I don’t like your FUQMAN. Does that make me an ELITIST!?

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Seriously, the latest I have received was… from my OYA, who was butthurt-defensive when I said, “Bobotante ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao sa senado.”

That being said, I am not an elitist. However, some might call me an ELITIST for calling Pacman voters, “BOBOTANTE.”

Hello! I am not even like Georgina Wilson, who called Erap voters, “f*cking idiots.”

At least, Erap had training–but still, I don’t like Erap as well.

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Are you really good in practicing these “so-called” family values?


While the Barrettos create their issue out of their vented interest, I would understand the situation of the Aguilars.

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Totes Agree with Senyor Komi!


Kung ako nga ang tatanungin, mas maganda pa ang mukha ni Wendy Valdez, kung ikukumpara mo naman siya kina Mariel Rodriguez at Kitchie Nadal, ‘no!? (BTW, the latter two are known for being pretty in person without makeup because of their KUTIS MAHARLIKA)

Wendy Valdez, however, had bad skin. That’s why she’s not so pretty (by Filipino standards), but her features could pass for pretty.

Agree to that! Well, Wendy is pretty, but she has really bad skin. That’s why I didn’t find her so pretty that time, just because she’s dark.

Anyways, that should not be an issue after all. Wala ngang sinabi sina Mariel at Kitchie pagdating sa pagiging maganda, kumpara kay Wendy, eh. Though Wendy is bitchy as her persona, people attested that she’s not bitchy in person pala, eh. Kung ako pa ang tatanungin, features-wise, Wendy passes for good-looking.

Walang sinabi sina Mariel at Kitchie kasi nga, Wendy lacks the dark eyebags–in other words, kung itatabi siya kay Mariel at Kitchie, she would definitely stand out talaga. I was really shocked like hell why Mariel is pretty in person. Siguro dahil sa makeup, pero without makeup, they even attested she’s prettier.


Kung hindi lang makinis si Mariel, definitely she would not stand out.

I simply do not get it why Filipino society thinks that having smooth skin without consulting the derma = attractive. I mean, come on, there are still smooth-skinned people who are not really attractive at all, unless nadadala ang ang features ng mukha niya sa kinis ng kanyang balat.

#KomiSays: Hindi ako nagagandahan talaga kay Mariel Rodriguez, pero makinis ang balat, oo.

And hello, Mariel is one of the celebrities who looks older than her age–in other words, kaya lang siya maganda in person without makeup is because of her skin texture. Period. Kung pangit sana ang balat niya, definitely legit ladyboy-looking na talaga siya. (I really doubt, she really has sophisticated features. One PExer and my couz saw her in person. Not really legit pretty. Even some forumers attest hindi talaga head-turner ang dating niya. After all, I believe Bashing 101. I think she’s pretty in person because of the makeup.)

Same with Kitchie Nadal. Also, hindi ko rin gets kung bakit marami ring nagagandahan sa kanya. I bet, hindi siya stand-out sa La Salle dati. Kung ako pa ang tatanungin, ang stand-out award would definitely go to Carla Abellana and Iya Villania–since these two girls are NOT given justice in the camera–but looking at their features, they definitely stand out.

Also, just because they ome from La Salle does not mean you will expect that ALL Lasallians are blessed with good keratin build-up. Hell, being blessed with good keratin build-up actually depends whether you have East Asian ancestry or not, and that’s it.

Anyways, having smooth skin is rather an asset to those girls who really do not have sophisticated features. Kumbaga, nadadala lang ang ganda nila sa kinis ng kanilang balat. ‘Yun na!

If you’re going to ask a Korean or a Japanese person, I bet, no one will think that Mariel and Kitchie is attractive once they see them in person without makeup (kahit siguro sa TV o pics pa ‘yan). You know how skyrocketing high their standards really are. They might say that Wendy Valdez is really pretty.

Because for Koreans and Japanese people, they think that their smooth, flawless skin is NOT enough to define a person as attractive. Features mismo ang tinitingnan, and if they like your features, they will surely envy you. Eh kay Mariel at Kitchie, I bet, no Korean or Japanese person will think they really stand out. Siguro sina Tricia Gosingtian pa o si Alodia Gosiengfiao pa ang mag-stand out.

You know that there are many Koreans and Japanese people who are smooth-skinned, but hell, kung sino pa ang mas marami pang acne marks sa kanila, sila pa ang mas attractive. Well, I’m pertaining towards the guys, ah. Impression ko kasi sa mga East Asian guys na makikinis, parang ang bading tingnan. Hell, ang mas brusko pa ang balat, sila talaga ang attractive.

What Komi is trying to emphasize is that, he thinks that having smooth, flawless skin does not make one person attractive. Tama naman talaga siya, eh. Skin color and/or skin texture does not define how good-looking and/or presentable a person really is. Kumbaga, he’s trying to emphasize that there are some people who are just good-looking without makeup because of their skin. Obvious naman na maganda “daw” sa personal si Mariel without makeup is because of her skin texture. Tama rin si Komi na maganda lang si Mariel because of her kutis maharlika, ‘yun na! As a matter of fact, Mariel once attested that Kristine Hermosa is pretty even without makeup and also in person is because, kahit tadtad siguro ng zits si Tintin, aba eh, hindi ma-agnas ang hitsura niya. I have seen photos of Kristine when she wasn’t super fair-skinned, and I really think she will be very pretty sooner or later. She’s one example of a person who is a late-bloomer talaga, kumbaga, she wasn’t very pretty when I first saw her, and when I saw her in Pangako Sa’yo, doon talaga lumitaw ang mala-Diyosa niyang kagandahan.

