Senyor Komikado has lately been ranting on bobotantes and telebasuras…

But that doesn’t stop there. Mocha Uson has recently been appointed as the assistant secretary to the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). Surprising, huh? Well, NO.

It’s not surprising, esp. if the current administration completely supports democracy and freedom of speech. Heck, even trolls, bloggers, and even Facebook pages are competing with traditional journalists.

That’s the biggest threat, at least, for the Yellows.

However, Senyor Komikado has lately been posting his tirades against the entertainment industry. Like for instance, “anyone can be an artista” for sure.


“Iyung mga tiga-suporta ni Mocha Uson at kay Katay Dugong, mga bobotante naman iyan na mahilig sa mga TELEBASURA!”

Eh sino kaya sa inyo ang malakas umasta na parang fantard ng telebasura? At sino po ang tunay na bobotante, ah? Tandaan ninyo, nasa elitista parin ang tunay na bobotante. Sabihin nating bobotante parin ang mga bumoto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao (well, this is where I completely agree with Komi), but these supporters are the ones who love telebasuras so much, they don’t even explore other TV channels.

I don’t think, the elitistas are fans of telebasuras. SUS! Iyung mga artista nga na estudyante ng mga sosyaling pamantasan, ordinaryong tao lang po sila sa loob ng campus. In fact, to paraphrase Komi, mas sikat tsaka mas rockstar parin ang mga ATLETA. Also, take note, mas mataas parin ang antas ng mga ATLETA kesa sa mga artista.

#KOMISAYS makes a comeback on this blog!

Nakalipas ang mga taon, bumukod na sa wakas si Senyor Komikado rito. Para sa kanya, heto lang ang tanging paraan upang maihayag niya ang sarili niyang mga saloobin… sa pamamagitan ng WordPress. Higit sa lahat, tingin niya eh dapat lang siyang bumukod ay dahil na rin, nakakahiya naman kapag makita niya ang sarili niya na palamunin lang siya sa isang blog. ETCHOZ!

Speaking of Senyor Komikado, here are the things he has been ranting recently…

Parehas lang din na bobotante ang mga prudista, bukod pa sa elitista. In fact, what’s the purpose of your Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)-accredited license if you voted for Sotto or Fuckman? In my point of view, these kinds of people are SCUMS in my eyes. They shall NEVER EVER be allowed to breed, to quote Marlene Aguilar. Prude conservatives can be as bobotante as the liberal elites, because voting for Drilon and Trillanes is similar to voting for Sotto and Fuckman.

The prude conservatives also have a serious problem, esp. when it comes to critical and logical thinking skills. If the elitistas are bobotante, the prude conservatives are also NO DIFFERENT. Remember when I ranted about the Marcos and Duterte supporters who believed in Pacman as the “senator who must not be underestimated.” If I ranted about Manny Pacquiao, that’s because at the first place, he does not deserve to be a senator! Making him a senator only means that there are many Filipino people who are STUPID ENOUGH to vote for someone who isn’t qualified in the senate at the first place. Partida, Pacman approved of the Liberal Party horde to be removed from their committee chairmanships, but that’s his fucking job, you know. What’s something to laud there, eh?

I do understand Komi’s disgruntlement regarding these Sotto and Pacman supporters. Look, the more you watch TELEBASURAS, the more you believe that Titosen and Fuckman are qualified enough to become senators. It’s like justifying that the “PWEDE NA IYAN” mentality is completely part of the Filipino culture. PUNYETA naman oh!!!

The same people who voted for Noynoy Aquino, and still voted for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao should be included as TARGETS in the Duterte administration’s most controversial campain: OPLAN TOKHANG, or in simple terms, the war on drugs.

Dapat lang ma-TOKHANG ang mga bobotanteng supporters ni Noynoy Aquino na sinuportahan din sina Sotto tsaka Pacman. Itanong niyo lang si Marlene Aguilar.

Alam niyo bang kahit sabi-sabi ng mga pa-sosyal diyan na “BADUY” ang mga East Asian dramas, at least it’s understandable if they call teleseryes “BAKYA.”

Also, speaking of teleseryes, they’re all fucking cliché! Kaya sa Twitter, may #typicalpinoyteleserye pa nga na harshtag, eh!

Obviously, we call it TELEBASURAS simply because, everything is unrealistic. Sus! Pagkatapos ng awayan dito, sabunutan doon, sampalan dito-doon, it’s weird that your favorite artistas still get the same rebonded or salon-treated hair, while your crushie still has this gel-treated hair. Huwag kami oi! At dito na nga pumapasok ang putanginang beauty standards na nilalamon ng sapilitan sa mga madla: The straighter the hair, the whiter the skin, and the slimmer the body, the better! Kapag hindi ka pasok sa mga kategoryang iyun, you’re perceived as “UGLY,” unless you’re like, a black Hollywood star. See the double standards!?

