilemma of hanging out with Filipino people abroad. Sometimes, they would actually be know-it-alls and commit crab mentality, so that they’ll think that they’re more superior than anyone else, in other words, payabangan ng gamit.

If someone is quite vocal about their stuff or things, s’yempre, maraming magre-react niyan. Also, most know-it-all people will really notice and pinpoint your ugliness as a sign of superiority complex. Bakit, does it make you more beautiful? Well, it makes you more annoying as hell since you think that whatever Filipino beauty standards dictates, it’s always right, moral and just.

What right, moral and just? HAHAHA, do you think it’s also correct to admire some foreign celebrity who shows a diva attitude during interviews? Well, you’d rather watch rude interviews by celebrities on local TV shows (or TFC in particular!) towards Asian celebrities. So como’t Kano na ang bastos, ‘yun pa ang tinitingala? Tapos ayos lang rin i-market ang mga Asian celebs in a mocking manner? Hmmmm…

Arrogance is deeply rooted in the Filipino society. No wonder, not all races and nationalities admire Filipino people. Yes, I have to admit that I also have that kind of syndrome, but since the Philippines is a know-it-all friendly where the Dunning-Kruger effect is rampant, it does not give room for people who are not really into socializing. Ayos lang sana kung know-it-all oppressive pa ang ‘Pinas niyan, asenso pa tayo niyan!

Let’s face it: Know-it-all people contribute to crab mentality, while some people defend the term as “helping one another” in the original context. Kung tama ang kabilang kampo, “detraction” is the more correct term. Dito magaling ang mga Pinoy. Even on the Internet, they will become haters of their own selves, because they think that it’s better to be kiss-ass to anything Western than to embrace being Asian, although this also happens in other countries. However, if I were to compare the Philippines to other countries, at least kahit they like anything Western, they still love and help one another, and the true concept of Bayanihan can be found in these countries. I hope Filipino people would do the same as well, whether in the Philippines or abroad.

I hope my fellow Filipino people will take this post constructively. Again, I’m not being racist/ethnicist to my own.