Well, the only attractive thing in Mariel is her face shape. ‘Yun na!

#KomiSays: Mariel is not actually very pretty, pero hindi chaka. Average-looking, pwede pa. In fact, mas chaka pa si Toni Gonzaga, kung tutuusin. (Mas ma-ere pa nga si Toni, sa totoo lang!)

Also, there are many people with flaws on their skin, but definitely still stood out even without makeup is because they’re blessed with good features and good symmetry.

#RealTalk: Having smooth skin makes average/so-so features attractive, that’s why people blessed with great skin do not need to undergo the knife.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more Komi Rants on senyorkomikado!

REAL TALK Discussion: Between Good and Evil (not a Nietzsche critique)

The Dark Side of Cory Aquino

As you all can see, I have always been a vocal critic of the 1987 Constitution–which explains all the flaws of the Executive and the Legislative branch of the government. Until now, there are always fucking bad news, that even other websites are showing ALL the bad traits of the Filipinos that are simply spewed (and finally being exposed) by the 1987 Constitution… which secretly allows the “bahid” of the Spanish criminals who colonized the Philippines–LURK, in such a way that it will damage the Philippines due to oligarchy and American imperialism care of Aguinaldo’s selling of the Philippines combined.

It’s the Filipino version of ILLUMINATI.

Kaya naman pala… biased masyado ang ABS-CBN pagdating sa Aquino-Cojuangco clan!

So after all, even though that Ninoy has his own share of dark secrets, he was the poor guy right here–in-under lang pala siya ng kanyang asawa. So you know why I have always thought of the 500-peso bill as something worth to make waldas of, rather than valuing it as money.

Kung si Marcos pa ang nakalagay sa 500-peso bill, matutuwa pa ako niyan!

As the saying goes, “There’s always two sides in a coin.”

However, even though Marcos wasn’t a perfect president, he was the reason why the Philippines was placed in the map. People dislike him with respect–in other words, they don’t like his atrocities and cronyism issues, yet they respect him because he loved the Philippines so much that he did everything to make it one of the richest countries in the world. After all, many people have jobs, and I bet, employment rate during his time was low. As a matter of fact, the Marcos family was rather a POWERHOUSE of ideas–even Madam Imeldific had her own share of ideas.

I was really against Imelda Marcos mainly because she’s too extravagant, yet what made me fascinated is how she promoted and nourished the arts and culture of the country. She was also taking place of Marcos while he was sick (terminally-ill). Overall, she did everything to continue his legacy, yet there are many people who were against them, thus the 1986 EDSA Revolution.

Now let’s take a closer look at the 1987 Constitution.

Of course, I was born during the term of Fidel V. Ramos, that’s why he’s the only president that I know. Sure, during his time, maganda pa nga ang buhay sa Pilipinas, eh. Everything was the rise of music, the flourishing of OPM and the time where our ate’s and kuya’s set a good example to us. Nowadays, our generation has been screwed up. Typical popular kids ang ugali, hindi ‘yung disente’t kagalang-galang. I just feel sad since Filipinos nowadays are actually aiming for LESS.

I was thinking, “Naku, kaya pala si Tatay Fredo the Teacher-Scavenger, biktima pala ng crab mentality, eh!”

In other words, people surrounding Tatay Fredo want him to settle for less since he’s a very successful teacher, and he knows all the English words that are very deep in meaning–and plant names, in scientific form.

Putang ina naman kasi! Kung sino pa ang pinaka-successful, sila pa ang hinihila pababa! Don’t get me started with that since I was at that stage as well, and people surrounding me will simply pull me down just because I am vocal on social media, tapos sila naman, they will do any means to be at the top through cheating–and make it to the top at the expense of other people. Example is how they kiss the asses of their teachers and professors, kaya hindi lang nila basta-basta madadaan ‘yan sa pag-aaral lamang. Usually, they treat the professor as if close sila, pero ako? Well, being close to professors isn’t my thing, so if I get a not-so-high grade, then that’s not a problem to me at all. As a matter of fact, the real world won’t welcome them, anyways (those people who contribute to crab mentality).

Kaya I really respect how Ashley Gosiengfiao LOATHES crab mentality so much that she’s ready to raise her middle finger towards her detractors. Kulang na lang, magpatayo pa siya ng NGO na anti-crab mentality pa nga, eh.

No wonder, the 1987 Constitution is flawed. It’s rather a virus that plagues not only the government, but also the Filipino society as well. Ganyan ka-rampant ang plague of hypocrisies sa Pilipinas.