Kaya siyempre, alam niyo na kung bakit ayaw na ayaw ko na may katulong o yaya sa loob ng sarili kong bahay. Manonood lang din naman sila ng mga teleserye. And worse, putak sila ng putak na hindi raw makabayan ang panonood ng mga makabuluhang channel gaya ng NHK. BOBO BA SILA!? Better watch telebasuras? And their mentality? Putangina, may Dunnings-Krueger syndrome nga sila! Akala naman nila, sila na magaling, but to be honest, they’re fucking stupid to the core. Their logic is like the logic of a person who’s high on drugs. Parang naka-singhot lang ng shabu, pwede nang ipa-TOKHANG for good.

…and speaking of Geraldine Roman,

I have lauded these four solons who transferred for good. Remember, PDP-Laban or the UNA party are not as “trapo” or “balimbing” as the Liberal Party! Mas tatawagin ko pang BALIMBING tsaka TRAPO ang mga katulad nila Lugaw Monchang FRAUDredo, Lucy Torres, Alan Peter Cayetano, at higit sa lahat… sina De Lima, Drilon, Trillanes tsaka si Kiko Matsing! At hindi ko na rin palalampasin ang mga idolo ng mga BOBOTANTE… sina FUCKMAN tsaka TITOSEN.

To those who call Rep. Geraldine Roman as “trapo’t balimbing (I’m looking at you, prude conservatives and liberal elites alike!),” then you should realize that Drilon, Trillanes, Pangilinan, De Lima, Sotto, and Pacquiao are the true example of what TRAPO’T BALIMBING really is!

Also, the yellow libtards and leftards are pro-protectionism! That’s a threat, because after all, they thwart economic liberalism… and worst: They act like TELEBASURA FANS, to think most of ’em I believe, do not really watch teleseryes.

HAHAHA this! They romanticize almost everything.

And lastly, THIS!

Kahit sino, kahit HIPON na nga ang maituturi sa’yo ng mga elitista (Melai), kahit siguro mukha kang BATANG HAMOG (Maymay), at kahit siguro mukha ka namang alipin sa gigilid (Miho), pwedeng-pwede ka paring mag-artista—and PBB is always there to give you a career.

Blame the Pinoy Big Brother culture for propagating such shit like this! Kahit pangit na nga siguro ang hitsura mo, o ‘di kaya kapag may hitsura ka naman eh pang-Jeane Napoles lang din naman ang level, pwede ka paring maging artista.

…and speaking of Maymay, siya iyung artistang hindi mo akalaing… artista nga. In fact, papano ba naman naging artista ang mga payatot na mukhang bangkay!? Why should walking skeletons be called as “models,” when in fact, Rita Gabiola, also known as the “Badjao Girl,” has more potential to be a model… and is better-looking than Maymay?

It’s because a lot of fantards are decreasing their standards. Iba talaga kapag fantard ng PBB, anoh?


I think, Senyor Komikado has gone really far… from his humble beginnings as a meme character (Komi Says Memes), to a full-time DDS (Senyor Komikado). He is now the voice of people who not only support the Duterte administration, but he’s also campaigning to BOYCOTT telebasuras and also advocating bobotantes to be the targets of the controversial Oplan Tokhang.

For me, even though my infatuation towards Masato Sakai isn’t as intense as when I first discovered him, my love for Kensuke Komikado won’t change!!!

Why I advocate the legalization of absolute divorce in the Philippines?

Note: This is a collab article with senyorkomikado.

From Roxy on a Beast Mode:

Thank you Rappler for advocating the legalization of divorce. So far, so good. Inspite of the controversies it has, Rappler never fails to amaze me. It is brave enough to push people towards the 21st century. Yes, guys–we should drag our culture and ourselves to the 21st century.

I think there’s nothing wrong with being conservative–but to be honest, conservatism is fucking outdated in the 21st century. As per the Mighty Warrior, “Kung nakaka-inis makarinig ng mga ‘bad words,’ mas nakakainis paring makarinig ng mga sermon galing sa mga conservatives kagaya niyo!”

[If it’s irritating to hear bad words, sermons from conservatives like you are more annoying.]

Side Note: Whoever repealed divorce in the New Civil Code of the Philippines must be a bigoted elitist twat who is a member of the Vatican.

Realistically speaking, hindi pa handa ang mga Pilipino sa diborsyo (well, to think that divorce existed in the Philippines before some elitistic twat repealed it in the NCC). I think we are controlled by the Vatican (through the CIA and Illuminati, opkors!).

Marriage should be a sacred thing. Granted na iyan. However, staying the inside while you know that it’s a bad marriage has NO FORM of sanctity at all. Kailan ba naging sagrado ang kasal kung ang asawa mo naman eh ang manyakis na rapist na si Sheldon Arcenas pati ang traydor na impostora na si Dalia Guerrero-Pastor?

As a matter of fact, divorce should be re-legalized in the Philippines. I am not ashamed to tell the world that I support the Divorce Bill for the Philippines.

Divorce should be legal, but with reservations (to kowt Alma Moreno)

Why with reservations? I don’t see the point of making divorce as some “good solution” only to be free from the chains of a legal paper. I see it as a solution to invalidate the marriage that has lost its sanctity. Some conservatives from the legal core may get angry at me, however, thinking inside the box is like living under a rock for many centuries.

Oh, and before I forget, annulment should be free of charge and must be effective in a snap. It should be merged with the declaration of nullity–why? Forget about that declaration-crap-whatdafuq crap! It only shows yhe hypocritical nature of the conservatives in the Philippines.

Have the ever heard of moral values that are not taught by the Church doctrines? We cannot heavily rely on Church doctrines is because, an anonymous-authored proverb said, “Humanity does not need religion. Religion needs humanity.”

Here, this is NOT an issue of morality. It’s an issue of being human–the individual self. Some self-righteous “moralists” kuno are making divorce a “mortal sin” and a “gateway to hell,” however, they never realize that HELL is simply here on Earth. Heaven is actually also on Earth, depending on what your notion of heaven and hell is.

The issue here is–the concept of “forever”

These so-called conservative-moralistic-elitistic-ignorant scums claim that marriage is a curse–but divorce should never be legal in the Philippines to continue social pressures simply because “image preservation” is far more sacred.

Putang Ina! Twisted values nga!

Also, the defeatist mentality and strong clannish culture of Filipinos make me cringe up to no end. Proof? Minsan, marami pang mga chismosa sa sariling kamag-anak. Hindi ako nagbibiro dito. Madalas, sila pa ‘yung hihila sa’yo pababa. Proof ulit? Nag-divorce ka lang sa ibang bansa, tapos tatawagin kang palikero ng mga kapatid mo. Masaklap, hindi ba?

No wonder, hindi parin mai-usad ang diborsyo dahil sa 16th century (dehins aketch eksaherada!) mentality ng karamihan sa mga Pilipino (oist! ‘Yung mga conservatives na mahilig magsimba pero mahilig manakit ng ibang tao diyan! Kayo ang tinutukoy ko!).

You can’t simply rely on the doctrines of the Church. You won’t realize that priests commit wrongs as well (example: Pædophilia)–and some religious conservatives turn a blind eye to it. Like what Mother Dragoness said, “Catholic schools prepare students for the 16th century.” So, if you’re not a religious person, better avoid Catholic schools. After all, Catholic schools do not shape you to be a “holy saint.” Malaking kalokohan iyon. In fact, in reality, Catholic schools are only good in instilling elitism (quoting QueenRoxy).

And yet, the elitistas have the nerve to blame the late former strongman Ferdinand Marcos for the cultural conservatism of the 60s up to the biggest mistake in human history: The People Power Revolution.

Side Note: Tigilan niyo ako diyan sa mga “Martial Law victims” at saka #neverforget pati #neveragain niyo. And please, those desaparecidos worsened during the time of Kurikong. I know some people who have forgiven the Marcoses (aside from Miriam Santiago), have you heard of Teddy Boy Locsin and Atty. Edwin Rey Sandoval? The former’s father was jailed, and was once a supporter of the Yellow Oligarchs, but he has forgiven the Marcoses and continued to support them. Meanwhile, the latter was a former activist and political prisoner during the Martial Law era, but he decided to become a lawyer nung family man na siya. In fact, Atty. Sandoval was the oldest person in his batch at FEU). If you never heard of them, then you must be living under the rock.

Haven’t you heard of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin? Guess what? He was a Cory ally who commanded everyone to occupy the EDSA Shrine. Or else, they’re stripped from their academic standing or their academic titles.

Good thing he never become pope–if he becomes pope, the New World Order will be established in no time.

The problem here is the constant violation of the Art. II, Section 6 of the Constitution. This provision promotes secularism, but it’s only taken for granted. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with placing Holy Images of Susmaryosep (Jesus Mary Joseh duh!) in government offices, but to use RCC for politics is crap! Gamitan ng Simbahang Katoliko atsaka pulitika!?!?!? Are you telling me that the Filipinos should be stupid and deserve to be stupid to not think outside the box of tradition!?

Kaya na-turn off ako kay Lucy Torres, eh! Lucy Torres is not meant to be a Solon–in fact, her educational background was of no use when she opposed the RH Bill for some ridiculous reason: “We were embryos before.” Isantabi na kasi ang pagiging relihiyosa. Hindi lahat ng mga Pilipino eh, Kristiyano.

#RealTalk: Wala pong silbi ang talino kapag matalino ka sa Christian Living, pero bobo naman sa Agham.

No wonder, we were told, “Never base your moral values on what is allowed by state laws. State laws do not define ethics.”

The elitista Solons failed to look at the progress of the most progressive countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil and Chile). Catholic na nga mga iyan, eh why did they allow divorce? I bet, you elitistas cannot answer because your moral values are dubious. Buti pa nga ang mga Latino, progresibo ang pag-iisip. Now stop telling me that their culture is “liberated” simply because they speak Spanish or because they are located at the Western side of the globe. Have you not heard of Señor José Mujica? He was the former president of Uruguay and was dubbed the “poorest president,” however, he spoke for the common good. He defied corporate etiquette and represented the common people. Those Solons at the House of Representatives failed to see that. Papano, inu-una ang pagiging pa-sosyal! Kaya when asked about divorce, these elitista Solons become defensive, saying, “No way! My wife will do it against me! I love my wife.” But turns out, nangangaliwa pala. And please, Enrique Peña Nieto married twice–but did it affect his image as the head of state of Mexico? He might have better morals than the elitistang Solons with closet venereal disease.