Another thing:


Sus! Hindi lang ‘yan applicable sa mga May 10 elections blah blah blah et cetera, ah. Like what one K-Zone issue said, “Vote these people for their ABILITY (as in anong mga decent projects and all these reforms…) rather than their POPULARITY.” No wonder, blessing in disguise when GMA won the 2004 elections–since the late FPJ (RIP) was rather a high school drop-out (‘ata), tapos tumakbong presidente kaagad. Well, there are some people who judge him just because he did not finish high school… but come on, even though FPJ did not finish his schooling, I could sense that if he were still alive, he would have given all his income towards Yolanda victims. I ain’t kidding, either.

People should have voted FPJ not because he’s an action star. Hindi ibig sabihin na Action Star King siya, he could be a la “THE ROCK” when he will face all the corrupt public servants via an iron fist. Wait, this is Malacañang and the House of Representatives, together with the Supreme Court, NOT a TEKKEN stage/arena/ring. We’re not going to watch any news shows just for another latest FPJ vs. enemy moment. No way would it be a WWE arena. Na-da. Papano na lang kung makakaharap pa niya si Pacman pagdating sa mga taxes. I bet, FPJ will have a talk with Pacman rather than “ROUND ONE, FIGHT!” Remember, this is a plenary hall, not a wrestling arena.

Another thing is the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and ABS-CBN. Okay, so to speak, I am going to explain to you why Roxyisferox despises Cory Aquino with passion.

Little did you know that Roxyisferox lived during the time of the late ex-president Cory Aquino. Of course, only a few people like her despise Tita Cory even though I was the one who saw and met her in person. Actually, I really cannot believe that may dark side pala ‘tong si Tita Cory. Also, nakakagulat lang na how did she ever secure her privacy in such a way that NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON could know any dark secret about her? Ang sagot? ABiaS-CBN.

I have nothing really against Tita Cory, but people should realize that she’s not a saint. Media could manipulate and eventually hallucinate people to death. Kung naging Kapuso ako to Kapamilya before–now, I am like, neutral between two network giants. ABS-CBN is really biased towards their clan is because their properties and businesses were confiscated by MARCOS himself. God forbid, Marcos knew that the Lopezes have an agenda… an evil agenda just to make more money and that’s it!

Contrary to her claim, CORY was disgusted at the so-called advocacy of NINOY for democracy. All she supposedly wanted was to live like the daughter of a rich couple, spend money around and engage in her love: gambling. CORY was allegedly addicted to gambling even at an early age that when NINOY was a neophyte Senator, he was always humiliated when he entertained visitors in their house at Times Street.

May something in common pala siya with the Lopezes. All they know is to gamble and… YES! They just want to make themselves richer and richer… and that’s it!

CORY did not love NINOY nor God. When Raul MANGLAPUS and NINOY quarreled sometimes in their Boston home, CORY is said to have sided always with MANGLAPUS. MANGLAPUS on the other hand, during his stay in the US, was active in recruiting for the religion of Satanism. It is suspected that since CORY embraced the political party of MANGLAPUS (National Union of Christian Democrats — NUCD) as her party also, she might have been recruited to Satanism.

Kaya naman pala, eh. She hired the TADTAD cult to kill those people who were against her administration.

Kung gaano siya ka-bait on-cam and off-cam, same goes with her dark side. Mas maitim pa sa black hole.

In Malacañang, after EDSA I, the late CORY and a prominent politician, Cabinet turned senator, would enter the Malacañang president’s bedroom. The purpose was for an alleged Closed Door Meeting. The couple would not re-emerge from the bedroom for more than half a day and when they did, they appeared to be a silently loving couple.

The practice lasted until the cabinet member turned senator died. The wife of the senator might have suspected and supposedly hated CORY for that. CORY also had other flings and standing sexual relationships with other men. It was bandied around in Malacañang at the time that CORY’s choice of the senator was that he had a really very long sexual organ and he could still manage to have intercourse. The gossip in Malacañang was that if the man who was invited to have a closed door with CORY had a long penis then the meeting was not a real one but an act of knowing in the bible’s sense.

Kaya naman pala hindi masaway-saway ni Tita Cory si Kristeta, eh! Well, it’s not because nag-stalk si Tita Cory kay Ninoy, but as a matter of fact, it was because she was rather allowing herself to have some… “service” that is rather outside business. May pinagmanahan pala si Kris, that’s why.

Sus! Akala niyo lang! Even Kris inspects all the hotdogs of her men. Remember: TWO EGSS (yes, it’s EGSS, lol) and one HOTDAWG. She does that in order to fuck with any men she likes, and no wonder, isa pala siyang nympho! Nyahahahahaha!

Kung nympho ang matatawag ng mga faux conservatives kay Pamelita Anderson, at least hindi siya homewrecker! In the United States, nobody gives a flying fuck if you’re going to have lotsa sex scandals. Also, if you’re going to delve into her past, at least friends parin siya with her ka-flings. People need to realize that Pammy, despite having flings with men, knows how to choose them. It also shows how she protects her privacy in the most secret manner–something that she learned after her sex videos just leaked.

At least Pammy knows how to keep herself sexy, which is something that Kris does not have!

Lastly, as what Roxyisferox has said:

Hah! Matagal ko nang binabatikos ang pagiging ‘relihyosa’ ni Cory. Napapataas din noon ang kilay kowhen my mom mentioned “tingan mo si Cory Aquino, bakit sinusunod ng tao? Dahil sa pagrorosaryo.”. Before, at the height of Kris Aquino-Joey Marquez snafu in 2003, my mom used to deem Cory Aquino to be “holy”, “patient” eventhough Krazy Aquino is one helluva’ whining homewrecker/sex-starved whore. When Cory Aquino declared “war” against then-President-now-Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo after the latter declared her decision to run for presidency in 2004, as well as the “Hello Garci!” scandal, my mom lost her respect for Cory Aquino. I don’t need to mention that my mom is pro-Gloria Arroyo and she believed in her potential, and sorry guys, this thread is not a place for you to diss my mom.

Meh, not praying the rosary won’t make me less religious. Remember, I used to be a student in a sectarian Catholic school, and as I grew older, I just took the rosary time for granted. Eh, mas pipiliin kong maging isang sinner kumpara naman sa magiging banal-banalan pero kung makapanglait dahil bawal ang magkamali, sila pa ang mas MASAHOL pa sa mga nagbabalat-kayo.

Like what I have said before, “Lord, I deserve to be happy. Allow me to be myself.”

As a matter of fact, I hate pleasing people, but there are some who are just pretending to be a hard-to-please person, pero know-it-all pala ang ugali! Also, these people are more toxic than too much saltwater. They know how to put you down, and they know how to make a weak person weaker. That’s how hypocrite they really are.

Please do not profess “God” and just “God” if what you’re doing is hypocritical–now I remembered my Philosophy of Person class: Christianity has its hypocritical side, but that does not mean that ALL people who say “God” and profess “God” are hypocrites. As a matter of fact, kung sino pa ang tunay na Kristiyano, sila pa ang nagpo-profess at nagpo-promote ng harmony, eh.

If I were to be asked, a true religious Christian isn’t pretentious! Jesus never pretended to act conservative by simply being judgmental like, “Eww… this taxpayer is so disgusting!” He rather welcomed these people and changed them into better persons. Well, if philosophers do not believe in God most of the time, they didn’t even know that during those times, religions other than Christianity also has their own form of miracles. Any holy book is also a historical book, that’s why these people who have written the Bible weren’t born during the Renaissance and the birth of Niepce. But what makes religion the opium of all masses are the FANATICS who profess false faith.

Well, you could still profess your faith without sacrificing your individualism. It’s better to be a totoong tao while still having faith in God at the same time. Also, being religious should not be an excuse not to be a good scientist, engineer or anything that involves science and technology. Remember that Pope John Paul II was an apologist to science, despite his conservative views. There are many apologists of religion and science who are willing to encourage religious people to embrace science, since I believe in the saying, “With God is blessing, with man is action.”

What is the use of praying the rosary if you could actually utter a little prayer to God through your own words? As a matter of fact, praying the rosary should not be a requirement. It should be a choice.

As much as I hate debating about religion, well, I ain’t doing so. In fact, I am just sharing my beliefs on why I am not a religious Christian. If I were to be asked, I am a Christian, but I chose not to be ueber-religious–somehow, conservative elites who are devout Christians (well, not to generalize though) are simply being judgmental to the poor. If you’re profess how handsome and intelligent you are while you are actually NOT–does not make a good Christian. A good Christian knows his/her limitations, and knows when to do good and when to act real. Also, a true Christian practices what he/she preaches!

My Take on the Dark Side thing

This proves that Cory Aquino should not be viewed as a saint. Sure, the media may insist that Cory Aquino is a saint, but when I realized that ABS-CBN is no longer credible, I started to believe Roxyisferox, yet my other acquaintances think that the Aquino-Cojuangco is still a hero, a saint, blah blah… but anyways, I really can’t help it but like what I have said before, Tita Cory knows how to secure her privacy very well.

I have always been a vocal critic of the 1987 Constitution. Well, the 1987 Constitution reflects how effed up the Philippines is. People may insist that Marcos is an evil dictator, but hell, I respect him for placing the Philippines on the map. During his time, countries such as South Korea and Singapore looked up to our country decades ago, before the People Power I.

No wonder, inequality and RAMPANT discrimination is really obvious in our society. Crab mentality and things like short-sightedness and other things are mentioned in the 17 Bad Habits that Filipinos need to change + 7. Until now, we Filipinos do not have the urge and motivation to rebuild this country and instead, rely on the hypocrisies and lies the government is telling us.

In other words, we were taught the wrong values, and live a life full of hypocrisies. This is what Cory Aquino wanted, in other words. Since I myself grew up on a life full of hypocrisies, I just told myself, “I’d rather live a life being a REAL person without sugar-coating. I’d rather be a bitch with class, be firm without any hesitation, and be ugly as a form of uniqueness.”

Frankly speaking, Philippine society is a faux conformist society–it alienates MANY people while welcoming and tolerating the immoral ones. Buti pa sa Japan, those people who do wrong are the ones oppressed. Why cannot it be applied in the Philippines?

Does it have to do anything with religion!?

Usually, countries that are secular have this form of equality. Everyone is equal without question. No wonder, the late Margaret Thatcher preferred to be called “Margaret” rather than “PM Thatcher.” In Europe, where it is even more liberated than the United States (US is kind of laid-back), people there prefer to be called by their first names. Formality is actually very rare, and sometimes, formality is only used ONLY for formality reasons. It’s only Asia that follows the hierarchal standard.