Itigil niyo na kasi ang pagiging duwag niyo! LOL, mas lalaki pa nga si Chito Miranda kesa sa inyo, eh.

Buti pa si Chito, nagka-forever. It has proven that Neri Naig is low-profile, to think she was once a contender of Star Circle Quest. Nagkataon lang na their sex video became public.

And of course, these people who looked down on the couple should think twice–Chito and Neri are meant to be.

Also, divorce laws have been proven to help strengthen the marriage of couples (don’t tell me, “hindi rin.” Defeatist na naman iyan!). Haven’t you watched the movie, “My SO has got depression”? Haruko (played by Aoi Miyazaki) told Mikio (played by Masato Sakai), “If you don’t quit your job, Imma divorce you.” See? In fact, there are many strong couples there like Posh and Becks, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas and a lot more. As a matter of fact, strong marriages are the most sacred marriages.

Side Note: The hypocritical culture of the Philippines is actually imposed by the elitistas. Admit it! In fact, majority of the Solons in the Legislative Branch of the government are mostly elitistas from the social elite class. Iilan lang ang mga taga-middle class or poor class. After all, intelligence is never based on wealth. Again, kalokohan iyon. In fact, intelligence should be used to influence people and pioneer social change through actions.

No wonder, I strongly recommend The Manila Times as a good read to all people. I love how TMT promotes critical thinking instead of bigotry. Buti pa nga an TMT, hindi nakakasawang basahin, eh ang PDI? Meh. Oinkquirer has been promoting bigotry all the time (inferz naman sa Rappler, to think that it might have been acquired by the Yellow Oligarchs, they promote the freedom of information, freedom of speech and advocating social change). Naku… don’t get me started on how PDI discourages divorce, support for gay marriage and their never-ending tirades against the Marcoses.

As a matter of fact, The Manila Times has always been a good newspaper. There’s this one article that speaks about the good side of divorce. Inquirer? Holy fornication, puh-leeze! PDI has been always preaching bigotry to people!

Lastly, to all religious radicals (fundamentalists, ultraconservative Catholics) who base their faith on the “dictatorship” of the pakialamerong-bigoted CBCP, divorce does not wreck the family. Infidelity does. Sirang-sira ang pamilya kapag may nangangaliwa, and yet, the elitist Solons with closet venereal disease often turn a blind eye to that, only to preserve their “outer image” while in fact, they’re not only cheating and philandering; actually, they also steal money from the government (ilan pala ang SALN nila? Juice ko, si Corona naging scapegoat nila! Kawawa si Corona, pramis! Mga elitista lang ang galit sa kanya dahil blind followers sila ni PNoy!). Juice colored! Wala silang sinabi kina Erap at Rody–because these two old men do not have venereal disease at all. If ever they have, then they should resign instead! LOL!

So, if you will say NO to divorce dahil sabi ng CBCP, masisira ang pamilya, sagutin niyo! Tell them that they should resolve the issue if pædophilia among priests–who are often idolized by the elitistang Solons who have closet venereal disease. Mas corrupt pa nga ang mga elitistang Solong tutol hindi lamang sa diborsyo, pati na rin sa RH Bill (no wonder, may tuló sila! LOL).

Are you really good in practicing these “so-called” family values?


While the Barrettos create their issue out of their vented interest, I would understand the situation of the Aguilars.

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Frustrating: Anne Curtis and her so-called AIRHEADEDNESS

This time I now have the balls to side with FP-tards and GTalkers at the same time (despite their opinions that are quite biased; similar to meek standards, lol), when it comes to Anne Curtis.

Pati si Sarah Geronimo, nahiya na rin sa kanya!

No wonder, hindi kataka-taka at hindi rin nakakagulat na may “attitude” na pala itong si Anne Curtis. Dahil pagkatapos ng insidente nila ni John Lloyd Cruz, doon na talaga lumabas ang tunay niyang ugali when she confronted Sam Concepcion at Vice Ganda’s party.

Kung lasing pala siya, DINAIG pa niya si Ellen Adarna!

Roxy, on a Beast Mode said:

Seriously, Anne Curtis’ behaviour has now gone frustrating. After her incident with Sam Concepcion, I started not to believe her denials on saying ‘You’re not that classy….’, because she already done her ‘I can buy you, your friends and this bar’. She admit it, she apologized. Her reason? Juice detox, then gone partying at the bachelorette party. However, while KC has no intention on making ‘patama’ against Anne, KC declared on her Instagram that Juice Detox has nothing to do with sudden outbursts.

Boom, Panes!

I have even read about juice cleanse and what I think is, in the first place you shouldn’t have been taking alcoholic stuff. Another thing, as per netizens, when you are drunk, you are just wild. There was even a testimony that Anne Curtis wasn’t drunk at the time she slapped John Lloyd and slutshamed Phoemela.