Well, in countries where discrimination is heavily-rampant, these are the places where everything’s even more backwards than any other laid-back country. In the Philippines, we think that if you do not conform into these so-called beauty standards, you are considered as “ugly” and “poor,” while those who have East Asian features often gets special treatment.

No wonder, we are ruled by oligarchs. The 1987 Constitution, I believe, has fucked up our government, and also society as a whole. That’s how “deadly” the constitution is.

Now we know why there is no such thing as unity among Filipinos, even in other countries. Well, some Filipino Freethinkers may disagree with me when it comes to making friends with Filipinos overseas, pero sa totoo lang, nasisira na ang image ng Pilipinas because of all these rampant shenanigans that are happening in the Philippines. Kumbaga, walang unity with one another. Everywhere in the Philippines, there is crab mentality.


It should also be taken note that anti-pinoy.com is a blog full of people who contribute towards crab mentality, unlike GetRealPhilippines and CorrectPhilippines, these blogs promote UNITY for Filipinos, while anti-pinoy.com only contributes CRAB MENTALITY to each Filipino. I suggest, everyone should read blogs that will change and re-invent the image of the Philippines and Filipinos.

It’s also time to revise the Constitution. This is a big help to re-invent the Philippines and bring back OPM’s glory. Never settle for anything less, start treating others equally. Thank you!

REAL TALK: 10 Signs You’re Dating an Immature Guy


Got this from the Thought Catalogue! Dōmo arigatō gozaimasu! Vielen sehr dank!

Well, it’s like a slap on the face when you’re talking about dating an immature guy… when some people out there just prayed for it, and it eventually came true.

These sentiments come from personal experience. If you are reading “Spacious Hostility,” it’s a story about a girl who was deceived by a rich guy whose goal is to just have a girlfriend, or a wife–just for him to fit in his family. Period.

1. You’re his first real relationship. He had a girlfriend or two in high school, but hasn’t dated since. If you’re his first girlfriend in the “real world” you’re probably going to have to teach him a few basics. The only thing he has to compare this relationship to are the hormone and puberty induced ones he had when he was seventeen. In his head, when things get rough you’re going to act like his psychotic high school girlfriend, and he’s going to treat you as such. Bottom line: if you’re his first real girlfriend, you’re going to have to teach him a lot, and most of that will be the difference between girls and women.

If the guy has plans to have you as his girlfriend, ask yourself: Is he really the one for me, or is it because he said so? For one, some guys will just give compliments to a girl/woman mainly because they’re either forever single OR maybe because he wants to fit in his family or his peers on being in a relationship. But I tell you, being in a relationship takes a lot of compromise–it’s like a mutual agreement between two parties, just like Japan-Philippines bilateral relations, speaking of politics and economics. It’s a good thing that bilateral relations between Japan and the Philippines is working just fine, which is something to be proud of.

Relationships are expected to be the same with bilateral relations. The guy should be the one to treat his girl like a princess, NOT some personal assistant or some domestic helper out there.

2. He doesn’t know how to communicate. Communication is key to any relationship. There are going to be confrontations, fights, and near-breakups, but how these are handled are what determines if the couple is going to make it or not. If your boy/man-child isn’t willing to listen to you, or he readily dismisses your feelings, he’s not mature enough to be with you in the long run.

This is one problem when the guy is super-dependent to his family. In other words, he’s a stereotypical mama’s boy. For some reason, people like them act like a diva or someone who thinks that he’s the KING of everything. For him, you are not a priority besides his own feelings. He also thinks that you should suffer doing this by yourself even though he’s saying that he’s your knight in a shining armor.

3. He loves his pride more than the relationship. There is a certain amount of give and take in relationships, and a ton of choosing your battles. If your man loves being right more than he loves you, he’s no man at all—he’s just a stubborn boy.  Everyone has to swallow their pride at some point, and boys aren’t willing to do this yet.

Dating an ego-istic, self-centered BOY does not help, either. Usually, MEN offer their shoes to a girl whenever the girl’s heels are damn broken. Also, the guy often pays for her meals, her shopping items, and a lot more, which BOYS cannot even observe. Prideful guys possess a diva attitude, and will often treat you more like a maid/personal assistant/slave/servant rather than a princess, while REAL MEN treat you like his queen. I ain’t kidding, either. Most of these BOYS do not practice what they preach–they appear strong on the outside, but they’re realistically WEAK on the inside.

4. He doesn’t own his flaws. This one is about placing blame, and when something happens in a relationship it’s hardly ever just one person’s fault. If you’re willing to accept what you did wrong, and he isn’t, he essentially thinks he’s always right. Not only is that immature, it’s egotistical. Double-whammy.

In other words, he is blaming you simply because you’re the one who is at fault–for him, but technically-speaking, it was simply a technical error–be it at home, school, or some other place. Dudes who do not swallow their pride are the ones who STEP into other people’s pride. I believe each person has his/her own sense of pride, and it may be executed for good or for bad, but in this case, it is executed for the BAD. It takes a lot of maturity and self-realization to swallow your pride, but BOYS who cannot do so often brag about their “good looks” and “intelligence” while people who are really handsome and truly intelligent never needed to brag those traits.

And please–people who were really vieux riche do not need to brag that they’re damn fucking rich! Just because you are the grandson of a famous tycoon does not mean you’re going to proclaim that you’re actually the son of Bill Gates. Who knows, people will simply don’t give a fuck about your whining.

Overall, egoism is just fucking dimwitted. Some word of advice: Don’t give them more compliments. They’ll just become even more arrogant like hell.

5. He doesn’t want to be depended on. When shit hits the fan, he’s nowhere to be seen. You might get some sympathy from him, but he puts minimal effort into being the person you can rely on. This is because immature boys retreat when things are too difficult for them. Simply put: men are strong, boys are weak.

Rather, these BOYS show how dependent they are to the girl they like. They make the girl his personal assistant, maid, bodyguard, but when the girl is calling for help, he will just make excuses that he’s too busy and whatnot; but at the end of the day, he’s simply being egoistic and does not have the balls to help you out. Rather, he’s a certified people USER as a form of increasing his level of faux pride at the expense of other people. If he is rather a hindrance to your life rather than an asset, then you have the right to leave him.

6. You’re his girlfriend when it’s convenient for him. You had plans for a nice weekend together? Too bad something else came up and he bailed on you. Sometimes, nothing at all comes up, but he just can’t be bothered and would rather sleep in that day. Men are committed to a relationship and put you before themselves at least some of the time. Boys do whatever they want despite you.

He is only making you his girlfriend just because, like what I have said, he has always been looking for a girlfriend who will just become a personal assistant to him rather than a real girlfriend. Well, since I have also said that he’s user-friendly, he’s making you a mere decoration of his life rather than a MEMBER of his “friends list.” In other words, this guy has a bleak future if he’s going to marry someone.

Most dudes who do this have a high chance of being womanizers. Goodness gracious! They’re just using girls just to fit in. Worse, they tolerate guys who flings with more than one girl–in other words, for them, this defines their social status.

7. He gets lazy. He stopped putting in effort months ago. You no longer get the cute texts you use to screen-shot. You have to fish for compliments because he doesn’t offer them up anymore. And “just-because” phone calls are so few and far-between you begin to doubt their existence all together.

Well, the way they give compliments towards a girl is just like how scammers fool people. Want more proof? Just read “Spacious Hostility” and wait for the next chapter.

He does not put effort on you unless you’re going to ask him out. He’s only putting effort on his public image, not on you.

8. He’s a hypocrite. Remember when he got mad at you because you texted him “K” that one time? Now he does it when he’s upset just to spite you. All those things you swore never to do again, and he can’t see the irony in the doing them exactly the same way.

This is the number one thing to watch out for. They don’t actually practice what they preach–in other words, they just love to show off themselves just to fit in society. He just wants more and more compliments just to clean his image–and to please everyone. Another thing, if they really love you, they should shut their mouth if they have nothing good to say on another person–in other words, rather than bringing peace and harmony into your life, they bring chaos later on. I tell you, guys who think they bring peace and harmony are often troublemakers.

9. He has no ambition. He’s really unhappy with ___________, but won’t make any steps to fix it. I don’t think every man needs to know what he wants to be in life, but a lack of motivation in his personal life will definitely transfer over to your relationship.

In other words, he does not set an example towards you. REAL MEN set an example towards women, and become role models, while BOYS–don’t. If he’s going to tell you that you have to do this one next time, then they get the karma much worse than you do. As a matter of fact, they don’t even know how it is to achieve something (e.g., graduating with or without awards).

10. Instead of breaking up with you, he’ll be a jerk until you break up with him. This is something only a spineless boy does. When the relationship reaches its expiration date, instead of being honest about it with you, he’d rather be an asshat until you leave him. Thus, he doesn’t have to be the bad guy, and you’re the one stuck doing his dirty work.

Be direct to him when you want to leave him. It’s better to forget about him if he has stepped into your pride. Good Lord, he does not deserve you. Snub him when it’s needed. It’s the only way for you to prove that you don’t need or want him anymore. After all, he’s unwanted by society’s standards.

Lastly, #REALTALK: If we’re being hostile towards them, let it be. After all, we’re just proving that we no longer need or want them anymore. In other words, we should aim for someone who is like an oppa figure to all of us. If an immature guy will simply step into our pride, then LEAVE HIM.

Komi Says: Ellen Adarna is greater than KubetAA

Ellen is the new IT girl, as what the middle class say. Well… the masa people do not appreciate her that much since she lacks charisma to become the IT girl of the century. In the Philippines, you need to act prim and proper by Filipino standards (like Toni Gonzaga, for instance) and you have to be pa-tweetums to be well-liked. That’s the same problem in Japan. If you are outspoken, loud and liberated, you’re being branded as a bitch.

Despite her tattoos, Namie Amuro never acted like a liberal, typical dumb blonde girl (hey! Not stereotyping blond/blonde people!). Did her image, dark past and somehow… track record tainted her worth as a celebrity? HELL, she’s more down-to-earth than Cecilia Cheung (yeah, that part-British attention whore! Your beauty won’t lead you to anywhere!), and not even those controversial celebrities will par at her. Katrina Halili as well. Even though she had many issues, Kat has been feisty, and NEVER a people pleaser. Well, if you were to ask me, I would rather choose people who do not have a track record of being a consistent people pleaser and–I prefer people with a “what you see is what you get” aura.