Ngayong wala nang maisip na idadahilan, she denied rumors and eventually, nag-paawa after being stung kuno by a jellyfish.

Pathetic. Really.

It is needless to say ther her success eventually gotten into her head while she was even disputable in talent department in the first place when she started.

#RealTalk: I think nagkalat lang siya sa Bb. Pilipinas Coronation night when she sang ‘Alone’. I understand that singing is her frustration that is why she keeps on accomplishing that ‘dream’ but how she will be taken seriously as a singer and recording artist if she makes singing as nothing but a joke. No wonder, Lea Salonga allegedly talked smack about her when she heard about Anne held a concert at the Araneta few years ago.


Unfortunately, Anne is class-questionable as well

Nahiya naman ang mga genuinely talented artirstas sa kanya.

Kelangan pa talaga lumipat ng ABS-CBN para madevelop ang talent while she should have been talented in the first place.

What she has become is really frustrating because I perceived her to be nice in person despite others’ perception on her as ‘maarte’. After her second incident, I felt like bumaba tingin ko sa kanya.

I did not get frustrated when ABS-CBN is doing so much damage control on her. ‘Matik na ‘yan! #AlamNa

Fame is still not a reason for Anne to act so matapobre when she NEVER belonged to the Manila’s High Society (unfortunately, most artistas do not belong to them despite fame and money. #KawawaNaman) eversince. Fame is nothing when you have no enough talent an education in the first place. Those people who are like that are worse than beggars singing on the streets while begging for money.

Nothing more than a trash

Well, I just cannot agree more in this part:

#RealTalk: I think nagkalat lang siya sa Bb. Pilipinas Coronation night when she sang ‘Alone’. I understand that singing is her frustration that is why she keeps on accomplishing that ‘dream’ but how she will be taken seriously as a singer and recording artist if she makes singing as nothing but a joke. No wonder, Lea Salonga allegedly talked smack about her when she heard about Anne held a concert at the Araneta few years ago.

It seems that Lea Salonga is vindicated here. Tama naman si Lea Salonga talaga, eh. I mean come on, though frustration naman ni Anne Curtis ang kumanta, singing is a profession, not a joke.

After all, Anne Curtis is nothing more than being an entertainer.


So walang class si Sam C. ngayon, huh? Mukhang tama nga ang mga GTalkers tungkol kay Anne Curtis! Mukhang nawawala talaga siya sa sarili niya kapag nagiging lasing talaga siya! Dinaig pa niya si Ellen Adarna!

And he even shared:

Muntik niya kayang sampalin si Cedric Lee! (Source: GTalk)

WOW! Buti na lang may tumigil kay Anne sa pagsasampal kay Cedric Lee. Kung nasapak niya si Cedric Lee, expect her to be a has-been and being harassed by Cedric Lee through his henchmen.

Even GTalkers have a LOT of testimonies to tell! I’ll post them if I am not too lazy.

Komi Says: NOT being a virgin doesn’t mean you’re a HOE!

From DLSUSecretFiles:

This is for all the girls who fucks here and there and everywhere with everyone and anyone. (Just kidding)

I lost my virginity when I was a frosh. I know ang slutty pakinggan. I’m not proud of it even if i lost it to my best friend who has a girlfriend right now. It wasn’t the kind of “First time” I imagined when I was young. I told myself that I will only give it to the person I truly love and that will have to be my husband. Well I guess reality doesn’t always match the dream.

Looking back to who i was before i entered college, made me realize how fcuked up my life really is now. I am not proud of not being a virgin anymore especially at a young age, even if some people think its cool and “normal”. I guess its true that when you have finally done “it” or other things like smoking, it won’t be such a big deal anymore. Which is why you tend to do it again. Only a few of my friends know about this for I am afraid of being judged (yet i still post it here. lol). I’m not a slut, i don’t dress like a prostitute and fucks every guy I see; i don’t even wear skirts to school! I am just a girl with a secret and regret. Just because I’m not a virgin, doesn’t mean I’m a slut.. just like being a Lasallian doesn’t mean you’re rich. I guess we all learn eventually when we realize our mistakes. Now I don’t even know how i would explain everything to my future husband (or will I even have one). The future for me just scares me.

And so I just want to remind you ladies to be STRONG. Most guys will just go for it when they see an opportunity. I know its unfair for how they don’t get judged when they lose their virginity, I mean it’s like a trophy of finally becoming a MAN to them. However to us women, it’s like removing an organ from our body, we lose it permanently. Just remember when you do “it” to someone for fun, you’re just a toy/trophy that he fucks so that he can have something to brag to his friends and be cool. Prostitutes may be sluts, but at least they’re not doing it for free.

(Sorry for grammatical errors)

by Changed, COB 110


Can I just say that it’s NEVER right to judge someone based on their virginity, whether it’s a male or female. However, because double standards are very rampant, women are usually victims of discrimination (yes, social stratification, as a matter of fact!). Eh ano ngayon kung hindi na siya virgin, ha? Ano ngayon kung ni-rape siya (pero hindi naman nabundat)?

Guys, just because you think that virginity is “precious” doesn’t mean that people like let’s say, people who get pregnant before getting married do not deserve respect at all. If they could provide for their baby, then go! I won’t mind people being a virgin or not, since remember, whether virgin or not, they’re still homo sapiens.

If you want to know the truth about our history before debating on virginity issues, let me share to you why our government officials are mostly… corrupt:

Starting the day when Magellan was killed by Lapu-Lapu, the Spaniards eventually decided to colonize the Philippines… but since the “mandirigma” natives of the Philippines were very fierce, Spanish soldiers could no longer endure the extreme fierceness of the Filipino natives (well, they were not yet called Filipinos, and it was not yet the Philippines since its real name is actually Mayi–the ancient name for the Philippines). Because of that, the Spanish government (I think) decided that prisoners from the maximum detention center should be thrown away to the Philippines just to colonize the country (for bad reasons LMFAO). Here, prisoners were sent there to disguise themselves as priests, civil guards and soldiers… the Spanish government did not give a fuck whether prisoners will get killed by these “mandirigma” natives. Eventually, the Philippines was colonized for the BAD REASONS. No wonder, most countries in Latin America are very dangerous places to live and travel–since the Spaniards who colonized their countries are actually criminals from Spain who disguised themselves as… priests, soldiers, governor-generals, and a lot more. This only means that the rest of Latin America and most parts of Asia LACK one thing: A very strong, well-established military and defense system. That’s the specialty of most European countries–their military and defense system dates back to the err… before the 11th century, where the people really fight against each other to claim lands, et cetera, et cetera. Sadly, the native warriors of Mayi (or Ma-i) failed to organize themselves and never planned to unite the whole island that was eventually united to be called, “The Philippines.”

No wonder, Jose Rizal wrote the novels, “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo,” just to take note the atrocities of the Spaniards during his time–but little or did he not know that the Spaniards who came in the Philippines were actually prisoners from the maximum detention. Kahit si Bonifacio o si Juan Luna, hindi man lang nila alam na ang mga Kastilang sumakop sa ating bansa ay mga preso pala galing Espanya, na pinakawala lamang… just because the Spaniards gave up whuppin’ their asses to the Philippines–due to fear and laziness.

If you do not believe what I am saying, then ask Ka Francisco Sionil Jose.

Dito pa lamang, makikita niya kung gaano katindi ang pagbabalat-sibuyas ng iba sa mga tao dito sa Pilipinas. As you can see, they failed to realize why the Philippines is living itself in a hypocritical situation. Kurakot dito, kurakot doon. Kung ako pa siguro ang tatanungin, it should be the 1987 Constitution that should be blamed and the Aquino Administration that eventually plagued our society.

Ika nga ng isa sa akuang amiga:

Basta marami nang pera, pwede nang makapag-shopping upang gaguhin ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas.

Democracy in the Philippines is actually… not applicable. Before the Marcos era, mas maayos pa nga ang Pilipinas, eh. Also, even though we were invaded by the United States, it wasn’t actually a hindrance, but rather a motivation. In other words, US Imperialism wasn’t really a hindrance, but rather as an asset–but what made it a threat is the rise of oligarchy in the Philippines. Some people will deny the fact that this happened because they believe that Cory Aquino is a saint, Ninoy is a true hero (well, I have nothing against them, if you were to ask me)… blah blah blah.

As a matter of fact, the Philippines is no longer a virgin, speaking of controversies hounding the country.

Society pa lang, kitang-kita na kung gaano nila i-value ang virignity, samantala ang mga kagaya nila, mahilig namang magpa-kantot sa isa’t isa! Well, I hate to brag, but I am still a virgin with a/n NBSB status. No wonder, maraming inggit sa akin mainly because I still keep my values intact while some of them just forget about their values. Ako? Kahit anong pagyayabang ko diyan, eh wala na kayong magagawa doon. Usually, ‘yung mga taong hindi masyadong mayabang according to society usually have the right to brag. Well, bragging does not increase your ego, but some people will interpret things I do as bragging. Wait… I am just showing these things, and I have no intention of bragging those things. Eh sila? Sus! Pagdating pa lang sa mga know-how about business software technology, they won’t actually defeat me when it comes to learning more about technology. Like what I have said, I am exposed to technology nowadays, but sadly, many companies make it complicated, thus making it hard for Nokia to fit in.

Back to topic. Well, I think that “Changed” is a totoong tao. She ain’t afraid of admitting the fact that she is no longer a virgin, but that doesn’t mean that she’s a slut. Ganyan naman kasi ang hasty generalizations, eh. Basta hindi na virgin, automatic, SLUT na kaagad. For the conservatives (the legit ones), both Janelle Manahan and Maricar Reyes are considered as “sluts” mainly because they were involved in a sex scandal. Same with Neri Naig. Rather than making me think to slap them in the faces, I pity them. They do not deserve someone who will just steal their virginity away, but at least they know how to be ashamed of themselves. Moving on, they’re known for learning from their mistakes. Having a sex scandal NEVER hindered them from setting a good example to the youth. Besides, pagdating sa mga relationships, they make sure that they’re being loved and accepted, and they also make sure that they’re not screwing men up, unlike those two “bad gals” tsismosa-ako is mentioning (hahah!). They have proven that at least, they’re NOT homewreckers, for the love of gawd.