Well, not all liberated people are likeable. Sa sobrang liberated at straightforward, expect that every single Filipino will raise your middle finger against you. Here in most parts of Asia, being liberated and straighforward means that you’re arrogant, uncouth and at the same time, a person with an attitude problem–except if you come from a well-off brood and/OR you grew up in places outside Asia.

Look at Ellen Adarna. Well, I may not be a fan of hers, but I must admit, her beauty is effortless. I doubt she has a drop of Filipino blood (but at least she’s a Filipino citizen and was born in Philippine soil) due to her Chinese and Spanish ancestry–that’s because she hails from Cebu, where many people there are mixed-raced. But due to her background (she’s a motel heiress, DUH!), her dark past and err… her claim to fame, people who do not belong to the masa actually liked her–face value pa lang tsaka sexy aura, sinong lalaki ang hindi magkakagusto diyan, hindi ba? Unless kung conservative lang si guy… hindi ba?

People envy Ellen Adarna’s face value and physique–mas enviable pa nga siya compared kay ehem… you know who I’m pertaining to (‘yung ganda lang na dinadaan lamang sa kinis ng balat). However, what’s a turn-off is actually her liberated demeanor. Typical dumb blonde magsalita, in other words. In short, she’s really the Filipina Paris Hilton. Both of them are party girls, right? However, Paris has at least a classy side–but still, Paris does it like a typical dumb blonde, ‘di gaya ni Ellen, may astigin side pa.

Can I just say that because of her fair skin, face value and wealth, she could be a party girl. She smokes, drinks, has tattoos and all that–but despite her effortless smooth skin (I heard that she never got pimples, just freckles), she undergoes a beauty regimen, and that is going to the gym.

She also admitted that she tried drugs for her role. Also, she admitted that she had a boob job, but not her double-eyelid procedure. If I were to be asked, Ellen NEVER needed to have enhancements. However, since she has the money, it can’t be helped. I won’t mind wealthy people having enhancements, for as long as it suits them. Luckily, Ellen’s boobs suit her (guys, flat-chested talaga siya dati)–and it looks real. Belo might be good when it comes to boob jobs.

Comparison with Cristine Reyes

Yes, this is the most challenging thing! However, I must say that Ellen is not as DAMN cheap like AA. If you think that Ellen is cheapangga just because she has lots of boys–then you must be crazy. Usually, in college, many people will go party or have sex. Check out DLSU Secret Files and you’ll see how liberated could you get from these students. Also, lumabas na rin ang ka-jeje-han ng iba (LOL, I thought DLSU is purely a non-jeje school!).

Ellen is a legitimate bad girl and a totoong tao, as compared to Cristine Reyes. Here, Ellen never needed to act bitchy just to be called a totoong tao. Ellen never needed to be bastos, though the way she speaks sucked. At least she’s straightforward–unlike AA who happens to be a bitch who speaks without sense.

Ellen at least, admitted her retoke’s, unlike Cristine. Ellen’s very vocal about her boob job, and takes it with pride. Meanwhile, AA said in a magazine that she never went under the knife despite the fact that she really had two nosejobs. Worse, you’ll see that MARAMING pinagawa sa kanya.

Now let me ask this? Why are FP readers and GTalkers pinpointing on Yeng Constantino’s retoke-fied nose and white skin while Cristine has TWO fucking nosejobs and extreme skin routine procedures? Yeng’s nose looks like as if she underwent the knife is because of makeup. Ang binago lang ni Yeng is her skin color (though she’s already fair-skinned).

Gosh, people should stop being hypocrites now. If they will just admire Cristine for being totoong tao just because she acts bitchy most of the time, they’re just plain stupid. Iba ang pagiging bitchesa na duwag harapin ang mga isyu niya sa totoong taong aminado na may kapangitan rin siya sa buhay. As a matter of fact, Ellen is really a totoong tao, and she never needed to pretend to be ala Lucy Torres or Dawn Zulueta. I mean, morality is becoming hypocritical because many of these TV networks require these women to act modestly.

Have you ever heard of Ellen undergoing casting couch!? ¡Hijo de puta! Never heard of her doing that… but virgin or not, I won’t mind. I also won’t mind if Ellen does the dirty finger or being wild most of the time. Hindi naman masyadong maamo ang mukha niya, eh.

But… if you want good vibes… watch this one:

It’s much better than the latest Cristine Reyes GGV guesting. At least, may funny side naman si Ellen. Kahit siya pa ang mag-walis ng bahay niyo, expect that siya ang magiging tourist attraction sa mga hotels niyo!

Roxyisferox even said:

While she doesn’t need to disclose almost everything about her, even her darkest past, I can still see her as totoong tao. She doesn’t need to show her all-out-bratty-n-bitchy just to show she is ‘totoong tao‘.