It’s forgivable to lose your virginity while sticking to a guy who isn’t attached to someone else. Ask the Americans. They don’t tolerate man-stealers.

#KomiSays: Ang tunay na slut, hindi na virgin pero MANG-AAGAW PARIN! ‘Yun na! Sus! I don’t think the dance princess is still a virgin (LOL)!


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Ahhhh… just to let you know that this guy I am pertaining to is having a fucking hard time with his acads! No wonder, even though he works his arse off, he still won’t be graduating unless he has the brain of err… Kim Ung-yong.

Dude! He is cussing on his Twitter account, ranting against his academics!

Dude, karma has finally slapped yer fezz figuratively! Face it, it won’t hurt for as long as you do your freaking job! Sus! Nakikita nga kitang nag-e-effort mag-aral, eh. Yeah, you have been my role model for three fucking years, but then, someone just stepped into my pride… so that’s why I am really happy that I have finally outlived you… in terms of years of stay at our school.

See? Naunahan pa kita, sa totoo lang. You went in first, but you’ll go out last. I came in the last, but I finished first.

At the back of my mind, I just did nothing but to laugh at you. Laughing at you because you’re still there, carrying all the burdens! Sabi ko sa’yo, eh. You will be burdened without my presence… etchoz!

And don’t get me started if you’re going to shove to me that you’re a BETTER achiever than me. Sus! Yeah, you are more intelligent and more diligent than I am, and you may brag about it by calling me “dumbarse” or “stupid,” but what is worse than you yourself belittling me!? I just went ahead of you, without saying “Osakini” to you.

Why should I say “Osakini” to some hypocrite dude like you? Eh, track record mo pa lang lately, lalo nang nagiging chaka-ER than typical chaka. You were once the good guy who never smoked, had himself drunk and lastly… err… maintaining a CLEAN IMAGE. However, siguro napadala ka na sa mga friends mo. You failed to practice what you’re preaching. So YUCK pala ang smoking!? Ikaw siguro ang kadiri, dahil sa totoo lang, people who really smoke will admit the fact that they’re smoking… unless napadala lang sa barkada ‘yan.

At isa pa, ah. Your college has been surrounded by weird shenanigans… and I bet, kaya ganyan na pala ang ugali mo, at halos hindi mo na’ko kayang lait-laitin pa because you see, I have always retained a good image. Well, you may still study a lot and be part of the Latin Honors, but if I were to be asked, daig ka pa ng ibang DL. Those people aren’t sipsip to professors and yet gets high grades due to their diligence and hardwork, hindi kagaya mo na OO, you work hard, but you simply didn’t know that you’re starting to eat your words.

Also, don’t get me started with my blockmates. Not all people would have VERY CLOSE friends within their block. Sa totoo lang, my block section is quite homogeneous, so expect that they either unite or not unite. However, my block chose the latter–and that’s because most of them are worse than the popular kids in high school–like what I said, they’re too liberated to get started with. As in, I usually get out of place since they’re TOO Westernized, making them more masahol than the popular kids in high school. I wasn’t really offended when one of our professors called us “high school brats.” I won’t mind rather being offended with that, since they were NEVER united ever since. Ang dominant parin na group will be the popular kids of THAT block, and they will rather be the typical high school popular kids… the more hell-ish version.

Fitting in a block section full of liberated people will just make you feel that FREEDOM is in your hands if you’re separated with the block.

Well, siyempre ‘tol, you took sides with the wrong person. Kaya kahit utak mo nilason na rin ng know-it-all homewrecker na ‘yan. Don’t believe? Until now, I still haven’t accepted or rejected her friend request. I doubt, nagbago siya. Kung nagbago siya, that should be leaving her know-it-all attitude behind. Well, she’s the type of person who won’t be mediating between two parties. In other words, she cannot have the same perspective as Haruki Hanyu (Legal High 2), who will always make two parties reconcile with one another. Eh, si homewrecker? Geezes, she rather had the mentality of Inday Barretto! HA HA HA!

Well, the homewrecker is the type of person who will be kiss-arse (kuno) to “that” guy. Kaya naman pala, eh! She’s not a good friend at all, and later on, I just have to CUT ties from her because our friendship will be for no good. Kung gaano siya ka-sipsip sa mga kapwa know-it-all (well, know-it-alls defend their fellow know-it-alls, which is a sad FACT), ganun din siya ka-sipsip sa mga popular kids. Know-it-alls are frustrated popular kids, kaya rather than siding with someone who needs their presence, rather, they just turn to the dark side, which isn’t good.

I bet, mas marami pang insecurities ‘yang si homewrecker kumpara sa akin. Kaya pati utak ni “that” guy, nilason na rin.

#KomiSays: Ang kasabihan, “Birds of the same feather, flock together.” But at the end of the day, “Ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.”

These two quotes I’m saying that once you combine these two fucking quotes, it will turn out to be like imperialism + oligarchy = FAILED state. When combining the two quotes I’m saying, it will lead to hypocrisy, therefore, as what David Hume says, “Everything happens by chance.”

As a matter of fact, “that” guy was actually being mind-poisoned. He wasn’t aware of those things, until… well, I won’t tell you.

Grabe naman kasi siya. Akala mo naman kung sinong maka-asta ng ganyan tuwing mananalasa siya’t maghahasik ng lagim sa Formspring o ‘di kaya sa, pero sa totoo lang, siya ‘yung tipong wala nang magawa sa buhay. Susme, nananahimik na nga ako, oh! Pero ikaw, tingin mo sa sarili mo, diyos!? Asa ka pa! Maraming nagsasabing suplado ka nga! It also seems that you’re being a freaking douche yourself, since you really cannot answer all the accusations thrown against you. You know yourself!? Talaga lang, huh!? Well, if you think you should be a HATER of me and my blog, I bet, people will think you’re a laughing stock rather than a legit douche-man!

Thank you talaga, ah. Salamat at pinagdasal mo ang karma ko, at pak! Dumating na ang araw kung kailan lang ako sinampal ng karmang… ipinagdasal mo. *sarcasm* Ngayon ko lang naramdaman kung gaano kahirap makipag-sundo sa isang taong nagkakagusto sa’yo. Salamat, ah? Pero mababa parin ang tingin ko sa’yo! Pweh!

Quoting my previous blog post (excerpt), against that guy:

GROW THE FUCK UP, PLEASE. I’m just being quiet, and yet you disrespected my account just because I did something bad at you. Look, I added you as a friend, and you accepted it. Therefore, I cannot blame you for that. All I can say is thank you because you finally accepted it. Tapos ganyan lang ang gagawin mo sa’kin, after I posted the link, you’re just simply going to call me an attention whore!? DELUSYONADO! OGAG!

How I see him now: Wala ka talagang itinanda. Sa Twitter mo pa lang, makikita ko kung gaano ka frustrated sa buhay mo. Eh, ginusto mo naman akong ma-karma, hindi ba? But karma was rather BITCHIER towards you since you’re being an insensitive douche! You’re a proud palengkero, at wala ka talagang hiya sa sarili mo. Pwes, gayahin mo na lang si Angelo Reyes ‘pag may time, ah?

Putang ina lang, oh! Kaya ako tumatawa sa mga pagdurusa mo ay dahil wala nang HATER na nakaka-istorbo sa buhay ko. Dude, practice what you preach naman. Kung ako nananahimik lang, eh bakit hindi mo gawin ang ginagawa ko? Well, mas lalong mababa ang tingin ng mga tao sa’yo ay dahil… ugali mo pa lang, nakaka-irita na, lalo na sa mga taong ayaw pa naman ng know-it-all sa buhay.

Hindi ako nagpapapansin. Okay. If you think I’m doing this for MORE attention, I do not need to be pitied by some people out there. I don’t need those “awa” by the madlang people, because you know what, I could actually handle myself without being questioned. Okay fine, slap my face literally, and I’m fucking fine with it, pero ikaw parin ang talo.

How I see him now: At bakit ba ako maaawa sa mga kagaya mo? Well dude, magpasalamat ka at hindi kita naging kaklase sa kahit anong minor/floating subjects. Or else, nag-drop ka na kaagad.

I don’t see you as someone who should be looked up to by the youth. Eh, track record mo pa lang pagdating sa moralidad, talo ka na! I ain’t bragging the fact that I have good moral character, since as a person, I did a lot of mistakes. Well, in your case, you really never wanted to learn from your mistakes about life since you just want to learn how it is to achieve, achieve, achieve… and yet, you just complain about the requirements.

Pagod ka na ba sa pag-aaral mo? Well, you chose to finish that course, and you should finish it with flying colors. I ain’t forcing you to take my advice literally and seriously, and personally… I’d rather see you graduate from school… for surviving the term (and whole stay) and not being transferred to another university just because you have exceeded the maximum number of years required in our daigaku.

If you graduate from our school with flying colors, then I must be proud of you.

I am not proud of the fact that he was rather my schoolmate and schoolmate again, but never a classmate. I would be proud if he were my classmate for just one term and I myself became DL at the same time, since truth is, he’s a true inspiration for people who want to finish college, unlike people who proclaim that they’re really intelligent, but they’re actually not.

Puking ina! Kung sino pa ‘yung masyadong confident sa sarili, ‘yun pala ang nang-aapak ng pride ng ibang tao!

As a matter of fact, this dude may have a good and bad side at the same time. Even though I do not like his attitude nowadays, he’s starting to show signs of mellowing his “siga” days (LOL) as an online gamer. It’s only that he’s actually going down the drain for his… status.

Good luck na lang sa kanya, though.