Ellen Adarna is straightforward, even without speaking a word or two. Yes, it is possible to be totoong tao without speaking a word–just to let people know that your actions are more sincere than your words. There are some people who act straightforward, but what they’re saying is opposite to who they really are–in other words, they’re simply plain ARROGANT.

Also, Ellen never needed to brag that she’s a pretty face. She never needed to brag that she’s the Friendster queen. She never needed to brag that she became popular on her own. She is only doing her thing, again, without speaking a word or two.

I can see her as a BAD GIRL, without the need to try hard.

Rihanna is also the bad gal, but the difference between Ellen and RiRi, Ellen only posts a few photos of herself smoking cigs, while RiRi consistently posts photos of herself smoking cigars. Well, smoking cigars at least suits RiRi, but I do not know with Ellen. RiRi is also one bad gal who never needed to try too hard to act like a baddie. As a matter of fact, she has learned her lesson about auto-tuning her voice in most of her songs. Jeezes, she has a nice voice pala, eh! Why the hell does she need to rely on auto-tune!?

Ang trying-hard talaga maging bad girl ay si Taylor Momsen. She smokes, has a tat, but she tries to hard to act like a baddie if she ends up looking like a skank. She actually ruined the image of that GOTHIC ROCK is all about–but then again, she just focused on her music and her image–at least, without being trying too hard to act like a baddie.

The bad girl image is like this: Liberated (straightforward, direct, consistently frank), people pleaser haters, pasaway, party pooper, smoker, maraming tats, no longer a virgin and the quintessential rebel. Asia Argento is one prime example of those traits. At least, she’s the true bad girl without the need to try hard. Conservative people may not like her, but I myself think that she’s bad-ass. Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, is an ex-bad girl, though she still considers herself as one. Hell, she isn’t a smoker, and she was not so rebellious compared to Asia. Now you know why Angelina is well-liked unlike Asia–Angelina is American, while Asia is European. Basically, European people are more liberated than Americans. How did I say this? Tolerance-wise when it comes to culture, Europe is the winner. You don’t see any European country shoving their culture, though they encourage people to integrate to their society.

Unfortunately, Cristine Reyes is bastos, walang modo, palengkera, despite having the traits of a quintessential bad girl. None of the bad girls aforementioned were damn rude. Asia, Angelina, Ellen, RiRi–hell, they may be open about their sexuality, but that does not mean that they could fling with lots of guys. These four bad girls may be bitchy for the conservatives, but not for the youngsters. Look, Asia is a good mother despite being a bad girl. Same with Angelina. Meanwhile, RiRi and Ellen are being looked up to despite their bad girl image. Eh, si Cristine? Kailangan niyang maglunok ng bigas para lang siya mai-galang ng mga kabataan.

Well, Cristine is well-loathed by many conservative people, speaking of morality values. Kung maka-asta naman siya, akala mo naman kung sinong astigin, eh, kung binatikos na siya, she’s acting goody-two-shoes na! Goodness gracious, eat your fucking words, bitch (remember when you lashed out towards SG?)! Kaya mahirap kang patawarin, eh! No wonder, some people will never forgive you because of your rudeness. So to speak, with regards to the recent issue about the juice diet of Anne Curtis and her drinking, I guess people will forgive her because despite being liberated, Anne knows how to handle herself and she never needed to act bitchy to be a totoong tao. People will also forgive Marian if she’s being a bitch again–but there are some KaF-tards who will deny the fact that Marian deserves forgiveness. So people should believe that Marian is a fucking bitch? Hell, at least she makes sense in every interview/s, that’s why people still love her despite her palengkera speech. Mas idol-worthy pa nga ‘yan kesa sa mga kagaya ni KubetAA, eh.

If you’re going to look at the achievements of some of these bad girls, at least they did it with their hardwork. I don’t think hardworking talaga ‘yang si AA, eh. Work habits pa lang siguro, kwestyunable na ang mga kagaya ni AA. Ni isang movie lang niya, hindi naging blockbuster hit (well, if she’s the lone protagonist/lead character). She only got an acting award mainly because of casting couch na rin. I don’t think Japanese TV networks or movie directors will ever accept her, not even the legendary Takashi Miike. Kung naka-trabaho niya siguro si Sakai Masato, I don’t think Sakai-sama will praise her. Sa acting ability pa lang ni Sakai, hindi talaga siya papasa–kung puro pa-cute lang ang alam niya.

Eh, rumor has it that Maricel Soriano yelled at AA for “not knowing how to act.” This means that kahit siguro kay Tita Shawie o ‘di kaya kay Mayor Vi, standards pa lang nila, hindi na siya (AA) papasa. In other words, she never had any friends na veteran actors. Kaya it is most likely for Sakai Masato to get extremely upset if he will only evaluate AA’s acting ability.

But when it comes to Ellen Adarna, konting workshop lang, papasa na siya sa mga kagaya ni Sakai Masato.

Now you see the difference?

#KomiSays: Ellen Adarna is greater than Cristine Reyes. That is #REALTALK. Sino kaya ang hindi na kailangang magpa-retoke para lang mapansin? Sino kaya ang hindi na kailangang maging butangera para lang matawag na totoong tao? Sino kaya ang hindi na kailangang magpa-kantot para lang magka-career?

Read between the lines again! Alam niyo na ‘yan!